Jupiter in Retrograde

Jupiter turns retrograde for a period of about four months every thirteen months. It is a long transit “backwards” for this planet deep in the solar system. The current Jupiter retrograde began on February 6 in the socially-oriented sign of Libra.

Libra goes to extremes and bring you to the point of co-dependence. Always seeking balance and peace among all people, Libra often loses herself to the demands of those closest to her.

Jupiter, so expansive in nature, also has a hard time in containment and can push us to do everything in excess and take unnecessary risks.



All retrogrades are a time rip for introspection and since both Libra and Jupiter deal with outward energy, it is a good time to pull in. Are other people influencing you too much, are you spending too much time and/or money entertaining or competing with them? Are you socializing and not working on your inner peace? Overeating, drinking and gambling are also areas that Jupiter can lead us to go overboard.

This is a time to pull in, reassess and scale down excess. Living with the lines and our means are not bad things. Use this time to learn how to do pull back and relax.