The Dance of Mercury and Jupiter

Now that Mercury has gone retrograde in Sagittarius she will be dancing closely with Jupiter that has just moved into that sign. Around the time of the winter solstice, they will be in a tight conjunction.

Mercury like Sagittarius and it’s ruler, Jupiter, is all about communications. Indeed, this can be a very chatty holiday season for better or worse. The worse would be everyone digging deep inside to air EVERY single issue they have against EVERY family member from the beginning of their time on Earth! The better would be to inwardly assess both sides of the communications issues with family and friends – yes, including your own errors, and making your mind up to make amends.

Let’s hope we all go for the better and all have a happy Thanksgiving!


Jupiter Turns Direct On June 9 When the Moon is “Full” in Sagitarrius

For those of you who love retrogrades – and you know who you are – you have just a few more days of Jupiter in this position. Seriously, retrogrades are great times to work on the energy not only of the planet but of the constellation it is stutter-stepping in during the retrograde.



Jupiter turned retrograde back in February in Libra, ruled by Venus, the sign of relationships both romantic and financial. Of course, Jupiter is our largest planet and urges to explore the world, indeed, the universe.  The last thing Jupiter wants is restriction and confinement. This retrograde period is perfect to explore where you feel boxed in by relationships or, equally importantly, where you are boxing yourself in with negative thought. Jupiter is our jovial planet – so thoughts like, “No one will ever like me” or ” I can never get my money under control” do not sit well with her.

Get to the root cause of these blockages and other relationship concerns. Then be reading to burst forth with a new plan of action when Jupiter goes direct and the Moon is “full” in the constellation ruled by Jupiter, Sagittarius.

No more excuses – Jupiter was growth and Libra seeks balance. Use these last few days of retrograde to see how you can be ready for all of that positive energy and rebuild or rework your relationships.

Jupiter in Retrograde

Jupiter turns retrograde for a period of about four months every thirteen months. It is a long transit “backwards” for this planet deep in the solar system. The current Jupiter retrograde began on February 6 in the socially-oriented sign of Libra.

Libra goes to extremes and bring you to the point of co-dependence. Always seeking balance and peace among all people, Libra often loses herself to the demands of those closest to her.

Jupiter, so expansive in nature, also has a hard time in containment and can push us to do everything in excess and take unnecessary risks.



All retrogrades are a time rip for introspection and since both Libra and Jupiter deal with outward energy, it is a good time to pull in. Are other people influencing you too much, are you spending too much time and/or money entertaining or competing with them? Are you socializing and not working on your inner peace? Overeating, drinking and gambling are also areas that Jupiter can lead us to go overboard.

This is a time to pull in, reassess and scale down excess. Living with the lines and our means are not bad things. Use this time to learn how to do pull back and relax.



Summer Party!


VenusWith a Venus, Mercury and Jupiter conjunction in the eleventh house, that of social and group activities, it is time to have a summer party! Venus can bring you love and adventure, Mercury the gift of gab and Jupiter – endless potential. Things won’t get too out of hand, however, because they are all in the rather sedate sign of Virgo.

Use the Earthly energy of Virgo to host a garden or harvest party? Print out a few pictures of Virgo holding her sheaves of wheat to get people into the mood.

Just be sure this doesn’t become an all-work party. You know how Virgo loves to be fulfilling some duty! Let Jupiter allow you kick back and have some real fun.

The Moon Jupiter Dance At the Full Moon

The Moon is nearly full and will be so on March 23. Between now and then you can see the bright Moon making a very close conjunction to enormous Jupiter. The Moon is in airy Libra right now and the combination of her co-dependent tendencies and Jupiter’s size and this has the makings for a very emotional full Moon. Pull back and keep yourself in control during this transit or you may regret your actions.

This is the first full Moon of Spring and known as the ‘Worm Moon’ named for the worm trails that appear at this time of year when Nature begins to awaken. Robin and Crow Moons are other names. Think of this reawakening at this emotional time to learn how you would like to tame your responses when the worms of life get under your skin!

First the Solar Eclipse…

Later we will have a lunar one but let’s focus on the Solar Eclipse – happening March 7/8 (depending on your time zone.) We in North America won’t be able to see it. You have to be in Australia to get the best view. However, the energy will be available for all.


An eclipse is a great time for profound change. Solar eclipses help us make profound changes to our persona and this one is, as they say, a dilly. The Sun and Moon will eclipse at 19 -20 degrees Pisces in direct opposition to retrograded Jupiter at 18 degrees Virgo. Jupiter is our key to spiritual and philosophical growth. On a basic level, using this time to examine how we can grow is wise.

However, what is the essence of the Virgo/Pisces axis? It is symbolic of the traditional victim-martyr duality. Do you give too much? Do you take too much? Do you use the demands of others to keep yourself from growing?
This axis gives us the balance between Earth (Virgo) and spirit (Pisces).

