The Final Debate – Thank Goddess….

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Here it is — the final debate… between oh you know who, Oct 22, 2012, 9p in Boca Raton.

OK let me get this out front, the President has an odd conjunction on the cusp of the 8th and 9th houses, the house of personal power and transformation and international affairs. He has transiting Saturn and transiting Sun straddling that cusp in Scorpio. These two together gives him a self-discipline BUT it can also limit self-expression. He has got to practice, practice, practice. Perhaps by blowing off debate practice for the first one will make him more dedicated this time but he can NOT wing it. He has to be as well prepared or more so than he was for debate two or Romney will get away with fabrications again. 
The good news is that the transiting Sun and progressed Pluto are also conjunct in the 8th giving him incredible drive and energy. This is like an either or situation – gangbusters or tongue-tied there will be no in between.
With Mars and Neptune conjunct in Scorpio in the 9th house his charisma will be at its peak. He is also going to be looking to dig up the information (Scorpio) that will lead to another “gotcha” moment. He knows more about foreign affairs than Romney and he is going to find ways to prove it. This isn’t going to be a war of raw emotions and as a war of information, knowledge and statesman ship, “I know this, I can do it, you are an amateur so get out of the way.” 

I love the Mars, Mercury, Venus conjunction on the 7th – 8th house cusp – this is a signature for strong, communications in a way that people can understand. Being, in Virgo, the “worker-bee” again shows we are not looking for prose but for nitty gritty details.  He wants to kill with knowledge. 
Permit me to get a bit “Oookey spooky” here. I preface this by saying my theory is based on nothing but my gut instinct – you aren’t going to read this theory in any text book and I have no idea if this is at all valid but what the heck..  In his first house the President has the Part of Fortune (karmic reward) conjuncting his Midheaven (career indicator) and his natal South Node, where he is coming from previous life-wise. If you have read this blog for a while you will know that I believe the President is the reincarnation of Abraham Lincoln. Will we see something that makes us say that was Lincolnesque or what he just said comes from a different place? When he is talking about war and sacrifice and honoring the war dead will we see some indication that he feels this on a deeper level – like the level or a man who saw bloodshed in his country at an unprecedented level?  I don’t know – again this is just a “Joan theory” but I am going to be watching to find out.

VP Debate – Joe Biden

You’ve got to be some kind of ogre not to love Joe Biden. I mean he has to be the most lovable Vice President we have ever had. He is also now considered quite the sex symbol among women of a certain age. 

Part of Joe’s appeal is because he is well – Joe, just goofy, sweet Joe. Of course, the downside is that he sometimes falls over his tongue when he is being “cute” and comes out with some hum-dingers. That might happen at the Vice Presidential debate as he does have the retrograded Neptune sitting in his third house, the house of communication. 
However, that is about the only tricky item he has in his chart on debate night. He will be very loyal to President and play the role of healer after the President’s less than stellar performance last week. The Vice President has transiting Juno and Mars in conjunction in his first house and they are conjuncting his progressed Neptune. You are going to see much of the same passion you saw in his Convention speech. Juno and Neptune are slow movers so they have been there awhile. Mars adds some fight to his words. Mars is pretty dominant in both men’s charts that day so I do expect a fair amount of fireworks.
I expect Biden to take on the persona of the passionate diplomat. He has transiting Venus and Moon in the 9th house, the house of international affairs. They are both in Virgo so he should have his facts in order and be able to respond to anything Ryan may try to toss out. Also his progressed Moon is in the 8th house, the house of power. As long as he keeps that passion tamed so he doesn’t blurt out anything goofy we should be OK.
I was teasing about his sex symbol status but he will appeal to women a lot during this debate. He has Jupiter, Ceres, Vesta and the Black Moon Lilith all in the 7th house, the house of personal interactions. He should use their energy to remind people about his and the tickets strong support of women’s freedom and safety. Word to the Obama Team – let Joe address the women. Let him contrast the GOP’s war on women with the Democrat’s support of women… PLEASE. The time is perfect for him to do that.
That Mercury Saturn conjunction in the 11th house is also a good thing. He can try to emulate Bill Clinton’s speech at the Convention where he will lay out point by point why his team is better. With the Virgo influence in the 9th and this it should – I say should – hold him in check so that he can make his detailed points. 
This is going to be a verbal battle – nothing polite about this evening!

First Presidential Debate Recap

My blogs written in the past two weeks said the stars were ripe for Obama to fall into two bad patterns, one being too professorial and the other looking like he didn’t want to be there. Why or why don’t they listen to me? J Also I said Romney might appear in a different way and would lie through his teeth. ( I will let you judge that last one.)  Those stars – those stars.

 I am looking ahead to the VP debates which are going to be a lot more energetic – in fact these guys should go at it. VP Biden does have a retrograded planet in his house of communication … ah one thing Joe doesn’t need is a debilitated planet in the house of speech!!! ACK.


