Not a Good Idea To Go Into DC this week.

January 6, 2021 – the date of the big “stop the steal” or whatever it is being called now, march in Washington, DC. As you can see Mars and Uranus are very close to one another in the second house – that of values! They are out of sign (meaning one is in Aries and one in Taurus) but they are too close for comfort for me. Mars is the god of War and Uranus, trickster and quixotic, likes nothing more to throw a match on a tinder.

The Saturn/Jupiter conjunction in the 11th house – that which brings people together for social causes – adds to the potential fire. Those who think they can counter the marches will be doing no good by antagonizing anyone.

Stars do not command us to act in any manner – we all have free will. I suggest everyone use it and stay away. This is not a time to fuel any flames… of any kind