Uranus Finally Goes Direct – Too Bad So Does Trump.

Happy New Year! In addition to the beautiful New Year’s Day full Moon, the universe gave us the present of Uranus moving out of retrograde where it has been since August, 2017. It didn’t surprise me that our so-called president used that movement to make a stereotypical move. Uranus is in Aries, the god of war. I describe this as like a teenager running with a loaded gun this situation. Uranus is unpredictable trickster energy that loves to shoot thunderbolts just to shake things up.

Trump’s ridiculous mine-is-bigger-than-yours tweet to North Korea is a perfect example of this Uranus-Aries, unhinged warrior energy unleashed. This is playing out when Saturn and Pluto remain in a difficult square energy that fulminates anger and even rebellion (a la Iran and Pakistan.)

The lesson at this time is to reign in that fight energy and use the positive free thinking and revolutionary Uranus with the drive of Aries to solve problems, not instigate more. Uranus is a planet of humanity and union. We need to think of ways to bring people together.

Check where your Uranus is in your chart – (let me know if you need help) and see how it is relating to Aries. This will tell you whether you too need to dial back the aggression or if you are ready to build bridges for the future!

The Comey Firing

So was happening on Tuesday night when Trump fired FBI Director Comey?  Mercury, recently out of retrograded and in the fire sign of Mars, made an exact conjunction to Uranus, also in Mars, as it is trining Saturn in retrograde. Let’s break that down. Mercury, the communicator whose fleetness of foot allowed him to be the messenger from the gods, is ripe for some caustic words because of the infusion of the Mars energy. When he is cozying up to rebellious and fitful Uranus also infused with Mars aggression – it makes the time recipe for aggressive, erratic communications.

The Saturn retrograde is the key to this because it is the planet of authority. By turning retrograde this summer it creates the perfect opportunity for the revelation of more government secrets. A retrograde is a time for everyone to go within and discover what no longer works. Will this Saturn retrograde bring more government muck to the surface – and what will we do about it? Was the sudden firing of Comey a quick and aggressive attempt to keep secrets hidden?

By placing the chart of Tuesday night next to Trump’s chart we get a clearer picture of why he chose that time to fire the FBI director. The Mercury/Uranus conjunction take place in his eighth or power house and Saturn is in his fifth house of personal creativity and expression. Was Comey coming too close to impeding the power Trump thinks he can wield without restriction? Was he suppressing Trump’s ability to be Trump? I think so but you can draw your own conclusions.

Look too at Vesta on his natal Pluto – there will be challenges to his power which he loves to wield in secret. This will last until the end of the year so we are in for the long haul of power struggles.

Ready for a Little Good News for a Change?

If so, then the universe is bringing us a ray of hope in the miasma of living in Trump world. We have Venus, the Moon, Neptune and Pallas Athena all in Pisces right now. Since Neptune rules Pisces, it is infusing us with a double dosage of the compassion and universality which is the specialty of sign. When we overlay the current chart over that of the United States we see that those Pisces-infused planets are in our third house, that of community and friendship. Venus is the energy of the goddess of love and creativity and the Moon also is a very feminine sign. Pallas Athena is the warrior goddess, ready to take up the cause of the underdog. You can see these energies play out in both the Women’s March on Washington and the impromptu rage against the Muslim travel ban. It is also no irony that the Federal judges acting against the ban were all women!

Pisces cares about the underdog and wants us to live in a world of peace and brotherhood. We need that energy more than ever right now.  However, the negative aspect of this sign is escapism. Pisces wants to live in the world of peace and togetherness and has a very hard time handling all of the nitty gritty and nasty details of life. It is easy for Pisces to escape into a world of unreality- of puppies and bunnies – when hit too hard. We can’t afford to do that.


Jan 30

Fortunately, we have structured and authoritarian Saturn in the first house, that of personality and persona. While this can have a depressive effective – (one we can all feel right now) it also forces us to make plans and follow through.

Saturn and Pisces together will help us through.

Shamanic Healing in the Time of Great National Pain

Today I have asked Meg Beeler to give us some advice on healing in the terrible aftermath of the election. She is a shamanic guide, founder of Earth Caretakers and author of Living in the Heart of the Universe: Expanding Your Relationship with Earth and the Cosmos. – See more at: http://www.megbeeler.com/path-of-vision-or-road-of-despair/#sthash.sA7Z2OUc.dpuf


It’s not easy to maintain hope in our current climate.

