Feeling especially spiritual today?

I just had to share today’s chart with you! There is a huge conjunction or stellium of planets in the 12th house – the house that connects us with God, the Universere –  Right now, Pallas Athena, Neptune, Chiron, Venus, the Moon, Vesta and Uranus are all transiting the 12th house.  So if you feel like chucking your work and contemplate a flower go with it – there is no better time!

New Horizons for the New Year

As we start 2012, we will see some big changes in the large, slower moving planets that make large impacts on society. Jupiter is moving into Taurus, a change from loosey goosey Gemini, into the stable Bull. I hope it will bring some stability to the stock market and get people thinking about prosperity again.

Uranus heading in Aries will see an explosion for technology. I know – what have we been seeing? However, Uranus is all about electricity and sparks and the future is Aries is the epitome of masculine charging energy.  This also a time when we question authority figures – the Occupy Movement started just as Uranus reach Aries.

Finally and perhaps more interestingly, in early 2012 Neptune will move into Pisces, the sign it rules. While I highly doubt the world will end in 2012- please! — this is a time for an intense spiritual awakening.  We haven’t seen Neptune in Pisces since 1848 and it is so funny that several books about that year have been published lately. That was a time when the “Communist Manifesto” was published – a false Utopian hope for a new way of governing – very Piscean. It was also the beginning of waves of spiritualism and Utopian communities of the Alcotts and Thoreaus.

Those who are spiritually attuned will have a wonderful time exploring new planes.

However, the shadow of Neptune is total illusion – 1848 was the start of the Gold Rush – where masses thought they would make it big in the West.  With Neptune you also have drug use and escapism of all kinds. I think with that Uranus in Aries there will be wild new ways to disengage and “drop out” of society.

So hang onto your hats kids – 2012 is bringing in a lot of changes. Keep your feet on the ground but your head in the spiritual realm and your hands on the Ipod 1000!

Happy New Year

Chiron Neptune and Pisces

courtesy of Arlenew.com

 I talked about Neptune entering Pisces a few weeks ago and the general karmic implications of having Neptune in its ruling sign. Pisces and Neptune, remember vibrate to the 12th house – the house that is our connection to the universal unconsciousness. Many astrologers say Pisces is the universal unconsciousness!

Now we have an extra added attraction to this because Chiron, the asteroid which pinpoints where we carry our deepest wound – a wound that is so painful we don’t want to touch – is now in Pisces. Of course, we much transmute the pain of Chiron if we are to heal; the trick is to have the courage to do that.

The last time Chiron was in Pisces was from 1962 – 1968. Remember those fun years?

Keep in mind – and this is very important – we also had some wild transits of Uranus and Pluto at that time which is not in the cards now. Don’t expect a return to the go- go ’60’s.

However, for the next nine years Chiron will be in Pisces and for a large chunk of this year Chiron will be conjunct Neptune in Pisces. Whatever house this conjunction transits and whatever planet it agitates in your chart you will feel a deep karmic pull. Let me explain this with a story of what happened to me. Right now, over the Washington, D. C, area and much of the East Coast, this conjunction is in the 7th house – the house of intimate relationships such as marriage and business contracts. The 7th house is an “angular house”. These include the 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th houses – these are very powerful, very active houses. My natal Chiron is also in an angular house – the 4th. I am feeling this conjunction.

To make a very long story short, I found out that a large bank had totally screwed up a major account to the point where they actually had no clue how to undo their error. I went through 2 weeks of “bank hell” and finally, with the help of my ace financial advisor, got them to move on fixing the problem. Oh, did I say their screw up threatened my business accreditation and I had only one month to fix it?

Throughout this time, the bank never apologized and even had to nerve to hold up the process of fixing their mistake because they found one small error I made. Six years of major errors they made – one little paperwork error on my part and they tried to turn it around and lay all the blame on me.

It was at that point that a nerve was struck or more correctly it was my 4th house Chironic wound – of not feeling heard, of being validated and having root source – of being a grounded, accepted person. They were trying to put me in the place of little kid and it angered me. Instead of retreating into the wound – and becoming the chastised little kid – I found a way around them and basically told them what they could do with my account. I took the money out and found a new way to do what I needed to do.

So be aware of painful karmic issues that are going to pop up in contractual relationships. Look at where Chiron is in your birth chart and see how this is going to resonate with you. This is the time to clear up a lot of wound issues that are karmic in nature IF you are aware of what is happening. Don’t fall into Pisces martyrdom – don’t accept what is happening – analyze how this is making you feel and use this to transmute your Chironic wound issue.

2011 -2012 preview

courtesey of arlenew.com

 I saw some signs in downtown DC a few months ago telling me to repent because the world was ending in May 2011. Apparently the Lord is returning and he is still pissed. Then, of course, the New Agers are telling me we have all the way until December 2012. If I thought either were correct I would daily eating my way through a bathtub of chocolate chip ice cream.

While I can’t see the end of the world coming, I do see some hum dinger of planetary changes coming in the next few years.

Neptune will be moving into Pisces on April 4, 2011 and will remain there until 2026. Pisces is ruled by Neptune so this will be a time when Neptune will be felt particularly if it makes a strong aspect to Neptune, Pisces or their aspects in your personal chart.

Remember Pisces is a sign of duality. Look at the two fish, one swimming upstream toward the God-source and the other stuck in the illusion of life.

The last time Neptune was in Pisces (1848 – 1860), we saw the growth and flourishing of the Transcendalist Movement. These were people like Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry David Thoreau, and Louisa May Alcott who believed in spirituality, and humanitarianism. Utopian societies sprang up and around the country and spiritualism was in favor. Impressionism, the style of painting characterized by flowing and visible brush strokes became popular. Sigmund Freud, the father of dream therapy was born. Charles Darwin published the “Origin of the Species” and Marx the “Communist Manifesto.”

All of these are very Piscean qualities – a rejection of the traditional religious dogmas for a spiritual outlook, a belief that we all must find our own path to God, a dreamy quality and a rejection of the individual for the good of all.

Pisces is also the sign of the martyr and throughout Europe tens of thousands of died in Peasant Revolutions that raged from France to Sicily and Hungary to Poland. Desperate people banded together to try to change entrenched political systems that favored only the nobility.

The shadow of Pisces is illusion, disillusionment, giving into addictions and ennui. Pisces is that great ocean of cosmic consciousness but it has a hard time deal with the nastiness of Earthly reality. Be aware of people following false gurus. Sadly, we might see more people martyring themselves in hope of furthering a bigger cause. We will see more pathetic and dangerous violent outbursts. Those people who are upset and disillusioned will have a hard time getting on course.

We are seeing signs of this with the self-immolations in Tunisia and the job riots in Spain. If you have the ability both financial and innate to grow spiritually it is a wonderful time. However, anyone stuck in desperation – even those who aren’t forced into those situations by governmental of money issues; people who keep themselves stuck – will be that swirling pool of illusion for a long time.