The “Blood Lunar Eclipse” – July 27 – Find Your Inner Aquarius

Those of you who have been with me a long time know that I hate astrological hyperbole. I despise people who write about semi-sextiles and quincunxes and all of this nonsense instead of just using normal words everyone can understand. So you know that I am not too thrilled with all of the hype about the blood lunar eclipse.

First, during all lunar eclipses the Moon appears to turn red. The Moon has no light of its own and just reflects the Sun. When the Earth comes between the Sun and the Moon it cuts off the “white” light of the Sun and appears reddish. This is nothing special to this eclipse regarding color.

This will be a longer than usual eclipse – starting on July 27 and ending the next day. The Moon, in astrology, rules our intuition and emotion. It is a very feminine energy of inward feeling and deep connection to the universe.

The Moon will be in the sign of Aquarius on July 27th. I like to think of it as a good preparation for the next few years when first Saturn and then Pluto leave the authoritarian sign of Capricorn and move in Aquarius. Right now we are knee deep on these two karmic planets forcing us to face issues of patriarchy and authoritarianism. How is that going?

Aquarius forces us to face our compassion our humanitarianism. This is the sign that wants us to work together to make positive advances. I, for one, can’t wait until we move into a more Aquarian energy!

During this lunar eclipse, why not work on the deep intuitive ways you can bring the positive energy of Aquarius into your life now. Don’t we all need it?

Chris Christie

Since “Bridge-gate,” a couple of people have asked me to look at the birth chart of Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey. That sent me a on a search for his birth time which alas seems not to be made public. Without that little fact, it is hard to draw an accurate chart. However, we can get some information, such as his South Node. 
Christie was born with a South Node, his past life indicator, in Aquarius. Aquarians are very difficult to pinpoint – they love being the rebel, love-bucking authority. Most unusual about the Aquarian personality is that they truly do love humanity but individual people bug them. There is a bit of exclusivity that surrounds the Aquarian personality – a standoffishness. They want to help humanity just not be a part of it. (We see Aquarius rising President Obama demonstrate that too well.)
Christie’s South Node is conjunct a retrograded Saturn. Saturn turned backwards on the node is a screaming alert that he had issues with his father in the past –and possible in his current life – and real issues with authority. The pugnacious Christie exemplifies these qualities very well.
However, it was those qualities that made him buck the current Republican mantra of “do not interact, touch or in any way get near that President” to seek Federal aid for his State after Hurricane Sandy. His actions clearly stated his Aquarian desire to help his people despite the demands to do otherwise by Party leaders.
With his North Node – his current soul’s path – in Leo, Christie needs to learn in this lifetime to get into his heart. Aquarians are great at theory but feeling real emotion is their Achilles heel.  Did he know about “Bridge-gate?” I cannot imagine how an intelligent, engaged Governor could be in a fog about something like that for four days. Does that really pass the test of reality?  The saddest part of that for him astrologically is that by at-least appearing to be the pugnacious rebel, whether he was involved or not, he was not moving in a forward motion to Leo.

It would have been so easy to build on the great success he had with Sandy and become the efficient, caring, and feeling Governor. It also would have helped him politically to appeal to the middle left.

That South Node is tough, especially when we have a retrograded planet so close to it. To paraphrase the movie line, it keeps dragging us back down.

Our Aquarian Presidents

In honor of President’s Day, I want to take a look at all, not just one, of our “February Presidents.” * All of these men, born while the Sun was in Aquarius, are Presidents we have remembered throughout the years. They all had that Aquarian ability to be rebellious, prescient, unique and in their own way, fascinating. 
George Washington left his stamp for his leadership and innate knowledge of how a President should act. Yes, he was the first and that alone would make him memorable but his Aquarian ability to “see into the future” and know he needed to make an indelible imprint on the office has set precedents that remain today.
Abraham Lincoln was close to being the last President of the entire United States. However, through his tenacity, genius, and vision he preserved the union and then used his Aquarian sense of compassion to call for us to come together with “malice toward none.”
Franklin Roosevelt was of course unique because he hid his paralysis from the world – but proved that a physical handicap is not a mental handicap. In a time when “cripples” were considered damaged, he guided the country through horrific economic and militaristic times.
While I am too liberal to fall for the myth of Ronald Reagan as killer of Communism in the Soviet Union, the fact that he broke the age and martial norms previously required of presidential candidates proved he had his Aquarian rebelliousness intact!
Each of these men also exhibited that maddening Aquarius duplicity. Washington, “the father of the country,” was childless. Lincoln, a man known for almost suicidal bouts of depression was still able to maintain his sanity in the midst of a nightmarish Civil War. Roosevelt, pulled people toward him with his charismatic voice yet had no emotional bond with his wife and children, and Reagan the darling of the hard religious right who was divorced and from the Hollywood they profess to hate.

Our Aquarian Presidents remain a part of the American fabric because of their ability to stand out – to be unique in some way.  Our current President, Barack Obama, has Aquarius rising. Can you get more unique and rebellious than breaking the color barrier? Oh those Aquarians – always shaking things up!

*I am taking a bit of liberty here because FDR was born on Jan. 30 but he was still an Aquarian.

