More on Pluto – in Your Chart and as a Generational Planet

I was again honored to do a class for EA Zoom – on the effects of Pluto both in your chart and on entire generations –

Pluto is tough one – he demands change and doesn’t care how far you have to dig to get rid of unwanted habits. However, there is no greater growth agent in the Universe.

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Will Liberals Actually have to Thank Donald Trump?

Yes, we might! Donald Trump just might be our gift from Pluto.

Pluto is making a slow walk through the constellation of Capricorn (2008- 2023.)

Pluto insists that our dirty little secrets reveal themselves. That which hides has no defense against Pluto’s icy probe.  Pluto is all about revelation and then change.  Capricorn is the sign of structure and authority. When the two meet, exposure of corporate and government skeletons is a given.

First, we had the banking crises of 2008 when the nation learned of the tricks of the mortgage trade. Other scandals involving authority figures included the Penn State sex scandal and that of abuse in the Catholic Church.

Now we sit somewhat shell shocked as we watch Donald Trump proudly pontificate all of the Republican talking points they normally old whisper in code words to their base. Either he is trying to lose or he is arrogant enough to think that if he says this nonsense the other 70 percent of the country will fall into line.

As the Republican leaders cringe and dance, Trump speaks publicly all of the racist, misogynistic drivel they have been using to in secret. If he fails colossally in November, as is predicted, he might usher in the fall and rebirth of the Republican Party with more moderates in control. You can’t get more Plutonian than that!

Pluto – She Makes the Offer You Cannot Refuse

I am starting the New Year with a review of the planets, especially the distant and slow moving ones because they have the deepest effect on our lives. It is important to know where they are in our birth charts because the work we must do in those areas last our life time. It is also vital that we track them as they transit through our charts. Ignoring the calls of these powerful planets not only hinders our growth, it can cause confusion, stifled lives and even illness.

Know your chart – know your transits – know where the universe wants you to move forward.

Pluto – this is the case of the last shall be first. Pluto, now a dwarf planet by astronomical standards, still packs a huge punch in our lives. Pluto, known as Hades to the Greeks, was the god of the underworld. Astrologically, she vibrates to the energy of the eighth house, with domain over death, goods of the dead, rebirth and personal transformative power.
Pluto makes you “an offer you can’t refuse.” More to the point, Pluto requires a death of something. Yes, Pluto requires death – and if you refuse to go deep within yourself and root out what is no longer working – what Pluto wants you to remove – she will force that change and she isn’t always delicate about it.

I recently saw a tragic result of someone ignoring the demands of Pluto as it transited their North Node. The North Node is our soul’s destiny – the new way we need to focus our energy in this lifetime. This person repeatedly refused to embody their North Node of Capricorn in the second house – to have domain over their body and resources – and continued to run away back to their South Node. When Pluto hit that North Node, the calls for change became louder and more urgent but remained unheeded, the person suffered a catastrophic fall. Now they are facing months and years of rehabilitation to hopefully walk and be independent again. Pluto forced the issue of caring for body and resources as only she can.

As I said Pluto requires death of some kind. Here is a quick review by house of changes and death required:
Pluto in the first house – old, destructive or unproductive personal habits;
Pluto in the second house – misuse of money, material goods, the wrong “value system”
Pluto in the third house – unproductive or destructive relationships with siblings, friends and people in your local community
Pluto in the fourth house – incorrect images of who you are, family “tapes” in your head, problems with parents
Pluto in the fifth house – sexual dysfunction, creative blockages – false expressions of your inner spark.
Pluto in the sixth house – poor eating habits, habits that hurt the body and bad work habits or a job (not career) that blocks instead of enhances you
Pluto in the seventh house- dysfunctional partnerships either marital or business related
Pluto in the eighth house – blockages to expressing your personal power, misuse of inheritances and because, Pluto vibrates to this house of death and rebirth, you may lose someone in your life –
Pluto in the ninth house- educational limitations, blockages that permit you to grow spiritually and morally and growing your soul
Pluto in the tenth house – career blockages, limitations that keep your “light under the proverbial bushel” and keep you from making an impact on your society
Pluto in the eleventh house – social connections or groups that no longer serve you – toxic social relations that only serve to speak to your “demons”
Pluto in the twelfth house – misguided or no longer valuable connections to God, feelings of being lost in a larger system.