If you work to the detriment of all other aspects of life then you are tipping the scales too much into the Virgo pond. If you refuse to face reality, live in fantasy and believe it is better to escape than revel in life then you are leaning excessively far over the Pisces fence.

During this time of growth, try to seek balance in these areas and you will experience the best this eclipse has to offer.

Getting the Most Out Of Our January Retrogrades

OK our time of direct action is over. This week both Jupiter and Mercury will turn retrograde.  Here is a little Mercury tidbit for you. Mercury is going retrograde now because he is having a New Year as well. A year on Mercury is only 88 days because he is so speedy and close to the Sun, so during his normal three retrogrades a year he “loses” 21 of our days. Anyway, this is the time of take stock of your words, your appointments, your travel plans, and your inner thoughts.  Are they disconnects between your thoughts and words? Do you speak your truth of hide behind the masks of lies? Do you mean what you say and say what you mean, as the old saying goes?

Jupiter, being larger and slower will be in retrograde until May 9. I am afraid he will bring out the more fundamentalist beliefs from zealots and, with his squaring of Uranus on and off all year – we need to be on our toes for some deep seated nonsense surfacing. The best use of a Jupiter retrograde is to pull inside and examine our beliefs. Why do we know what we know – what is the basis for our belief systems on the bigger issues of life? Prepare yourself now for the ability to come out of the gate in May ready to learn, explore and expand your philosophies.

All retrogrades are time for inward growth. Don’t waste these two opportunities.



For Those Growing Weary of Pluto’s Demands

We are coming up on three positive trines of Jupiter and Pluto which should help those feeling burdened by the constant demands of Pluto. This tiny dwarf planet insists that we dig deep and root out what no longer works for us no matter the pain. When big, beneficent Jupiter makes a positive aspect (a trine) on October 11 he brings positive energy and hopefulness to the grind of Pluto. Jupiter sees no limits and helps us reach goals no matter how far they seem to be from our grasp. (March 16 and June 26, 2016 are the dates for the second and third trine of Pluto and Jupiter.)

This month Mars will figure into the mix as well. Mars brings leadership energy and drive. He is where we harness or aggression to complete tasks or, if we are in shadow aspects, where we express raw anger and destructive force. This has positive aspects because it really gives us a boost to fulfill our Pluto requirements of personal change. However, those more inclined to the negative more war-like aspects of Mars will find the combination of Pluto and Jupiter as an excuse to spread boundless pain.


moonLet’s hope more people focus on the beneficial aspects of Mars energy and Jupiter expansiveness to accomplish your Pluto goals.

Jupiter on the MOVE

On July 16, that enormous planet Jupiter that is astrologically the sign of expansion and growth is moving out of Cancer, the uber Mommy constellation, into the fire sign of Leo, the sign of creativity and self-expression. What a great time! Think of it – we are combining the sign of seemingly never ending growth and discovery with the fiery Leo energy. We should all be running around working on making our most creative impact!
A wee bit of caveat here folks. When I began my study of Astrology, many people thought that Jupiter was the most beneficent sign in the Zodiac – it could bring no shadow. However, all of that expansion – all of the bigness – does have a downside. When Jupiter was transiting my sixth house, the house of health, I was as sick as a dog. I even have a good friend who was born with Jupiter in the sixth and she gets every weird illness going and gets it longer and worse than anyone else. It is a classic case of too much of a good thing.
Jupiter rules Sagittarius, a fire sign, and it is now transiting a fire sign constellation – so there is a danger of too much, “me first, you later energy,” where every way is emoting and no one is listening.  Leo starts her journey in the ninth house – the house she naturally vibrates too – and in conjunction with the Sun (ruled by Leo.) The ninth is the house of foreign affairs – so hold onto your hats – that arena will get even goofier in the weeks to come.
As always, please remember we can use this energy for benefit too. Be creative, make those contacts, work on that book, paint that scenery, – go the extra mile to make the world a prettier, more creative place!

Full Moon Time!

The full Moon this month will be on June 13 at will take place at 22 degrees Sagittarius.   I love Sagittarius full Moons perhaps because my North Node is in Sagittarius. However, it is more than that. It is June, everything is in bloom, and everything is growing and expanding. Isn’t that the essence of Sag: growth, breaking our borders, reaching beyond our roots?  I always think about Sagittarius as a shooting arrow into the world – just like the flower and vegetable seeds are sprouting outward and upward.
If you have Sagittarius prominently placed in your chart – either North Node, rising sign, sun sign, use this time to feel that energy. Where do you have to get out of your safe zone? Where do you need to grow? Where are you stagnating?
The positive aspects of Sagittarius are optimism, adventurousness, generosity, and intellectualism. Use them!
It’s June, it is a Sagittarius full Moon – go for it! Grow.

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