This is Not Watergate

History repeats itself but never in same way. While it is easy to draw similarities with our last Constitutional crises, Watergate, the Trump related problems are vastly different, politically and astrologically. Watergate was an abuse of power by a paranoid man and his henchmen. This is the possible collusion with a foreign power by a presidential candidate and then president and his men.

Watergate happened during the last of a series of Pluto/Saturn/Jupiter squares that characterized the previous decade. While we have come off similar series of squares, the energy now is deeper and more karmic.

I have stated in earlier blogs that neither Trump nor Clinton were following their North Node, current soul’s destiny, by running for President. Trump had the chance to pivot once elected. His South Node, or karmic identity, is of an “all knowing” leader of his family and community, (Sagittarius fourth house.) This was evident every time he said “I alone can fix this” on the campaign trail. He could have pivoted and opened himself up to his Gemini North Node in the tenth house which asks him to open up to new sources of information as he takes on a role of authority. He preferred the company of his old ways which never leads to success.  That his presidency would be a failure was a given. However, this is the tip of the iceberg.

There are many ominous astrological signs on the horizon this summer. Saturn, Pluto and Neptune all turn retrograde.  In August, when Uranus goes into retrograde they will all be in that “backward motion.” In addition, in August, we have a powerful Leo solar eclipse occurring at the heart of Leo on the brilliant star Regulus.  An eclipse sends cosmic ripples of change that lasts for years.

Let us not forget that America is in its Pluto return. Pluto takes 276 years to move around the Sun, the last time it was in Pluto and the second house was during the American Revolution. We are in a revolution. Pluto holds up a mirror and says take a good look and get rid of the detritus – get rid of what you have been hiding from yourself. Take a good look. Whether we leave the junk where it is or throw it out is all up to us. Pluto is the original kill you or cure you planet.

This is not Watergate. This is a deep karmic comeuppance – for Trump and, more importantly, for America.

America’s April Fools Chart

For some reason this year I have a strong desire to study the chart of the United States on April fool’s Day and believe I do not do it with any glee. I have written extensively about this countries Pluto return – which demands that we reevaluate the negative aspects of our relationships to money and values. Now Juno is joining the “party.”

Juno is the mythological royal consort whose domain was hearth, home and marriage. Known to the Greeks as Hera, she rules the area of one on one relationships, rituals, women’s rights and empowering the downtrodden.

She is now in a five degree conjunction with Pluto and when these two get together the energy is of deep personal and social transformation. This transformation takes place in partnership. Even if one person undergoes a change, it is change that another instigates.

April Fools US

This can be a time revealing dictatorial, power-hungry, or destructive forces. Combined with the coming retrograde of Saturn and Mercury we can be in for a year of startling even cataclysmic revelations. However, if Pluto is to do his work of ferreting out secrets and muck we need this type of catharsis.

That is no joke.

Venus Retrograde and the Trump Tax Return

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow presented with a bit too much hype our first glimpse at some of Donald Trump’s tax returns. It is no accident that this fleeting glimpse occurred during a rare Venus retrograde into the masculine sign of Aries. It is amusing that a woman (Maddow) revealed the tax returns of someone who fancies himself ultra-masculine and strong (Trump) during such a retrograde. It is very possible, in fact likely, that Trump leaked a tiny portion of his returns during a year that he actually paid some taxes as another distraction technique. Still it all happened during the retrograde of the planet ruling money.

Venus holds the purse strings of the Zodiac. Her domain is money, creativity and sexuality. During a retrograde period we should go inside ourselves and find where we need to correct areas that planet rules, with which we are unhappy or are causing you issues in your life.


If people are not shall we say enlightened, a retrograde can be a bad time, because secrets that we don’t want to face come to the surface. If Trump did release those returns he may have done it to distract from a larger issues but it did come back to bite him later.

During retrogrades, we need to take stock, review what is no longer working and plan new routes of action. On the other hand, secrets that we don’t want know can come out and make us face the music. It is up to us how we use and work the retrograded action. It can be a time or renewal or fear – as usual, it is all up to us.

Will Liberals Actually have to Thank Donald Trump?

Yes, we might! Donald Trump just might be our gift from Pluto.

Pluto is making a slow walk through the constellation of Capricorn (2008- 2023.)

Pluto insists that our dirty little secrets reveal themselves. That which hides has no defense against Pluto’s icy probe.  Pluto is all about revelation and then change.  Capricorn is the sign of structure and authority. When the two meet, exposure of corporate and government skeletons is a given.

First, we had the banking crises of 2008 when the nation learned of the tricks of the mortgage trade. Other scandals involving authority figures included the Penn State sex scandal and that of abuse in the Catholic Church.

Now we sit somewhat shell shocked as we watch Donald Trump proudly pontificate all of the Republican talking points they normally old whisper in code words to their base. Either he is trying to lose or he is arrogant enough to think that if he says this nonsense the other 70 percent of the country will fall into line.

As the Republican leaders cringe and dance, Trump speaks publicly all of the racist, misogynistic drivel they have been using to in secret. If he fails colossally in November, as is predicted, he might usher in the fall and rebirth of the Republican Party with more moderates in control. You can’t get more Plutonian than that!

Don’t Underestimate Trump or Pluto.

Last week I examined the chart of Donald Trump illustrating his North Node desire to make an intellectual (and I use that term advisedly) impact on society. (Gemini North Node in the 10th House.)

When I place his chart alongside that of the United States I see that his Uranus placement is identical to that of the USA. Both have Uranus in the 10th house. A sign of a desire to stoke revolution and change in the public arena. He is clearly striking a nerve with those who are “tea party revolutionaries” and want to start over.

USA and Trump

Don’t overlook his very positive signs in the 11th house, where we come together with like-minded people. Pundits have been waiting for him to implode, for his outrageous behavior to turn people off. In fact, it has done just the opposite. His Mercury (communication skill) is on the conjunction American has of Sun, Jupiter and Venus and all of this land in the 11th. He has found his way to speak to a certain set of people that speaks to their heart and hopes. Like it or not, he has struck a chord.

It is vital to remember that Pluto is in Capricorn. Pluto demands change and Capricorn controls authority and governmental entities. The last time Pluto was in this constellation we had the American and French Revolutions. Anything can happen here. We saw the (in my opinion) positive effects of this placement, in the election of our first African American president, Barack Obama. Don’t think we can’t see the election of a fascist reality star as well.

Pluto demands change. The type of change is up to us.

Donald Trump – So Loud

I hate the idea of giving any more energy to the train wreck that is the Donald Trump presidential campaign but look at his chart I must. That he has Leo rising with aggressive Mars, also in fiery Leo, sitting on the first house should be of no surprise. His self-centered, egotistical rants touting his ultimate knowledge of all things governmental are clear evidence of the arrogance given by these placements.

What I find most interesting is his South Node placement. His South Node Sagitarrius in the Fourth House – meaning he spent a good deal of time gathering information close to home – learning all he could learn about life.

Now his North Node is in Gemini ten – meaning he wants to spread all he knows to the world. Next to that Node is his Sun meaning his life forced is infused with throwing his verbal weight around. Uranus on the other side makes him love to be rebellious and shocking. Sadly, the tenth house is the house of government so he is being drawn to act out in that arena.

I hope he soon learns, although I don’t hold out much hope, that a Gemini North Node requires you to stop thinking you are the smartest kid on the block and shut up and learn. Yeah, I said I don’t hold out much hope.