Happy Thanksgiving

It has been a tumultuous few weeks in America. Today, I am turning from politics to Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, politics will follow us into the holiday. The Sun will be in the ninth house – that of international affairs – closely conjunction the loyalty goddess, Juno, and the communicator, Mercury. Can you say “ready, set, fight?” Lilith, the rebel woman energy, is next to the Sun – so woman are going to want others to hear them. I hope someone removes all sharp knives and sturdy turkey legs from the tables.

With Uranus, the rebel, and Ceres, the nurturer, both in retrograde and in the second house of values, expect to have circular debates about who we are and what we are becoming. The retrogrades will assure that those will be very “holy” debates as they will have no beginning and no end.


If you are heading into dinner with family members on the other side of divide try to find some common aspects. Admire the table, gush over the turkey – then run to living room and immerse yourself in football until it is time to go home. You won’t change any minds and who needs indigestion on Thanksgiving?

Enjoy – and thank you for your support!