I am still amazed at this election.

Now that I am somewhat caught up on my sleep I am even more amazed how much we owe Pluto. You can see in my last pre-election post how nervous I was about Mercury going retrograde on Election Day. I knew we wouldn’t have an exact repeat of 2000 but I knew suppression of voters would screw up the election.

Now look at Florida – again!  Had Pluto in Capricorn not brought out the women, the African Americans, the Latinos furious at these creepy old white men trying to stop the vote and turn back the clock we would all be sitting here AGAIN waiting for Florida not because of “hanging chads” but because they loaded up the ballot with so much crap and cut the number of voting booths.

It gives me the chills… and again I say – thanks Pluto!

A Final Word on Retrograded Mercury on Election Day

OK yes, Mercury is going to go retrograde (it will appear to go backwards in the sky) around 6 P Eastern on election night. AND the last time Mercury went retrograde – in fact the only time it went retrograde on a US election day was in 2000. (The one other time it was already in retrograde was in 1960.)

We all have nightmares of a repeat of 2000 but really circumstances don’t repeat exactly.In addition, this year  Mercury will be in “mutual reception” with Jupiter. That means that Jupiter is in Mercury’s ruler Gemini and Mercury is Sagittarius, Jupiter’s ruler.

What all this means to me is that we are going to have to watch things very carefully when the votes are being counted. Mercury retrograde is very good a screwing up computers and telephones and all things that carry information electronically. With the Jupiter influence things will be in inflated and bigger.

Jupiter is also the sign of religious zealotry so I would watch for the hard religious right to be up to some tricks

Note to all Democratic poll workers – if something looks odd trust your gut and investigate!

I personally feel the only way Romney can “win” is to steal this but hey, it isn’t like it hasn’t happened before. He has a lot of zealots on his side.

The good news is that his Mercury is more debilitated than the President’s. Also, I am counting on Pluto which is in Capricorn and has been doing it’s work shaking up authority figures who are hiding secrets (Jerry Sandusky, Lance Armstrong etc.) I am counting on Pluto to bring any organized vote stealing to public view.

Mars and Juno and Deodorant

Acacia Blossom
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The ONE thing that tripped me up in this series of Presidential debates was my thought that the warrior god Mars conjunction to the loyalty goddess Juno would make Mitt Romney come out like big pappa protector at the last debate on foreign affairs. I didn’t know then that internal polling was showing that macho act of his was turning off women and they made him tone in way down. (I think all that Mars energy was the cause of this “flop sweat” – it had to come out somehow.)  Instead what happened is that Romney became loyal to something else – well actually someone else – and that was President Obama. All night long he told us how he agreed with everything the President has done.

We don’t always have to listen to our stars. I often tell people this is a good time to do something and they say later, I should have listened to you. That is called free will.

Just be sure of one thing if you fail to follow the energy of the universe — invest in a good antiperspirant.

Mitt – Big Daddy – 3rd Debate

Which Mitt will show up tonight? I believe it will be I am father protector -provider Mitt. Don’t worry little women, this President may have pulled us out of two wars and killed Bin Laden but I Super Mitt will protect you!  He has that Mars/Juno conjunction that is going around in his 7th house, the house of personal relationships. He is going to do his darnedest to use that and his transiting Saturn/Sun conjunction in Scorpio in his 6th to be big Daddy protector.

With the Saturn/Sun deal in Scorpio and his Uranus still retrograded in 10 the lies and sneakiness will come fast and furious. You think he had Romnesia before? The President is going to have to be on his toes and he alert every second to keep catching him in the malarkey or his plan will work.

He has a lot of things hidden – he is going to try a surprise tactic on the President.

The other thing I would also tell the President is to jab him – get under his skin and irritate that transiting Moon in Aquarius. Mitt can go too far tonight – be too mean, too snarky, too full of it. Push push him – let him take the extra step – let him slip and let wacky Aquarius make him say what he didn’t want to. That is my biggest hope for the night.

The Final Debate – Thank Goddess….

courtesy of arlenew.com

Here it is — the final debate… between oh you know who, Oct 22, 2012, 9p in Boca Raton.

OK let me get this out front, the President has an odd conjunction on the cusp of the 8th and 9th houses, the house of personal power and transformation and international affairs. He has transiting Saturn and transiting Sun straddling that cusp in Scorpio. These two together gives him a self-discipline BUT it can also limit self-expression. He has got to practice, practice, practice. Perhaps by blowing off debate practice for the first one will make him more dedicated this time but he can NOT wing it. He has to be as well prepared or more so than he was for debate two or Romney will get away with fabrications again. 
The good news is that the transiting Sun and progressed Pluto are also conjunct in the 8th giving him incredible drive and energy. This is like an either or situation – gangbusters or tongue-tied there will be no in between.
With Mars and Neptune conjunct in Scorpio in the 9th house his charisma will be at its peak. He is also going to be looking to dig up the information (Scorpio) that will lead to another “gotcha” moment. He knows more about foreign affairs than Romney and he is going to find ways to prove it. This isn’t going to be a war of raw emotions and as a war of information, knowledge and statesman ship, “I know this, I can do it, you are an amateur so get out of the way.” 

