The Astrology of the First Thanksgiving

The first Thanksgiving was held over a period of several days starting on October 16, 1621. The conjunction of Neptune, the Sun and Mercury in the socialized sign of Libra and in the diplomatic ninth house were good signs that a compassionate meeting of the minds was possible. In addition, the Moon Venus conjunction in Scorpio in the ten house of government brought deep emotional connections among the participants. A cold winter was coming and this was a time of true gratitude for the abundance that would hopefully see them through.

The one rather ominous setting would be the retrograded Pluto and Juno down in the fourth house of home and roots. Sadly, this feeling of brotherhood and sharing would be violently shattered in the New World. Still, we celebrte the essence and hope of this first Thanksgiving every year. Hopefully, we can live up to what it represents.

In the mean time, Happy Thanksgiving.


Happy Thanksgiving

It has been a tumultuous few weeks in America. Today, I am turning from politics to Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, politics will follow us into the holiday. The Sun will be in the ninth house – that of international affairs – closely conjunction the loyalty goddess, Juno, and the communicator, Mercury. Can you say “ready, set, fight?” Lilith, the rebel woman energy, is next to the Sun – so woman are going to want others to hear them. I hope someone removes all sharp knives and sturdy turkey legs from the tables.

With Uranus, the rebel, and Ceres, the nurturer, both in retrograde and in the second house of values, expect to have circular debates about who we are and what we are becoming. The retrogrades will assure that those will be very “holy” debates as they will have no beginning and no end.


If you are heading into dinner with family members on the other side of divide try to find some common aspects. Admire the table, gush over the turkey – then run to living room and immerse yourself in football until it is time to go home. You won’t change any minds and who needs indigestion on Thanksgiving?

Enjoy – and thank you for your support!

Thanksgiving Chart

So many people say Thanksgiving is their favorite holiday yet we squish it more and more between the two more commercial events – Halloween and Christmas. Make your Thanksgiving special by really enjoying it and not using it as a just a jumping off point for the fat man in the red suit.

This year the Sun will move into Sagittarius on Thanksgiving Day – so we will be moving from the inward energy of Scorpio to the expansive energy of Sagittarius – a good thing for a day of family and friend celebration.

Now here is the little secret that is so exciting. Neptune has just moved into the sign that it rules, Pisces. This is the start of a very spiritual time and the more attuned you are to the spirit side of life the more you will feel it. Pisces vibrates to the 12th house – the house that is literally our connection to the universe. This I think more than anything else caused the outpouring of people to the voting booths during this past election. It was a matter of we are tired of the remaining evangelical shadow from when Pluto was in Sagittarius – we are now more open to the idea of we are all the children of God.

Of course there is a shadow to everything and Pisces in Neptune can lead to more escapism  – more of the birth of “other realities. However, think of the beautiful part of Pisces and Neptune and be grateful on Thanksgiving for any connection you may have to the universe.

OH and Mercury will be in retrograde so be prepared to stuff a roll in the mouth of that annoying relative who won’t shut up — and keep thinking of Neptune!

Happy Thanksgiving all!

Green Mountains and Taurus


Hello from Vermont – up here for Thanksgiving with some family and friends. We are spending the week cooking at an inn here. Should be very “New Englandy”.  Of course, I had to take a minute to look up the chart of Vermont. You know I love Maine because as a Scorpio Sun/Pisces Moon I need the water but the politics of Vermont is much closer to my heart than lovely Maine!

Made a state on March 4, 1791 Vermont is by Sun Sign a Pisces. Figures – it is full of touchy feely people dedicated to live and let live and go connect with the Universe in the Green Mountains. What is really interesting is the stellium (more than 5 planets) in the 9th house. Remember, the 9th vibrates to Sagittarius – the archer seeking truth – his personal truth. Vermont has Venus, Pallas Athena, Mars the Sun and Moon all there in Pisces. Can you see the desire to balance male and female – Venus and Mars with the androgynous queen Pallas in between them? There is also the union of male Sun energy and female Moon energy. Vermont, the only state to have Socialist Member of Congress is one of our most  progressive, most forward thinking States.  It was the first to pass a host of anti discrimination laws and is the leader of environmental legislation.

In the 10th house, the house of our social status – how we are perceived by the world. On the cusp of Vermont’s tenth is Taurus. Ruled by Venus, Taurus is the Bull who sits calmly in the beautiful pasture. Well guess what the nickname is for Vermont? Right – the Green Mountain State. I love this stuff! Vesta, the burning hearts desire, Ceres, the symbol of Mother Earth and Saturn, the planet that gives form and structure, are all in Aries, the leader, in the 10th. They take their preservation of Vermont’s beauty very seriously here.

The influence of the Universe is all around us. To be able to connect to it – in every setting at every season is a wonderful gift. It is one I will be thankful for this Thanksgiving among other things.

Have a wonderful holiday.