Pluto Retrograde – Take Time to Think About Change

A couple of people have told me that they feel “low energy” or a bit confused of late. One person said to me that she just can’t “get her gears in the right speed.” OK you can blame it on Pluto. Pluto, the planet of transformative inner power is in retrograde and will be until September 2013. In fact, it will finally move out of retrograde on Sept. 20th – very close to the autumnal equinox.

Instead of bemoaning the low energy of a Pluto retrograde use it. Pluto is the planet of death, transformation, money, sex and power – all of those light-hearted, fun topics! Where Pluto is in your chart is where these issues are churning right now.  If you don’t know where Pluto is – ask me – I will do a chart. And then think about those issues – what do you want to change, how can you change? Go deep inside and ask the tough questions – that is what a retrograde demands.

When Pluto goes direct and that power of the equinox kicks in you will be ready to make those necessary changes!