Pre Solstice Planetary “Hits”

The Solstice finally arrives on June 21 at 6:51 AM, Eastern Time. However, before it arrives we have a couple of planetary aspects to which you might want to pay attention. Actually, you will have to pay attention because none of these planets are shy, retiring little creatures.
On June 14, Mars will make a square, a disharmonious contact, with Pluto. If one of these planets are in either retrograde or badly aspected in your chart – expect to be out of sorts for a few days. You might even be itching for a fight. Watch out for road rage and people acting out.
June 19 sees Uranus coming into the act. This Mars, Uranus Pluto T-Square – or three planet square – represent the tail end of the much spoken of Grand Cross that has been in play since April. If anyone has been planning some big disaster since the Cross started I fear they will make it happen now. (Not that missing plane and 300 missing little girls are not horror enough.) I hope all security systems are on guard during this time.

What we have is a lot of testy energy – Mars, warrior, Pluto, slow change and Uranus demanding quick change – a rebel energy —- going on at this time. So everyone please breathe and think of the Solstice to come!