Yet shifting from the road of despair to the path of vision works. I know this: When I put aside anxiety and focus on the world I want to live in, my heart opens. When I vision the world we are dreaming for our descendants, I calm down. When I drum every morning for Standing Rock and clear waters, I connect with the whole.

It is up to us—whether we be lightworkers, visionaries, dreamers, idealists, or simply determined humans—to create the world we want to live in.

That doesn’t mean ignoring the shadow side (looks like I’ll be talking more about this in upcoming blogs!) Yet if we do not have clear dreams—in our lives, our businesses, or countries—we flail.

We are the creators, weaving a piece of the whole web. We are, as we hear so often, the ones we are waiting for. So let’s step up to the plate!

Our beliefs have the power to change the flow of events in the universe—literally to interrupt and redirect time, matter, and space, and the events that occur within them“ as Gregg Braden says.

Visioning from Your Essence

My imagination was seriously suppressed when I was a child. It became inaccessible to me as I grew up. So it was a challenge to learn to vision and dream.

When I learned to integrate the focus I’d learned in meditation, my nature connections, and shamanic worldview into visioning, doors opened.

I want to share this visioning practice with you. The spirit world and the ancestors are really calling to us to help shift the trajectories on the earth—to redirect events and feed the shifts of consciousness that are occurring.

Visioning from your essence is simple and profound. I’ve used it daily for maybe 15 years. I’ve done it alone and in groups, large and small. We incorporate it regularly into our monthly shamanic journey group.

You begin by finding some images for your essence. You might experience it as a tiny light at the center of your heart, a great glowing ball of light, or something else entirely.

By feeling your essence with all your senses, and getting friendly with how it looks, feels, sounds and smells, you ground your vision with images you can return to over and over.

Rattling while you do this, or listening to some repetitive percussion, helps you stay focused and concentrated.

The second step is to see you essence get bigger, so it fills your whole body and shines out from you. You can think of this as a way to experience your sacred power.

When you’ve got a strong, consistent sense of your essence, the third step is to visualize the world you want to create (keep rattling) from your essence.

For example, to vision a world with clean clear water, you let your essence show you what that looks and feels like. It’s a whole body sensation.

You stay with it. When your mind wanders or says “not possible,” you come back into your essence to revision and experience the clean, clear water. You see yourself taking it in, feeling it in your body.

The more you let your experience be somatic, the stronger it becomes.

You are creating new neural pathways.

You are retraining your doubting mind.

You are shifting your perception—from despair to divine perfection,

You are creating a vision of substance to sustain you when times are challenging.

If you’d like to try this with voice guidance, listen. About halfway through this interview with Future Primitive, I lead a visioning-from-essence journey to the Ogallala Aquifer under Standing Rock, and then up to the gathering of Water Protectors.

Visioning as a Path for Change-Making

I grew up in a progressive household and had my eyes opened by major political change movements. Went to many protests. Got discouraged. Trained in nonviolent protest. Explored Despair and Empowerment with Joanna Macy. Dropped out, returned, dropped out—my “glass half empty” perception focused me on what didn’t change, rather than what did.

Being an empath, it wasn’t easy to be in big angry crowds. I noticed that most “protestors”—people who care enough to stand up for what they believe—fueled themselves with rage and frustration. That’s true on both sides of the divide, as we’ve seen in this US election.

I didn’t want to fuel my work with anger. I care passionately, but I’m non-violent. I kept looking for alternatives.

The meditation pillow approach was personally calming but too far removed from activism for me. As I learned more about how our perception creates our “reality”—from indigenous wisdom keepers, lightworkers, spirit helpers, and quantum physicists— visioning became part of my shamanic and spiritual practice. It became central to my toolkit for change making because it helps me see, know, and create images of substance to sustain my passion and my activism.

It’s a lot more powerful to learn the various aspects of visioning in groups: the energy fields we create together augment and expand our individual visions. We do this together through ceremony, circles, and a journey group.

When I founded Earth Caretakers almost 20 years ago, it was to encourage and build ways for us to dream a new dream.We’re still at it. I’m always available to talk with you about your own visioning process and help you sort out the next steps on your path.