Can We Talk? Venus in Gemini

Venus moved into Gemini on July 4 and will remain there for the rest of the month. This is a great time for intellectual conversation and stimulation. ¬†Gemini loves the exchange or flow of information and hates to be bogged down or bored. It is the sign that lives to find the “meeting of the mind” with others. During these warm summer months, he encourages us to linger by the picnic table enjoying the interchange with others – swapping and even debating ideas

Venus, the goddess of love, when transiting Gemini brings out that desire to seek partners who share your intelligence, and reasoning skills. The way to the heart of a Venus Gemini person is through their brain! Both John and Jacqueline Kennedy shared Venus in Gemini so despite what others said about the marriage it was intellectually stimulating. His official White House portrait has him standing in a contemplative mode with his head down. She did that because she wanted people to remember what a great mind he had. Now that is Venus in Gemini!

So take advantage of this time to do something we seem to have forgotten, talk WITH someone – exchange ideas – see the Venusian beauty in learning from another.

Venus Moves into Gemini.

Venus moves into chatty, flirty Gemini this week and will reside there until June 17. This is a very “summertime” placement when our thoughts move to fun and ease and we leave our serious selves behind. Gemini wants mental stimulation, a sense of friendship and constant change. The last thing on his mind is commitment, mortgage and rules.

If you want to have that deep, serious conversation with a mate I would not recommend you do it until Venus moves into emotional and watery Cancer. However, if you want to rekindle some excitement in your relationship or are looking for some intellectual sparring, now is the time to go for it. So pack a picnic basket and head out into the woods with your love and some good books and think silly, fun times.

People prone to extra-partnership relations might feel the pull of the Gemini twins now. Other than its fellow Air Sign, Aquarius, is the zodiac’s leader of infidelity. Please don’t be too influenced by his energy. It could come back to hurt when the emotions of Cancer begin to bubble. If you need something to keep you in check, remember, that John and Jacqueline Kennedy both had Venus in Gemini – as did Marilyn Monroe. As I said, Gemini is very capable of going too far.