Uranus Finally Goes Direct – Too Bad So Does Trump.

Happy New Year! In addition to the beautiful New Year’s Day full Moon, the universe gave us the present of Uranus moving out of retrograde where it has been since August, 2017. It didn’t surprise me that our so-called president used that movement to make a stereotypical move. Uranus is in Aries, the god of war. I describe this as like a teenager running with a loaded gun this situation. Uranus is unpredictable trickster energy that loves to shoot thunderbolts just to shake things up.

Trump’s ridiculous mine-is-bigger-than-yours tweet to North Korea is a perfect example of this Uranus-Aries, unhinged warrior energy unleashed. This is playing out when Saturn and Pluto remain in a difficult square energy that fulminates anger and even rebellion (a la Iran and Pakistan.)

The lesson at this time is to reign in that fight energy and use the positive free thinking and revolutionary Uranus with the drive of Aries to solve problems, not instigate more. Uranus is a planet of humanity and union. We need to think of ways to bring people together.

Check where your Uranus is in your chart – (let me know if you need help) and see how it is relating to Aries. This will tell you whether you too need to dial back the aggression or if you are ready to build bridges for the future!