Rick Santorum – Taurus South Node

OK. I know several people have asked me to look at Rick Santorum’s birth chart. The problem is that his birth time is not public. Birth time is key to determining what the rising sign is and that tells us what the personality traits are of a person and it places the planets in the correct houses. I refuse to do a full chart based on a birth time of noon which is what is done when the time is unknown.  It just won’t be accurate.

However, we can learn a few things just by knowing the place and date of birth. Santorum has a South Node in Taurus and North in Scorpio. In general someone with this past life – current life access is someone who needs to find their personal power; they must face some kind of fear or even near death experience. They must go into the fire of life and be transformed by it. Taurus is epitomized by security at all costs, Scorpio loves the risk even the risk of death.

Coming from lives with a Taurus influence he only knows how to rely on his “gut instinct.” Stability and all that it represents – a “good” family, a dogmaticeee religion, safety, security are essential. He has to feel safe – he needs to be wrapped in the security blanket of life. Scorpio is pushing him to put himself out there – break the safety net but it is hard. Therefore, he wants to bring that blanket with him when he faces the world.

One of the shadows of a Taurus South Node is unbridled stubbornness. Is there anything more immovable than a bull?  So you will see him doubling down on his rather bizarre world and social views because they represent comfort to him. They are his Linus blanket.

At some point, in this life or the next or the next…you get my drift – something will happen that will force him out of his shell and open him up to face the world without that blanket but if and when is anyones guess.

Oh Newty – Newty

A few blog entries ago I said that there was going to be a big shift in Washington right after the New Year. While my peaceful Aquarius friend said it could bring in a peaceful time in Washington, I felt my snarky Scorpio interpretation would be more on target. That is, it would be a time when one side would go too far to real blow things out of the water. I do hate to say I told ya so but along came the reborn again – and again – and again – Newt Gingrich and his hate wagon appealing to the worst in all of us- also known as the Tea Party and kaboom!

Of course, I had to look up the Newtsters chart – there had to be some big fixed signs in there I thought. Low and behold fixed it is – a stellium of Leo planets and asteroids that straddle the 6th and 7th houses. Leo, the king of jungle – the Lord who demands that things be done his way.

Ironically, his North Node where he should be going toward is in Leo – however, I feel he is deeply ensconced in his Leo Chironic wound issue – the need to stand out – to be powerful to be heard and to be obeyed because secretly he feels inadequate in all of those areas. Chiron is trumping the North Node.  With his past life indicator, Aquarius South Node in the 12th, I can see him as part of  a wandering boys club – I could even see him as a warring crusader –  a part of an independent band of men who convinced themselves they were doing good by “killing for God” – hence he satisfied the Aquarius need to do good…  Very anti woman ( negative aspects to the “girl asteroids”– very much all about personal freedom and vanquishing the opponent.

Oh and if you are wondering why he has foot in mouth disease and is such a loose cannon, look at the ruler of his South Node, Uranus, sitting right next to Mercury, the communicator. Uranus is the quirky planet, and when it comes up next to Mercury the person will say whatever without much regard for consequences.

So there he is in a nutshell ensconced in his past warrior mode, suffering the slings an d arrows of a Chironic wound that he doesn’t seem to want to heal and saying whatever he feels his loyal bands of haters will want to hear so that he can stay in power. As an astrologer it makes me sad, but as a Progressive I say – have it Newt keep talking!