Can We Talk? Venus in Gemini

Venus moved into Gemini on July 4 and will remain there for the rest of the month. This is a great time for intellectual conversation and stimulation.  Gemini loves the exchange or flow of information and hates to be bogged down or bored. It is the sign that lives to find the “meeting of the mind” with others. During these warm summer months, he encourages us to linger by the picnic table enjoying the interchange with others – swapping and even debating ideas

Venus, the goddess of love, when transiting Gemini brings out that desire to seek partners who share your intelligence, and reasoning skills. The way to the heart of a Venus Gemini person is through their brain! Both John and Jacqueline Kennedy shared Venus in Gemini so despite what others said about the marriage it was intellectually stimulating. His official White House portrait has him standing in a contemplative mode with his head down. She did that because she wanted people to remember what a great mind he had. Now that is Venus in Gemini!

So take advantage of this time to do something we seem to have forgotten, talk WITH someone – exchange ideas – see the Venusian beauty in learning from another.

May Newsletter! Journaling, History and Mother’s Day


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Journaling Your Past Lives Awake

We made it through the Cardinal Grand Cross of April. I know it was a rough time for many – and while I never bought into the doom and gloom that some astrologers predicted for this time, we did see the most mysterious loss of an airplane. I also believe Russia or North Korea are simmering something they will reveal later. People who are negative energetic creatures react unfavorably to that kind of difficult cosmic energy and there was just enough to kick them into high gear.

On the positive side, many of my clients reported a feeling of being reborn. They used that vibrating energy to make massive changes in their lives and outlooks. I have the perfect way for you to continue your growth. As an evolutionary astrologer, I work as a cosmic GPS system reading where my clients’ souls are coming from karmically and what lessons are in store for them this time around. However, I recently learned how much more powerful this tool can be when coupled with journaling, especially when at the hands of the “master” Mari L. McCarthy.

Once you have digested the information from my evolutionary reading of your birth chart, take the opportunity to work with Mari, Examine the past life blockages that are still make your path rocky and learn how journaling can bring forth a better understanding of their roots and impact. Conversely, you will also be able to learn how to utilize the karmic benefits granted this time around.

It is May! The time of growth – take advantage of these journaling “seeds.”

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President Kennedy

Today on the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President Kennedy, I felt it was appropriate to look at his birth chart. For all of his faults, he was a leader who told us that public service was a great thing – not that government was bad, He told us that we could reach great goals not that we don’t want to pay taxes. He told us that we all had to contribute to the country, not just grab all we want for ourselves and damn the other guy, especially if he is poor or “different.” That is what we lost 50 years ago today and we yearn for it again. He made us feel good about America and united us toward common goals. Yes, he was a flawed man but a charismatic leader who makes us reach for the stars is something all nations crave.

It is not ironic that his South Node, his karmic identity was in Cancer in the 9th house. Cancer is the sign of the nurturer, the one who helps his people, and the 9th house is our connection to people beyond our borders. He came from lifetimes of involvement in huge, worldly issues that he tried to manipulate to help those in his care. Cancer is the traditional sign of the mother, the nurturer. No wonder that he loved international politics – he had been doing it for quite some time. 
With his North Node in Capricorn, the sign of the authority figure – the provider in the 3rd house, the house of communications it is no wonder we still hear so many of his words. He took that role very seriously – he constructed his words as much as he created his image. He took the role of leader, communicator, and thinker very seriously. In addition, the ruler of Capricorn is Saturn that is in the 10th house, the house of politics and government. It is a fair bet that he loved being the leader. Also note his Mars and Mercury in conjunction in Venus, the sign of creativity, is in the 7th house – the house of interacting with people on personal level. Mars, an intense amount of energy, conjuncting the communication planet yielded a speaking style that still inspires. Again, the words, the power behind the words and how they affect us is so prevalent in his chart.
Speaking of leader his chart is one of cardinal energy – cardinal signs are the movers and shakers, His “anchor houses” the first, fourth, seventh and ten houses are holding cardinal energy. He wasn’t about to not take the lead. (Cancer and Capricorn, his nodal axis, are also cardinal.) Sometimes this burst forward as recklessness, over reaching but he was not one to let life go by,
In his 6th house, the house of health is the sacred wound carrier, Chiron, and Vesta, the asteroid that puts roadblocks in our path. Pisces opens his 6th so we see how hard it was for doctors to pinpoint his illnesses – Pisces is very ephemeral. 
What about his notorious womanizing? (Actually, it went well beyond that and my liberal friends who bash Newt Gingrich for his sexual faults should be careful. JFK would today be classified as a predator.) Well, let’s look at his Venus in the 8th house, the house of power, regeneration, death, and rebirth. The 8th house makes it a power conquest issue and shows how reckless he could be – he dared and tempted the fates. His Venus squares the Moon and Ceres so emotion and nurturing would not natural to him and makes a trine to his retrograded Uranus- the sign of the rebel. Any Venus-Uranus combination gets me wondering about someones sexual preferences. 