Work with Pluto – don’t make Pluto do the work for you because she can be merciless.

For Those Growing Weary of Pluto’s Demands

We are coming up on three positive trines of Jupiter and Pluto which should help those feeling burdened by the constant demands of Pluto. This tiny dwarf planet insists that we dig deep and root out what no longer works for us no matter the pain. When big, beneficent Jupiter makes a positive aspect (a trine) on October 11 he brings positive energy and hopefulness to the grind of Pluto. Jupiter sees no limits and helps us reach goals no matter how far they seem to be from our grasp. (March 16 and June 26, 2016 are the dates for the second and third trine of Pluto and Jupiter.)

This month Mars will figure into the mix as well. Mars brings leadership energy and drive. He is where we harness or aggression to complete tasks or, if we are in shadow aspects, where we express raw anger and destructive force. This has positive aspects because it really gives us a boost to fulfill our Pluto requirements of personal change. However, those more inclined to the negative more war-like aspects of Mars will find the combination of Pluto and Jupiter as an excuse to spread boundless pain.


moonLet’s hope more people focus on the beneficial aspects of Mars energy and Jupiter expansiveness to accomplish your Pluto goals.

The Last Pluto-Uranus Square!

UniverseThis evening at approximately 10 PM EDT, Uranus and Pluto will make the last of seven squares since they began this crazy dance in 2012. This is the last gasp of the Grand Cross that began in early 2014 and saw Saturn, Mars also at odds with Pluto and Uranus. The first two have moved on their way leaving just the slow movers still butting heads.

Uranus-Pluto is a clash of the titans of change – Uranus demanding quick action and Pluto, the master of bidding one’s time and forcing change in his own good time. It has been a rough ride, just look around at the world and see the violent clashes of old and new.

The last time we saw a similar dance between these two was in the 1960’s and much of the unanswered work of that time has come back to haunt us. We have new threats of nuclear proliferation, ugly race clashes, environmental neglect and sexual exploitation and discrimination. The good news is that we have made some progress from the last square but we have so much further to go!  However, growth only comes from pain and we have several chances this week to manifest great personal change.

At the time of the vernal equinox – the time on new beginnings – we will also see a solar eclipse, another harbinger of awakening. If you want another excuse to manifest change in your life, there will also be a new Moon.

In these few days before the Equinox, work on the long overdue personal changes you want to manifest. Think of the positive values of each planet at work here – Uranus thinks 20 years ahead of society so who do you want to be 20 years down the road? Pluto forces us to dig deeply and root out the negative to manifest true change. What attributes do you just need to throw out now? Pluto will help you find them.


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Mars and Pluto – Starting in.

I wrote this back on May 28th. Iraq sadly is the point for this action now – and I am afraid more is to come.


On June 14, Mars will make a square, a disharmonious contact, with Pluto. If one of these planets are in either retrograde or badly aspected in your chart – expect to be out of sorts for a few days. You might even be itching for a fight. Watch out for road rage and people acting out.
June 19 sees Uranus coming into the act. This Mars, Uranus Pluto T-Square – or three planet square – represent the tail end of the much spoken of Grand Cross that has been in play since April. If anyone has been planning some big disaster since the Cross started I fear they will make it happen now. (Not that missing plane and 300 missing little girls are not horror enough.) I hope all security systems are on guard during this time.

Pluto, Forgotten Women of History and Great Holiday Recipes Too!


Check out two sites today for some fun listening and reading. First, I am excited to report that we have a new podcast up on Web Talk Radio which is dedicated to my favorite planet Pluto and features a interview with the always-interesting MCV Egan. She talks about her fascinating book, “Bridge of Deaths” and how she is resolving this 70 year old mystery utilizing past life regressions among other modalities!