The Presidential Debate – President Obama – Zing

Before I look at the President’s chart for the debate, I heard today that Romney is going to use “zingers” against the President. All I can say from the bottom of my liberal heart is please do…oh please do. Does he really think he should stand there and zing the President of United States? Has he forgotten how well it went over when Senator McCain called then Senator Obama, “that one” in a debate? Zingers will make the hard right fringe, those people who think President Obama is a flame throwing, Muslim, Kenyan, socialist, but the saner 80 percent of the country will find it insulting. So zing away Mitty!

Now onto the chart. The President will Venus on the cusp of the 10th house, the house of career and social status during the debate. Venus in Scorpio is going to give a depth and beauty to his words BUT he needs to be careful he isn’t too in-depth. The President has an issue with being too professorial in debates and this could happen again. With Saturn and Mercury in his 9th house, the house that rules higher education  – the tendency for Professor Obama to show up is great.

Uranus is still in retrograde and is transiting the Presidents first house so he might be a bit jumpy, a bit ready to get this over with and he needs to watch another “you are good enough Hilary” moment. He is anxious to get moving but he has to watch this doesn’t trip this up.

If he takes a breath and keeps his answers quick and sharp he will be OK.

PS I still don’t like his Sun conjuncting Uranus in the 8th house. This could be a dangerous time for him and I pray daily it goes away fast!

The First Presidential Debate – Mitt

The first presidential debate will soon be upon us. It will be held October 3, 2012 in Denver Colorado at 7:00 PM local time.

Mitt Romney is still facing a few chart hurdles that have been around for a while. His Neptune is still retrograded in the 10th house, the house of career and government. Neptune will go direct right after Election Day, November 10. Retro, Neptune causes all kinds of confusion and illusion, even more than it normally does. There are no boundaries, no limits – no sense of reality. When it is in your 10th house, you actually believe you can do the things you say you can at work. Mitt is believing the stuff he is saying….really! It is too bad for him few others do. So expect a few more whoopers coming from him debate night.

I think the chance of him downright lying during debate night is increased because Jupiter has just crossed into his 3rd house, the house of communication. Jupiter is all about expansion and growth. In the third house it can make for a golden tongue or a big liar. I am going against the golden tongue option here because Mitt also has natal Saturn in his 3rd. Saturn is all about restriction – the exact opposite of expansive Jupiter. He will never be a silver tongued orator. With progressed ascendant conjuncting Saturn now in his chart, I can’t imagine him becoming sparkling and bubbly in speech.

By the way, poor Mitt can’t help switching his ideas and words at every turn. Look at his natal first house. He has Uranus in the 1st in Gemini. Uranus is the quick change artist, the quirky, changeable planet. He could try to come  with a new improved Mitt. Gemini is the communicator – how can he keep his stories straight? But with his Sun conjunction Saturn in his 5th – the house of creativity and play – he is still going to be old Mitt in a new jacket.

Next time – President Obama on debate night.

POTUS Speech – Fire….

The President is going to have to make a dynamite speech to keep up with his wife and the stars are in his favor. His third house, the house of communication, is now inhabited by his progressed Pallas and Juno. Pallas was the warrior goddess, the fighter for those who can’t fight for themselves, and Juno was the goddess of fierce loyalty. Also in his third house is his transiting ascendant. His speech is going to be one were he will show just how well he connects with and believes in people who need to be -but have a hard time – being heard. It will take one qualities of a preacher more than a politician. Because these are in the sign of Taurus, which is all about stability, expect him to stress ideas of the social safety net.

Expect some fire because transiting Mars is conjunct his progressed Mars in the 9th. The 9th house, remember, is the house of spiritual searching. As I said, expect a fiery preacher-like speech. One that will set the convention hall, and hopefully those  beyond, on fire. Mars is in Scorpio, a very spiritual sign. 
Frankly this is a good time for alot of people to be making speeches, because the Sun is currently conjunct Mercury. That is a traditional placement for charisma and the ability to sway people with your words. For the President, this conjunction is in the 7th house, the house of intimate relations with others. His words will seem personal.
Speaking of the 7th, as I mentioned in a previous election day post, the President will have a lot of feminine energy there with his progressed Venus moving through. When he makes his Convention speech, there will be an extra dab of benefit because his Part of Fortune, that little karmic smile, will be right on his progressed Venus. As I said before, his appeal to women will be key, key, key to his success.
The one thing I hate to see and I even hate to put it out there in some way. However, in his 2nd house, the house of stability, safety and security, he has both retrograded Uranus,the quick change artist and retrograded Pallas transiting through. As I said before, Pallas is the warrior who takes up causes. This is a very dangerous time for the President I am so afraid to say. I have been saying to my friends that I believe he is going to win – and win bigger than the talking heads claim, but that this will trigger the lunatic fringe. 
We all need to be putting positive energy his way to thwart any hateful acts…until these two get out of his 2nd which will be well after election day.

