I Will Say It Again – Uranus Square Pluto

OK I haven’t a clue. That is my answer when someone asks me what is going to happen this week with the Washington mess. Astrologers are NOT fortune-tellers and if someone tells you they are, run away – run far away. All I will say is keep your eyes on that hard square between Retrograded Uranus and Pluto. Uranus is in Aries – the sign of unbridled male energy and warrior drive and it is retrograded meaning it is churning inward and misdirected – and OH LOOK where it is over Washington right now —- it is on the cusp of the second house – the house of money and resources. Uranus is the planet depicted rebellious energy – quick change, hard to grasp energy. (So yes, it would be the sign of people trying to disrupt the social order.) But wait there is more… It squares – or makes a disharmonious aspect to Pluto, the slow and grinding change planet. And – I could NOT make this up – Pluto is in the 10th house, the house of government and authority structures- and is in Capricorn the sign that vibrates to the 10th house. Who will win this tug of war and what is winning? Is winning destroying American resources – to some it might be?

I take some hope looking at the biwheel of American and the current transits. That Uranus is in our 4th house – so yes they disrupting our “family” but Vesta/Ceres – in Virgo is sitting on the cusp of the 10th house. Vesta, the burning heart’s desire, and Ceres, the planet of the mother, nurturer – can come together to provide a balm. However, Vesta does not make it easy. So we will have some “paying of the piper” for appeasing the lunatic fringe – the people who want to destroy our country. I hate to depress you further but Saturn is about to move into the 12th house for America – that is a time that forces us to face what we have been avoiding. It essence it makes us comes to terms with our secrets, our inner fears and the lies we tell ourselves. IF we use that time to be honest about what these Tea Party haters are then perhaps, – perhaps – all of this pain will be worth it. However, even if we win we will lose – something.

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Is There An Astrology To The Government Shutdown?

***Download my new podcast Astrological Cooking http://webtalkradio.net/internet-talk-radio/astrological-cook/******* Is There An Astrology To The Government Shutdown? Probably not -I guess the beginnings start with the Tea Party. How can we tell when that started? I don’t know, was it the the Civil War or when a black man became President? I would rather not think about them any more than forced to, frankly. If you want to destroy your government, you are an anarchist. If you want your fellow Americans to go broke you are not a patriot. Keep in mind that we have until December 13 before Uranus comes out of retrograde and November 13 before Neptune gets its act together so we have a few more weeks, months of the energy of those big guys messing around. I put the astrological blame on the square retrograded Uranus makes to Pluto. Retrograded Uranus is quick, rebellious energy turned inward – with no real direction. It is in the sign of Aries, the sign of male energy and drive. Aries of course wears the shadow of the baby of the zodiac; do it my way or we will pout. DO it my way or I will throw the biggest temper tantrum ever. It is safe to say that that the Tea Party faction, who fancy themselves rebels are now exhibiting the worst of the Aries shadow and the Uranus retrograde. I want it now and I want it now and… You get my picture. Uranus being retrograded exacerbates the fact that they talk only to themselves in their Fox-bubble. They actually think they are winning the public relations battle.

Pluto, which has just come out of retrograde is in Capricorn, the sign of government. I have spoken often of the 2008 – 2027 reign of a Capricornian Pluto and the change it brings upon government and authority structures. That energy of that Uranus retrograde (which over Washington is in the 6th house, the house of day to day work) is just irritating slower Pluto – in the 3rd – the house of ideas and communication. Those “rebel” Tea Partiers are just enjoying the heck out of irritating the big lumbering government – with their wacky ideas and don’t care whose paycheck they effect by closing down the daily functioning of the government. I am relying on that direct Neptunian energy after November 13 to force a collective sign of “ENOUGH” from the public. Neptune in Pisces is a time of peace, brotherhood, and coming together. Hopefully that energy will be enough to keep the Uranus gang in the corner. Let’s hope.

You Knew It Was Coming — The Rush-ster

OK my progressive friends hold onto your hats. But this chart makes me sad. If I didn’t know this belonged to Rush Limbaugh, I would actually have some sympathy for the person who had to carry this chart around for a lifetime.

With his retrograded Mercury (in the 11th house – the house of group contacts) squaring a retrograded Saturn that is in the 8th house, the house of personal power,it is clear that all of his bluster and bravado is covering up some deep seeded power and education issues. Mercury retrogrades often produce people with learning disabilities, problems expressing their true thoughts and in general being heard and understood. His Mercury is also next to the sign of the sacred wound, Chiron. We know Rush wasn’t a stellar student.

