Mars and Pluto and Mercury – yikes

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Hold onto your hats kids and not just because the wind is going insane out there.

For the next week or so we will have a conjunction that is fraught with issues. Pluto which has been in Capricorn for a few years now, is conjuncting the North Node. OK that is pretty good. Pluto brings slow change – the North Node is one’s evolutionary goalpost. That should help people make moves into their right path. So far not bad.

However, today Mars will also join this conjunction as will Mercury on December 10th and it will also be retrograding. Mars and Pluto together can always spell trouble. You have the clash of pure, raw male aggressive warrior energy (Mars) and cold but formidable Pluto. When hot and cold mix we get thunder, right? When Mars and Pluto mix we can misunderstandings, arguments and even war. Remember the sign this is all happening in is Capricorn – that which rules authority structures, government and keeps society in place. This next week to ten days is a time we all need to be on our toes. With Uranus and Jupiter hid Pisces which likes to be hidden, these could be secret attacks or attacks we learn of later.

Add to this the mental confusion and miscommunications that are the signature of Mercury retrograde and you can see where the spark for the tinderbox can come. This retrograde will remain until December 30 so all of those cautions about thinking before you speak, reading before you sign, watching your electrical equipment should be in place.

Once we ride this wave, we have right on the winter solstice, December 21, a total lunar eclipse in at 29 degrees Sagittarius. Guess what else is 29 degrees Sag? The Galactic Center. That is the center of the Milky Way basically where it is believed that there is a giant black hole. Now for someone on a spiritual path this can be a fantastic time. Remember we still have Uranus and Jupiter conjunct for a few more weeks. The forward thinking Uranus and the expanding and spiritual Jupiter make good partners in the spiritual realm. (Be careful where the conjunction is triggering your natal planets however, as they can bring accidents and overspending in everyday life.)

A lunar eclipse, therefore one that moves our emotions, right at the Galactic Center can be a fantastic spiritual ride for someone who can capture the power. My concern is that the less spiritually aware a person is the more this tremendous power, coming on top of the Mars/Pluto storm, can cause havoc in their lives. People (including leaders of governments or splinter groups) can be reacting in dramatic ways that they really don’t understand. When you have the potential for great spiritual awakening for some you also have the flip side of great upheaval for those prone to be at the mercy of Mars.

Personally the solstice eclipse should be interesting since it will awaken my nodal Gemini/Sagittarius axis (Gemini being the opposing sign to Sagittarius.) My South Node is in Gemini in 8th house so my North has to be in Sagittarius in the 2nd. I am evolutionarily moving from existences of gathering and dispensing lots of information to hold onto whatever power I had (often not my own but the words of others – that comes from the heavey Libra influence in my chart) to thinking deeply and seeking my own truth for my own self value. (How is that for soul intention in a nut shell?) This will be a time of great spiritual growth for me if I play my cards right. It will be a time to see what I am still holding on from the past and how I need to still shed my own skin. Remember, the ruler of Gemini is in still retrograding at this time so a lot of “junk” from my past will be hitting me in the face. Retrogrades are karmic pauses. With Pluto and the North Node together I can really make some huge evolutionary moves.

I point this out only to show how personal planetary movements can become. With all of this energy roaming around I urge you to pull out your chart and see if any of these will directly affect you this month. The more aware you are the more you can make these changes work for you in a positive fashion.

Let’s hope that so called world leaders and those who can agitate world events don’t get too over wrought during this Mars/Pluto/Mercury conjunction and we don’t pay for the spiritual awareness with earthly terror.

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  1. Oh, boy. I wish I had read this last week! It explains quite a bit – especially why my hot-headed inner Martian got riled enough to break through the calm, cool & collected exterior. Thanks so much for all the Sagittarius insight yesterday – that was definitely a gift!

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