Dolley Madison – A Total Taurus.

Recently, the local PBS channel ran a biography of Dolley Madison, a woman who ruled Washington, D.C. in her day and still lives in our folklore (and kitchen cabinets in the form of cupcakes) to this day. This First Lady, married to one of the most reserved and bookish of our Presidents, transformed the White House and Washington society both physically and psychicly, twice.

While watching the show I chuckled when the spoke of how she scandalized her Quaker family by wearing dresses that were low cut and revealed what they felt was too much of her bosom. “Taurus” I said to myself. “She had to have a lot of Taurus in her.” Taurus rules the chest and many people with Taurus ascendants and Suns have strong well-developed bodies and chests. When I looked at her chart, I was stunned at how strong was the Taurus influence on her!

Born May 20 1768 at 3:45 AM at Guilford, North Carolina – we see the first taste of Taurus in her Sun Sign, which was in the first house of her chart. In addition, her rising sign – the sign on the first house cusp – was also in Taurus. Remember that the ancients paid much more attention to the rising sign (or ascendant) than the Sun Sign. So even had her Sun been in another sign, they would consider her a Taurus. In addition, her Mercury, Ceres, Venus and Uranus were all in Taurus and all clustered around the first house and first house cusp. She could not help project Taurean qualities!

Taurus rules the second house, the house of possessions and how they relate to our self worth. Taureans seek comfort and warmth in their homes — the key is comfort. Think of the Bull (the symbol of Taurus) sitting in the pasture on the comfortable grass just soaking in the beauty of life and nature.

Yes, she was a sparkling hostess but look deeper. What was the first thing she did as First Lady? She charged James Hoban, the architect of the White House to redesign all of the public rooms. It was she who made the Blue Room blue – the Red Room red -etc. and who decorated them to ensure the best use for socializing and the comfort of her guests. Do you see the Taurus influence? She was not just a great hostess who made her guests at ease and then introduced them to her shy husband; she transformed the possessions around her. She changed the surroundings.

When the War of 1812 broke out and the British were marching toward Washington with torches in hand, Dolley reacted in a total Taurean way. She ordered the dinner table set with the finest of china. She was not going to appear afraid and harried. According to William Seale’s “The President’s House”, “Several kinds of wine in handsome cut-glass decanters were cooling on the sideboard; platters stood by the fireplace, filled with dishes and plates awaiting immediate use; everything in short was ready for the entertainment of a ceremonious party.” No matter how terrified she was of capture, Dolley Madison would not betray those fears to the British and reminded them that this was a home of comfort and grace.

Of course, before she left the White House, she had the Gilbert Stuart portrait of George Washington taken from its frame and removed. That was the most prized possession of the White House – and that good old Taurus knew how to save it! She had a sixth sense about what had value. (Of course, she also stuffed silver and china in the carriages before they escaped but hey, a girl has to have her bling.) That too was Taurean- she was not saving papers or mementos — she was saving the good stuff.

When the War was over, and the White House just a shell, she and Hoban started from scratch and redid the interior. Could we have had a better-equipped First Lady to do the job?

Sadly, Dolley would lose all of her possessions to an unscrupulous son and his gambling debts. She lived long enough to see the invention of photography and in all of those shots, she is wearing the same dress and blouse -he literally took the clothes off her back. She has an intercepted fifth house, which vibrates to creativity and children. That means that the sign on the cusp of the house does not extend through the whole house and another sign cuts the house in half. That is always a pause for karma. She has Leo intercepted in the fifth house indicating in past lives she was placing her needs about others and always got what SHE wanted regardless of how. There was no idea of WE it was all about ME. Sadly, her son chose to pay back that karma in spades. I just hope they do not continue on that cycle.

With her Moon in Cancer, the ultimate sign of mothering, gave into him and smothered him with a love that did neither one of them any good. It was not until the very end of her life when her friends in Congress passed legislation to pay for her memoirs on the condition that he could not get access to that money did she wise up. Her son was furious about losing the gravy train and when he attached her verbally for it, she finally had enough of him. I just hope that at some point they get over this tit-for-tat anger and stop following each other in lifetime after lifetime playing the game of give me your money!

Dolley’s North Node (the indicator of where a soul should progress) is in Capricorn in the ninth house and boy did she progress into it. Capricorn is the sign of the government power – power structures in general – and the ninth house is all about reaching out to people beyond our immediate environs. Stories are legendary about her diplomatic efforts. Again, I quote Seale. “Washington life was greatly spiced by the diplomatic community…the diplomats entertained frequently…touches of foreign finery came to characterized Washington interiors.” She brought the world to Washington and Washington to the world – bingo –North Node Capricorn ninth house.