Here is something interesting too. Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis’ Venus was also in the 8th house. Both shared a Venus in Gemini. So they shared that sense of drama and shared a love of words. This was a karmic marriage and one that will repeat itself sometime in the future.

Who was John Kennedy? He is who we need him to be and he was gone too soon. 

The Clash of Mars and Saturn

Last week I was speaking about astrology to a group when I mentioned that there is precious little difference between Hitler’s and JFK’s charts… except Hitler had that bad Mars- Saturn combination going on which made him a little – shall we say. scum sucking evil. They both had the bull eye’s for charisma and the ability to sway people with speech – it is just Hitler had a bad combination of Mars and Saturn which, when badly aspected is often an indication for violence. The only time when I am doing a synastry chart of two people that I really lay things on the line and say, hey be careful here, is when I see the Mars of one person badly aspected the Saturn of another. That often indicates a propensity for violence in the relationship.

Because the universe just loves synchronicity, I then was asked to do a chart for a person who then tells me he has not a clue when he was born because he was adopted twice and the state in which he was born did not put the time on birth certificates. Hmm. No time. That is an astrologers nightmare because time tells us the rising sign – the indicator of how we express ourselves in the world. It also places all the planets and asteroids in the proper houses.

Through the process of rectification we can try to find the birth time or get close to it so I asked him a few questions. Of course, he had a disrupted home life – 4th house – but I wanted to know if it was just odd or truly burdensome. The tale he told would put Dickens to shame. He was adopted at birth because his parents couldn’t afford another child but his adoptive mother died when he was still a child. Then he was then adopted by an abusive family which he escaped from at 18 and never looked back. Yes, I would say that was burdensome.

When someone is suffering from limitations or burdens I often look to Saturn. Now I know you Capricorns will get all over me but I am sorry – Saturn is an indicator of restriction and boxing in – where you see Saturn in a birth chart it shows the area where people carry worry and concern or are restricted in. When doing a transit chart, Saturn shows us where we are feeling pain and burden at that time.

Had he told me a story of generally happy but changeable home life, adopted here and then suddenly moved to another house I would have looked to the quick change artist Uranus. His story was all very Saturnine, however.

When I computed the chart I noticed something else interesting. On that day, Mars and Saturn were almost in conjunction (sitting right next to) one another. Ah ha – Mars and Saturn – violence – I placed this Mars and Saturn combo toward the middle of his 4th house because the violence began when he was seven and ran the chart from there. I told him to see if the interpretation I did for him resonated in other areas to see if we had hit the hit the right timing and indeed it did. Bingo!

I am so glad he got out of that situation and has not let it shade his adulthood. He is amazingly well adjusted for having gone through that Hell. Saturn and Mars dealt him a bad hand but he overrode it….well Dickens always liked a happy ending.