This is Not Watergate

History repeats itself but never in same way. While it is easy to draw similarities with our last Constitutional crises, Watergate, the Trump related problems are vastly different, politically and astrologically. Watergate was an abuse of power by a paranoid man and his henchmen. This is the possible collusion with a foreign power by a presidential candidate and then president and his men.

Watergate happened during the last of a series of Pluto/Saturn/Jupiter squares that characterized the previous decade. While we have come off similar series of squares, the energy now is deeper and more karmic.

I have stated in earlier blogs that neither Trump nor Clinton were following their North Node, current soul’s destiny, by running for President. Trump had the chance to pivot once elected. His South Node, or karmic identity, is of an “all knowing” leader of his family and community, (Sagittarius fourth house.) This was evident every time he said “I alone can fix this” on the campaign trail. He could have pivoted and opened himself up to his Gemini North Node in the tenth house which asks him to open up to new sources of information as he takes on a role of authority. He preferred the company of his old ways which never leads to success.  That his presidency would be a failure was a given. However, this is the tip of the iceberg.

There are many ominous astrological signs on the horizon this summer. Saturn, Pluto and Neptune all turn retrograde.  In August, when Uranus goes into retrograde they will all be in that “backward motion.” In addition, in August, we have a powerful Leo solar eclipse occurring at the heart of Leo on the brilliant star Regulus.  An eclipse sends cosmic ripples of change that lasts for years.

Let us not forget that America is in its Pluto return. Pluto takes 276 years to move around the Sun, the last time it was in Pluto and the second house was during the American Revolution. We are in a revolution. Pluto holds up a mirror and says take a good look and get rid of the detritus – get rid of what you have been hiding from yourself. Take a good look. Whether we leave the junk where it is or throw it out is all up to us. Pluto is the original kill you or cure you planet.

This is not Watergate. This is a deep karmic comeuppance – for Trump and, more importantly, for America.