The Battle of Pluto and Uranus

Recently, I have written a lot about the Grand Cross, and the Pluto- Uranus square and the implications they are having on American society. Pluto, the symbol of slow change, is in the staid and authoritarian sign of Capricorn. This placement demands change to what we called in the 60’s “The Establishment.”  Remember wherever Pluto ventures she brings change – she absolutely insists upon it. Now she is bringing her change to authority structures.
Uranus, the rebel, the element of electrically charged quick change, has recently journeyed into the cardinal sign of the warrior, Aries. Where Pluto takes her time and grinds out her demands of change. Uranus is like hello I am here and this is what is going to change right now. Therefore, you can see how these two in disharmony can make us humans a little batty!
With these two squared or in disharmony to one another for a very long time (2007 -2020), we have seen unrest, uprisings, and some major hits to once formidable institutions. The banking system collapse, the abuse scandals in the Catholic Church, the election of an African American president and the subsequent rise of the Tea Party are just some examples of this.
This movement into Aries is most interesting to me right now. Uranus in Aries is like a teenager in a sports car. At any moment, they can put their foot down and take off at 150 miles an hour refusing to see any danger. Remember the song, that anthem of the 60’s, “The Dawning of the Age of Aquarius”? Well, Aquarius is ruled by Uranus.
Uranus is saying, hey Pluto I do not like how slowly you are changing. I am not thrilled with the “one percent” getting richer; I am not thrilled that the middle class is stagnating.  You toppled the banking system but no one went to jail. Now let’s move along…faster!

The beginning of the populism movement that is making Senator Elizabeth Warren (D.-MA) a very appealing Presidential candidate in 2016 is just starting to take hold in America. I expect that to grow. The energy is there – how we use it is another story of course! Remember, the Tea Party and the whacks running around with the guns are a part of this Uranus energy – they do not like any authority. They want to bring “change” that will bring us back a few centuries. It is up to those of who want to precipitate positive change that includes women’s rights and gun safety to name a few, to harness Uranus to forge a future of truly positive change.


I know – I heard it all and it has happened to me. My computer was so bad last Friday that I had to reboot ten times to get it to do anything and to do it all at once. This Mercury retrograde was long and ugly but today – YES TODAY- Mercury stations direct which means she stops her seemingly backward movement. Tomorrow, July 2 she starts heading in the right direction again. Send off the fire works. 

This year has been fraught with distant planet “battles” and we will have another skirmish in July. On July 4, the Sun opposes Pluto and then makes a square to Uranus on the 8th.  This is the tail end of the Grand Cross of April that brought us the Malaysian plane and the Ukraine. June’s squares brought up Iraq again. What will July bring? I don’t know. However, I do not like crosses and squares to all of those change planets around a national holiday. Then again, maybe the disaster was the Hobby Lobby decision. It will only remain a disaster if we don’t remember it on election day, however…the best way to change things is by getting thee to the polls, no?


Pre Solstice Planetary “Hits”

The Solstice finally arrives on June 21 at 6:51 AM, Eastern Time. However, before it arrives we have a couple of planetary aspects to which you might want to pay attention. Actually, you will have to pay attention because none of these planets are shy, retiring little creatures.
On June 14, Mars will make a square, a disharmonious contact, with Pluto. If one of these planets are in either retrograde or badly aspected in your chart – expect to be out of sorts for a few days. You might even be itching for a fight. Watch out for road rage and people acting out.
June 19 sees Uranus coming into the act. This Mars, Uranus Pluto T-Square – or three planet square – represent the tail end of the much spoken of Grand Cross that has been in play since April. If anyone has been planning some big disaster since the Cross started I fear they will make it happen now. (Not that missing plane and 300 missing little girls are not horror enough.) I hope all security systems are on guard during this time.

What we have is a lot of testy energy – Mars, warrior, Pluto, slow change and Uranus demanding quick change – a rebel energy —- going on at this time. So everyone please breathe and think of the Solstice to come!
Get Used to Hearing about Pluto and Uranus in 2014
And Keep a Positive Outlook!
The Astrological world is all-abuzz about the big goings on in the sky this year.  Uranus in the cardinal sign of Aries is squaring or in disharmony to Pluto in the cardinal sign of Capricorn. Think of them as two powerful wrestlers in a massive tug-of-war. One is demanding things done his way and quickly (Uranus) and the other saying no my slow way is better (Pluto). Neither will give in. Then a little quick instigator, Mars in another cardinal sign, Libra, zig zags across their path several times during this battle – throwing little jabs, igniting firecrackers just to make things lively. Mars will make this dance from late December to mid-May 2014, including a retrograded period from March – May.
The last time we had such a battle of the big planets was 1932- 1934 and we all know what lovely things occurred like the rise of Hitler. However, I am so not a fan of those who say oh that happened then so horrible things will happen now. Yes, mid-April is going to be a rough time – April (the time when the Sun is in Mars – the warrior) is always opportune for violence (Columbine, the start of the Civil War, the birth of Hitler, to name a few “fun” events.) However, I really do not think this is going to bring in the beginning of the end of the country and economic system. There are predications for nuclear war, another Fukishima, another tsunami – general whoa and horribleness.

Why can’t we use this dynamic energy to bring POSITIVE changes in our lives? Perhaps if we all think about the benefits this can bring to all of us we will negate the naysayers. I mean if we sit around and wait for something awful to happen – we often aren’t surprised! 

New Year’s New Moon

We start 2014 with a New Moon in Capricorn at 6:14 AM Eastern Time. That alone is a powerful kick off to a new year – because the New Moon is a great time for manifestation. This year, however, the sky will be full of even more cardinal energy. There are three kinds of signs, mutable (the easy going sometimes easily coerced signs), fixed (the stubborn ones) and cardinal (the movers and shakers.) Get used to a lot of cardinal energy coming from the sky because this year is going to be anything but dull.
On January 1st, during that Capricorn (cardinal) New Moon, Mars will still be in Libra (cardinal) and  opposite Uranus in Aries (cardinal) and Jupiter will be in Cancer (cardinal) opposing four other bodies in cardinal signs, the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Pluto and retrograded Venus.
Those placements also make for a very combustible square between Mars, Uranus, and Pluto. This is nothing to mess around with – and do not be surprised if you hear of more road rage or violent acts. If people are unaware of how these energies affect them can just feel angry, restless, and ready to strike out. The amount of anxious energy is almost spooky.

For those more aligned with the universe it is a great time to use that power to constructive change. So where do you want to improve? Go beyond the silly New Year’s resolutions and make a pledge to use this energy to make meaningful change in your life. Movement especially in the area of money and our values (Venus) and speaking our truth (Mercury) would be especially beneficial.   Use the energies to your benefit – they are powerful.
Happy New Year – Happy New You.