Listen to MCV and find out why I love Pluto at

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If you love History then you jump over to MCV’s blog “Is History the Agreed Upon Lie” and see my 7 part series on The Forgotten Women of History.”  – Remember there are 7 entries – check out all 7 women.

Happy Holidays – remember there is still time to order a copy of “Signs of the Tines: The Ultimate Astrological Cookbook” for a unique gift!

PS! The recipe I talk about this week is my Sausage and Sage Stuffing (or Dressing) but below is a great egg and breadcrumb recipe my Mom always made.

Jean Garofalo Porte’s Egg and Bread Stuffing
Serves 6 -8
Note:  Mom had a bin full of stale bread and when full she would toast the bread and then grate it into breadcrumbs on the hand-grater that I still have. I sort of do the same although I don’t eat the amount of bread that we did back then. However, I grind up the toasted bread in the food processor – sorry Mom, time moves on as does technology!
1-tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil
1 medium onion, diced
2 medium stalks celery, diced
5 large eggs
4 cups breadcrumbs
½ cup Italian flat-leaf parsley, minced
1-teaspoon kosher salt
2 teaspoons freshly ground black pepper
1 teaspoon fresh thyme, minced
½ cup – to 1-cup chicken stock.
Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.
Heat the olive oil over medium heat in a small sauté pan. Add the onion, celery, and sauté about 5 minutes until they are getting soft. (IF you are making turkey and want to dice up the giblets and add now – do so – they add great flavor.) Remove from heat and allow to cool.
Beat the eggs in a large mixing bowl then add the breadcrumbs, parsley, salt, pepper, and thyme. Combine well. Add the onion, celery mixture and enough chicken stock so it is moist but not falling apart.  You want this to be almost cake like – not crumbly like other stuffing.
NOTE: If you have drippings from a chicken or turkey or are smart enough to save them from past meals add about 1 tablespoon of drippings now.
Turn the mixture into a greased 2 quart baking pan and bake for 30 minutes or until the top is lightly browned.

Mom would stuff this into a veal shoulder and serve with a brown gravy but it will work for any stuffing need. 

A Few More Retrogrades Bite the Dust…

Did you feel the shift this weekend? Besides the full Moon in Taurus we had last night, this weekend saw the movement of Neptune and the asteroid Chiron into a direct motion. They had been retrograded for a good part of 2013. Pluto led the way earlier this month and Uranus will follow next month. Then once we have Jupiter heading forward things will be smoother – once we get over the horrible Grand Cross in April – but let’s not dwell on that so close to Thanksgiving.

This will be a bumpy week emotionally as the Moon makes a quick pass through Cancer on Wednesday and Thursday squaring Uranus and then opposing Pluto along the way. Moon and Uranus interactions are a time of high and changeable emotions. It is best to stay away from “jumpy” or “high strung” people at that time. Pluto will be anything but excitable and will bring on sadness and a questioning of our emotions. The good news is the Moon never tarries! So just breath and think of the big guys going direct! We need some good energy from them for a change.

Pluto Leaves Retrograde!!!!!

The long astrological nightmare is soon to be over… to paraphrase Gerald Ford. Our poor beleaguered little planet is finally pulling out of those big planet retrogrades – Uranus, Pluto, Neptune and the asteroid Juno. A retrograde is the phenomena that makes a planet look like it is going backwards in the sky. This is a trick of the eye because of where we are on the ecliptic and where they are. Astrologically, when a planet is in retrograde the energy that it is sending us is “garbled.” We have to search for it. If you are born with a planet retrograded, you need to go inwards, and rework that energy. Therefore, people with Mercury energy may not learn “normally” or have speech issues – they need to work that energy in a new way. We have all been under a retrograde of these “big guys” for several months and boy have we felt it…fighting, anger, feelings of being stuck…well hang on – the first one, Pluto, will station direct and start moving forward starting September 20th. Take advantage of this by putting some change that you have been contemplating into motion. Pluto rules the world of change – transformation and rebirth. So what have you been procrastinating about? Do it – do it now. Pluto will burst forth with energy on the 20th, which will help you. Be sure to check my new podcast on