Spring Renewal

This week on my podcast “Astrological Cook” http://webtalkradio.net/internet-talk-radio/astrological-cook/ I promised a visual illustration of the impact of the  Vernal Equinox on  our birth charts This is a time of rebirth and renewal and it  is important to know where the universe is sending you the strongest energy of change. On the Equinox, the Sun moves into the constellation, Aries, the first sign of the zodiac. This is a huge cosmic do-over. Using a chart of the Equinox (number 1) I then created a bi-wheel (2) of the my birth chart and the Equinox showing that the Aries Sun will be in my 6th house, the house where we feed, care for and work the body. It is the house of health and domain over how we use our body to achieve our work goals. That is why I have doctor and dentist appointments this month and am carving out a space to start my new book.

Working with the energy of the universe makes our path easier.

By the way, do you know where we get the name “Easter” or the why eggs and bunnies are symbols of this time of year? Why do we eat lamb at Easter? Find out by tuning into my show this week and find out!

In the next podcast we will talk about the Equinox Solar Eclipse and Full Moon!

eclipsebiwheel eclipseu

We Need Spring!

We need the spring season. We haven’t seen much of spring but it will arrive – eventually. While those who know me know that I am a cool weather gal we have to honor the beauty and necessity of spring.

Spring begins when the Sun moves into the constellation of Aries on the equinox. Aries is the typical sign of upward and outward movement – or masculine energy looking to change paths and lead a new way. How perfect! This is the time to clean away the old growth, sow the fields and make plans for the rebirth of late spring and early summer.

In Five Element Acupuncture, spring is the time of wood – also a planning time – when Yang energy begins to awaken from a long Yin winter.

Pastina and Pesto a spring dish from “Signs of the Tines: The Ultimate Astrological Cookbook.”

The sign that follows Aries is Taurus, the most tactile sign, that which loves to feel and engage with the Earth. Taurus is considered the sign of the Ecology Movement. As the first flowers appear and the Earth is reborn we feel very close to Taurean energy.

I beg of my clients one thing – if you do nothing else with Astrology use it to be in cycle with nature. So use the Aries energy to clean away the cobwebs of winter – physically and emotionally – and then be like Taurus the Bull and run through the new grass and smell the new roses.



March 20, 2014
12: 57 PM EDT
Happy Equinox all! This is the time when the Sun moves into the sign of Aries, the first sign of the Zodiac. It is no wonder that all of the major organized religions celebrate this time as a time of rebirth and renewal. Aries is the Baby of the Zodiac. It vibrates to the energy of the first house – the house of personality where we burst out and say hey world look at me. The Equinox brings forth the newness of spring – where we plant new seeds for change.
Plant the seeds now to burst forth with the person you want to be when the summer solstice comes around!
This year both Juno and Uranus in Aries are shadowing the Sun. This is great deal of volatile energy. Uranus in Aries is sending out energy that is almost daring us to be different. Juno, the goddess of loyalty, is conjuncting both Uranus and the Sun so we have no excuse – no excuse at all — not to make important changes now.
Aries is Cardinal energy (leadership energy). We have the Sun, Juno, and Uranus all giving us the ability to initiate change in our life. Of course, someone still living in shadow and not working to become the best but looking to be negative can use this erratic energy to cause harm. I have spoken a lot about the Grand Cross and the negative energy that can come from it. However, if we are looking to harness the goodness of the universe to elevate ourselves – use the energy of these three powerhouses today.

Pluto Retrograde – Take Time to Think About Change

A couple of people have told me that they feel “low energy” or a bit confused of late. One person said to me that she just can’t “get her gears in the right speed.” OK you can blame it on Pluto. Pluto, the planet of transformative inner power is in retrograde and will be until September 2013. In fact, it will finally move out of retrograde on Sept. 20th – very close to the autumnal equinox.

Instead of bemoaning the low energy of a Pluto retrograde use it. Pluto is the planet of death, transformation, money, sex and power – all of those light-hearted, fun topics! Where Pluto is in your chart is where these issues are churning right now.  If you don’t know where Pluto is – ask me – I will do a chart. And then think about those issues – what do you want to change, how can you change? Go deep inside and ask the tough questions – that is what a retrograde demands.

When Pluto goes direct and that power of the equinox kicks in you will be ready to make those necessary changes!

Lunar Eclipse This Saturday

If you want to do some cutting across linear time remember that there will be a lunar eclipse this Saturday the 10th of December at 9:32 AM, Eastern time. A lunar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes behind the Earth and the Earth blocks the light of Sun from reaching the Moon. As you can see on the cart below, the Sun and Moon are in opposition to one another and the Earth is in the middle.

Astrologically this is a great time to break the bounds that keep us on the same old path and shake us up. Think of it as the time to make real life resolutions and to start new paths! It is like we are going inward and then coming out of the darkness into new awareness.

So don’t let the energy be wasted!!

Happy Equinox and the origins of the word Easter.

Tomorrow is the Vernal Equinox, a time for renewal and resurrection. Astronomically and astrologically it is when the Sun is at zero degrees in the constellation Aries. Astrologers call Aries, the baby of the zodiac, the first sign of the twelve…the beginning of things anew.

I remember being shocked at the first Passover Seder I attended when I saw hard boiled eggs on the table. Eggs? Isn’t that for Easter? How little I knew. We all have the same concept- eggs, fertility, rebirth and resurrection – they are all celebrated at the Equinox.

It is all about eggs – The Druids dyed eggs red – the color of the “returning” Sun. The Celts dyed their eggs blue in spring and the Ukrainians started dying eggs thousands of years ago. Spring is the time when the Earth comes back to life. It is symbolized by the goddess at her youngest – sowing seeds that will bloom in a few months.

In fact the word Easter comes from the Anglo Saxon goddess Eostre. Now there are two stories about Eostre. In some parts of the ancient Saxon world she was a goddess in the maiden stage who wandered the country side with her hare sowing seeds. This is also the beginning of the Easter bunny legend. In other parts she was a goddess who transformed herself from maiden to hare as she brought the return of spring and promoted the growth of crops. However, you get the general drift – spring is the time for renewal and growth.

The concept of resurrection was not new to the Christians – check out Osiris and Isis for the Greeks and Oden for the ancient Norse. Sorry, but there just is nothing new under the Sun – in any season.

But be a part of the ancient tradition, dye some eggs, plant some seeds – it is SPRING!