Inauguration Day

We are all shellshocked from the attempted insurrection of Jan 6, 2021. Many have asked about the astrology of Inauguration Day. Well, the good news we have a very strong Aquarian presence in the 10th house. This is the house of government and authority and we can see this fresh air of Aquarius blowing through that house.

The one sign of trouble still resides in Mars and Uranus. They will still be in a very tight conjunction – 6 degrees Taurus and tucked away in the 12th house, which the ancients saw as a house of secret enemies. Mars is war and Uranus (at his worst) is disruption. Fortunately, Uranus is no longer retrograded so that is also good.

I would recommend that law enforcement look for the unexpected – soft targets that might not be in DC and look for someone “on the inside” who could turn.

Pluto obviously still wants us to clear out more of our secrets and mistakes from the past… let’s get moving.