The Tale of Two Leo Presidents

Two recent Presidents were born under the Sun Sign of Leo. But just to show you how little the Sun Sign means to a full chart analysis let’s look at these two men, President Clinton and President Obama to see how that Leo energy manifests in their chart.

First, President Clinton whose birthday is later this week. His Leo Sun is in the eleventh house, the house of group and social interactions – well yes, he does excel at that, don’t you think? However, look at his first house, the house of personality. It is opened by Libra – the sign that demands interaction with other people  – it is a people sign and Libra rising people can even exhibit co-dependent traits. Libra loves human interaction! Mars right on the ascendant! Holy Cow – the god of war – the raw energy of Mars also in the sign of “other” – and one degree away from his rising sign.  I have to make myself heard and seen not only in a crowd but to everyone. Love me please, love me! (Chiron also in the first,  the wounded warrior shows how much he really needs to be love and accepted by others.)

Neptune sits on Mars – well you know Neptune – the obfuscater – that helps that President well shall we say distort his version of things from time to time! Adding Venus to the mix – the goddess of love and romance – oh let’s not rehash that. You get the picture.

All in all he has a stellium – more than 5 planets and asteroids in Libra in or bordering the first house. Even if his talent was in shoe sales and not politics he would be the town’s best known, most affable and most avuncular show salesman. He can’t help it. Is a a person who needs people.

President Obama, also a Leo Sun, has a vastly different first house. His rising sign is not people loving, people needing Libra, but aloof and cool Aquarius. Aquarius loves all Mankind but he isn’t too interested in getting down and dirty with people every day – he feels your pain but doesn’t want to learn too much about it. Where Libra is all about other – Aquarius is a very cerebral, very detached sign – they are smarter than the average bear – know what needs to be done and expect everyone to just do it without any fuss or muss. 
His Sun is in the 6th house the house of work and service. So he firmly believes if he keeps his head down and keeps working the noise will dissipate. Unfortunately, the noise of opposition  is too determined to just go away but since they are illogical to the Aquarius mind he just doesn’t imagine that he has to address them as serious. 
President Obama’s South Node is in the first house – and like Clinton, the Chiron, wound issue. (I wonder how many people who carry a deep wound in the first turn to politics for acceptance?) So he is carrying a lot of deep issues inside him that are just below the surface – which again translate to caution.
To Leo’s – two Presidents – vastly different men!

Do You Feel It? Axial Procession and Aquarius

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It is kind of a funny shift – suddenly right wing wedge issues – like gay marriage and immigration are not wedge issues any longer. In 2004, the GOP put gay marriage on ballots to help defeat John Kerry because they knew the outcry against it would be great. Now, the President can openly talk about it and receive popular support. Yes, it is almost a decade later but tolerance among the general population for marijuana legislation, gay marriage and better gun control is rapidly increasing.  Could it be we are actually, finally at the dawning of the Age of Aquarius?
We have heard a lot about the shift – the end of the times – the new way – the Mayan calendar but what really is going on?  Hang on this gets “mathy.”  Each of the twelve signs designated by the ancients to have the archetypal energy that emits from the Zodiac has an age associated with it. This corresponds with Astronomy’s axial precession. Due to gravity, there is a continuous change in the orientation of Earth‘s axis of rotation as it goes around the Sun on the ecliptic so that the equinox times vary slightly each year.  When I mean slightly I mean slightly – this change occurs at a rate of 50.27 seconds of arc a year. Basically the equinoxes shift in time and location on a westward movement until it all comes back to the original spot. It takes a mere 26,000 years for the equinoxes to go back to their original spot. When you divide the 12 Zodiac signs by 26,000 you get astrological ages that last about 2167 years.
Of course, like all linear time it is hard to pinpoint exactly when each one starts and stops. Some people say the Aquarian Age started in the 1800’s and some put it at 2160. I think it is a good bet that it is somewhere in between and we are feeling the effects now. Aquarius is all about acceptance, brotherhood, unity, equality. The shadow is detachment – I love all mankind but don’t ask me to get too touchy-feely with any one in particular. So it is easy to take up causes but I want to sit in front of my computer instead of talking to my family.
Aquarius is quirky, future-oriented, logical, technologically adept and intelligent.  However, ego and a penchant for dogmatism are in that mix as well.   Expect more acceptance of people and their foibles and a feeling of unity and brotherhood– sorry Tea Party – technology that makes us now look like we are  in the ancient Roman days but less one-on-one contact and more loneliness and loners.
It will be a mysterious new world that we are walking into but we should embrace the positive Aquarian energy and join together!

Make Friends With Uranus – Because He Is About To Go

Loopy! On January 20th the Sun will enter the constellation Aquarius ruled by the planet Uranus. Uranus is the only planet that rotates on its side so you get some idea of what the archetype is for Aquarius — the rebel, the change agent. The other side of Aquarius is a sense of universal brotherhood, a  love of freedom. It also rules electricity and electronics.

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Uranus itself has just entered Aries – the sign of the take charge warrior. For the next several years we are going to see an explosion of freedom movements around the world – some that will be violent, sadly. We will also have advances in electronics that will make even the last few years like the horse and buggie days.

Also watch for that “quest for freedom” and be my friend but don’t get too close to happen in relationships…you might see some folks break up that you will never expect that to happen to!

Just expect the unexpected – in spades!