Saturn still in retrograde

Saturn will remain in retrograde until June 25th. Saturn rules structure, form, authority figures, and the bones – everything that keeps things in their place. When it is in retrograde, it is a good time to analyze those areas of life where we have responsibilities, projects to finish, projects to start, commitments we have to keep. This is a perfect time to see if we have taken on too much or if we should let a project go. How are we using our time? Saturn is all about time. Go through your “to do” list and weed out what you really don’t have to do – and things you have been doing forever out of an old sense of “I have to do this.” This is not a good time to start new projects – it is better that you weed out the old and plan for the future – plan for a new start. Reorganize, rejuvenate and re-evaluate and be ready to start fresh with new plans and new projects when it goes straight again on June 25th!

Make Friends With Uranus – Because He Is About To Go

Loopy! On January 20th the Sun will enter the constellation Aquarius ruled by the planet Uranus. Uranus is the only planet that rotates on its side so you get some idea of what the archetype is for Aquarius — the rebel, the change agent. The other side of Aquarius is a sense of universal brotherhood, a  love of freedom. It also rules electricity and electronics.

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Uranus itself has just entered Aries – the sign of the take charge warrior. For the next several years we are going to see an explosion of freedom movements around the world – some that will be violent, sadly. We will also have advances in electronics that will make even the last few years like the horse and buggie days.

Also watch for that “quest for freedom” and be my friend but don’t get too close to happen in relationships…you might see some folks break up that you will never expect that to happen to!

Just expect the unexpected – in spades!

Forget Resolutions – Get Your Yearly Chart Analyzed

This is the time to make resolutions which only serve to make you feel terrible two weeks down the road when they already in tatters on the floor. Why not ask the stars what areas of your life that the will be highlighted in the next twelve months? Think about it – why bother working against the tide? If you are getting help from the universe in a few areas work with it!

Order the chart on the blog – you will get a full eighteen month – two year analysis for only $75.

New Horizons for the New Year

As we start 2012, we will see some big changes in the large, slower moving planets that make large impacts on society. Jupiter is moving into Taurus, a change from loosey goosey Gemini, into the stable Bull. I hope it will bring some stability to the stock market and get people thinking about prosperity again.

Uranus heading in Aries will see an explosion for technology. I know – what have we been seeing? However, Uranus is all about electricity and sparks and the future is Aries is the epitome of masculine charging energy.  This also a time when we question authority figures – the Occupy Movement started just as Uranus reach Aries.

Finally and perhaps more interestingly, in early 2012 Neptune will move into Pisces, the sign it rules. While I highly doubt the world will end in 2012- please! — this is a time for an intense spiritual awakening.  We haven’t seen Neptune in Pisces since 1848 and it is so funny that several books about that year have been published lately. That was a time when the “Communist Manifesto” was published – a false Utopian hope for a new way of governing – very Piscean. It was also the beginning of waves of spiritualism and Utopian communities of the Alcotts and Thoreaus.

Those who are spiritually attuned will have a wonderful time exploring new planes.

However, the shadow of Neptune is total illusion – 1848 was the start of the Gold Rush – where masses thought they would make it big in the West.  With Neptune you also have drug use and escapism of all kinds. I think with that Uranus in Aries there will be wild new ways to disengage and “drop out” of society.

So hang onto your hats kids – 2012 is bringing in a lot of changes. Keep your feet on the ground but your head in the spiritual realm and your hands on the Ipod 1000!

Happy New Year