I love the Mars, Mercury, Venus conjunction on the 7th – 8th house cusp – this is a signature for strong, communications in a way that people can understand. Being, in Virgo, the “worker-bee” again shows we are not looking for prose but for nitty gritty details.  He wants to kill with knowledge. 
Permit me to get a bit “Oookey spooky” here. I preface this by saying my theory is based on nothing but my gut instinct – you aren’t going to read this theory in any text book and I have no idea if this is at all valid but what the heck..  In his first house the President has the Part of Fortune (karmic reward) conjuncting his Midheaven (career indicator) and his natal South Node, where he is coming from previous life-wise. If you have read this blog for a while you will know that I believe the President is the reincarnation of Abraham Lincoln. Will we see something that makes us say that was Lincolnesque or what he just said comes from a different place? When he is talking about war and sacrifice and honoring the war dead will we see some indication that he feels this on a deeper level – like the level or a man who saw bloodshed in his country at an unprecedented level?  I don’t know – again this is just a “Joan theory” but I am going to be watching to find out.

POTUS Speech – Fire….

The President is going to have to make a dynamite speech to keep up with his wife and the stars are in his favor. His third house, the house of communication, is now inhabited by his progressed Pallas and Juno. Pallas was the warrior goddess, the fighter for those who can’t fight for themselves, and Juno was the goddess of fierce loyalty. Also in his third house is his transiting ascendant. His speech is going to be one were he will show just how well he connects with and believes in people who need to be -but have a hard time – being heard. It will take one qualities of a preacher more than a politician. Because these are in the sign of Taurus, which is all about stability, expect him to stress ideas of the social safety net.

Expect some fire because transiting Mars is conjunct his progressed Mars in the 9th. The 9th house, remember, is the house of spiritual searching. As I said, expect a fiery preacher-like speech. One that will set the convention hall, and hopefully those  beyond, on fire. Mars is in Scorpio, a very spiritual sign. 
Frankly this is a good time for alot of people to be making speeches, because the Sun is currently conjunct Mercury. That is a traditional placement for charisma and the ability to sway people with your words. For the President, this conjunction is in the 7th house, the house of intimate relations with others. His words will seem personal.
Speaking of the 7th, as I mentioned in a previous election day post, the President will have a lot of feminine energy there with his progressed Venus moving through. When he makes his Convention speech, there will be an extra dab of benefit because his Part of Fortune, that little karmic smile, will be right on his progressed Venus. As I said before, his appeal to women will be key, key, key to his success.
The one thing I hate to see and I even hate to put it out there in some way. However, in his 2nd house, the house of stability, safety and security, he has both retrograded Uranus,the quick change artist and retrograded Pallas transiting through. As I said before, Pallas is the warrior who takes up causes. This is a very dangerous time for the President I am so afraid to say. I have been saying to my friends that I believe he is going to win – and win bigger than the talking heads claim, but that this will trigger the lunatic fringe. 
We all need to be putting positive energy his way to thwart any hateful acts…until these two get out of his 2nd which will be well after election day.

The State of the Union — Continued

Last week I started to talk about the progressed chart of the United States because my acupuncturist asked me, “What in the world is going on with the U.S. right now?”

One really fascinating placement is our progressed Chiron, our wound issue, is in the 1st house in Sagittarius. Chiron is where we carry a wound so deep that we don’t want to go near it – it is like a nagging pain we don’t want to aggravate.  With Chiron in Sagittarius in our first house – the house of who we are it is a good time to come to reckoning with our spiritual truth. I happen to think this is the last hurrah of hard right spiritual forces in our political arena. Yes, it might be wishful thinking but this Chrionic wound issue will soon be in the 12th house – and while it will be even stronger it will once again be “underground.” The 12th house is the hidden house – the first house is the house of how we project in the world.

Chiron is loosely opposed to Mars in Gemini in the 7th – as these two pull away and Chiron recedes into the 12th house – the vocal, vigilant and some cases violent hard “religious right” should have their power weakened. However, don’t for one minute think they will go gentle into that good night.

I tend to be a pessimist when it comes to the future of this country. However, I am happy to see that Sun and Venus are transiting the 8th house – that is actually a good sign for us. Sun and Venus in the house of power and personal transformation are transiting over our progressed ascendant and our North Node. Venus was the goddess of beauty and love but she also dealt with money. We forget how much of an influence Venus has on money. (Mercury is the flow of money – Venus is the personal gaining of money.) Hopefully, President Obama will hang strong and force Congress to make some good long term financial decisions.

The stars are working in our favor – that doesn’t mean we won’t still screw it up! Perhaps if more people call and crash a few websites on the House they will come to their senses.

3rd Presidential Debate

Tsk, Tsk, John McCain – you didn’t read my blog and you let that anger sneak out just as I predicted. Your “that one” comment, referring the Senator Obama, while ignored by the corporate controlled main stream press, was one of those debate errors that will live in infamy. It also cemented in the minds of many of us what we have believed for a long time – that you hold your competitor in some contempt.

As we turn our eyes toward Hofstra University and the Oct 15 debate, we see many of the same dynamics as we did in the first debate. Basically, there aren’t a lot of aspects floating around these two men so it should be another bland debate.

The strongest aspect Obama has is a conjunction between transiting Saturn, his natal Mars and progressed Sun all in Virgo and all in the 11th house – the house of social contacts and group activities. This is going to give a lot of force and structure to his passion – he will be able to clearly outline what he wants to get across to people. The caution here is to keep the fires tamped down – don’t be too preachy, too picky. With his Moon semi square transiting Uranus – he will have to work hard to keep his famous cool as he will be burning with nervous energy.

Senator McCain has transiting Saturn squaring his Venus at the time of debate. His hopes for appearing youthful and open will be dashed – as he will come off more pedantic and grandfatherly than his handlers will desire. And with Moon square his natal Sun and his Mars square transiting Uranus his emotions, his anger can all boil over to make him come off not only grouchy but desperate and harsh.

Obama needs to stay cool, add a touch of levity and play out the clock!