A Cosmic Lesson in Mutual Reception

This week the universe will demonstrate one of the basic tenants of Astrology, mutual reception.

This is when one planet is in the sign ruler of another and vice versa. This week Mars (which rules Aries) is in the sign of Gemini (ruled by Mercury.) At the same time, and Mercury (Gemini’s ruler) is in Aries (Mars’ ruler.)

This criss cross flow of energy enhances both of the planets with increased power. With the boost of Martian aggression, there is the chance of finding yourself exchanging harsh words with someone even if you are unsure of the source of that anger. Mercury and Gemini have domain over through process and speech, while Mars and Aries like to dwell in the more aggressive arena of personal expression and the flow of anger and unrest.

Those people with a high amount of Mercury/Gemini and Mars/Aries in their birth charts will feel this more readily than those who don’t.

It is best to harness the Mars energy and use it to have those “difficult” conversations. Being aware that this is a time for verbal aggression, you can make the concerted effort to arrange in advance what you want to say. Mars does not always lead to battle – Mars can give you the courage to say those things that you have kept bottled up.  It just needs a bit of planning. Breathe, think, speak should be your motto.