The Comey Firing

So was happening on Tuesday night when Trump fired FBI Director Comey?  Mercury, recently out of retrograded and in the fire sign of Mars, made an exact conjunction to Uranus, also in Mars, as it is trining Saturn in retrograde. Let’s break that down. Mercury, the communicator whose fleetness of foot allowed him to be the messenger from the gods, is ripe for some caustic words because of the infusion of the Mars energy. When he is cozying up to rebellious and fitful Uranus also infused with Mars aggression – it makes the time recipe for aggressive, erratic communications.

The Saturn retrograde is the key to this because it is the planet of authority. By turning retrograde this summer it creates the perfect opportunity for the revelation of more government secrets. A retrograde is a time for everyone to go within and discover what no longer works. Will this Saturn retrograde bring more government muck to the surface – and what will we do about it? Was the sudden firing of Comey a quick and aggressive attempt to keep secrets hidden?

By placing the chart of Tuesday night next to Trump’s chart we get a clearer picture of why he chose that time to fire the FBI director. The Mercury/Uranus conjunction take place in his eighth or power house and Saturn is in his fifth house of personal creativity and expression. Was Comey coming too close to impeding the power Trump thinks he can wield without restriction? Was he suppressing Trump’s ability to be Trump? I think so but you can draw your own conclusions.

Look too at Vesta on his natal Pluto – there will be challenges to his power which he loves to wield in secret. This will last until the end of the year so we are in for the long haul of power struggles.