I can see a little Rush, overweight, not very smart, not popular – not being in his power and having big problems with authority figures (all that retrograded Saturn.). Brings a tear to your eye doesn’t it?

The fact that he was able to parlay his Venus on the ascendant ( a sign of creativity and appeal) into quite a career is actually a testament to the old boy. Even if he does spread lies and hatred – hey we can’t be perfect. That Venus is in Aquarius the sign of the rebel and his rising sign is Aquarius so there is a big call to be different and shocking.

Venus in Aquarius also indicates the ability to have an unusual romantic life. I will say no more!

Oh Newty – Newty

A few blog entries ago I said that there was going to be a big shift in Washington right after the New Year. While my peaceful Aquarius friend said it could bring in a peaceful time in Washington, I felt my snarky Scorpio interpretation would be more on target. That is, it would be a time when one side would go too far to real blow things out of the water. I do hate to say I told ya so but along came the reborn again – and again – and again – Newt Gingrich and his hate wagon appealing to the worst in all of us- also known as the Tea Party and kaboom!

Of course, I had to look up the Newtsters chart – there had to be some big fixed signs in there I thought. Low and behold fixed it is – a stellium of Leo planets and asteroids that straddle the 6th and 7th houses. Leo, the king of jungle – the Lord who demands that things be done his way.

Ironically, his North Node where he should be going toward is in Leo – however, I feel he is deeply ensconced in his Leo Chironic wound issue – the need to stand out – to be powerful to be heard and to be obeyed because secretly he feels inadequate in all of those areas. Chiron is trumping the North Node.  With his past life indicator, Aquarius South Node in the 12th, I can see him as part of  a wandering boys club – I could even see him as a warring crusader –  a part of an independent band of men who convinced themselves they were doing good by “killing for God” – hence he satisfied the Aquarius need to do good…  Very anti woman ( negative aspects to the “girl asteroids”– very much all about personal freedom and vanquishing the opponent.

Oh and if you are wondering why he has foot in mouth disease and is such a loose cannon, look at the ruler of his South Node, Uranus, sitting right next to Mercury, the communicator. Uranus is the quirky planet, and when it comes up next to Mercury the person will say whatever without much regard for consequences.

So there he is in a nutshell ensconced in his past warrior mode, suffering the slings an d arrows of a Chironic wound that he doesn’t seem to want to heal and saying whatever he feels his loyal bands of haters will want to hear so that he can stay in power. As an astrologer it makes me sad, but as a Progressive I say – have it Newt keep talking!

The Progressed Chart of the United States – What in the World is Going On With Us?

My wonderful acupuncturist, Kate, asked me a question that I frankly wish I had thought of. “What is going on with the progressed chart of the United States?” Eek – after I thought for a second, I replied, “I don’t know but I think I am afraid to look.”

Well, life is all about conquering of fears so I finally looked. What I did was a triwheel – with the birth chart of the United States (the moment the Declaration of Independence was signed) in the middle, the progressed chart of the U.S.next and a current transit chart on the outside. A progressed chart shows the movement of the planets from the time of the birth chart to now. The final transit chart is just showing where the stars and planets are now.

There is so much here that I think it is going to be two blog entries – if not, you may all start snoring. The first thing that grabs me is that progressed South Node is conjunct progressed Pluto in the 9th in the cusp of the 10th house. The 9th house is the house indicates where we go out into the world and search for our larger truths, the 10th house is career and social status – and the house of government.

Any individual who has this combination – progressed South Node and Pluto in conjunction – will be facing a time where past karma must be addressed – and where they must change because of it. Is there much of a stretch to think of past karma coming up with us now? Race relations, hideous debts built by people who now must get our “budget in order” — these are a few issues coming to a head now. We didn’t have to get our budget in order when the GOP destroyed the economy – now it is high priority for them! I think it is hysterical that this conjunction is happening in the house of higher truth. I have a feeling the truth will come out during this whole mess and that is the truth that some people will do anything even destroy the country to make sure a black man won’t win re-election. Sad but true, no?

To make this more interesting, this combination is over the natal Neptune of the U.S. Our natal Neptune is in Virgo in the 9th. Neptune is where we can rise to spiritual awareness and brilliance – but it is also where, when we are in shadow, is where illusion takes over. Happily America is known to come to people’s aid -with food and care (very Virgo) when countries are in trouble. However, we are also in illusion about our place in the world and have a hard time reconciling some of the negative things we have done with our foreign policy.  So we swerve from savior to illusionary super power because of our Neptune 9.

Our standing in the world will be effected by this Pluto/South Node – karma issue. This goes beyond the economic catastrophe that will be loosed on the world if we default – it is a matter of how much of a banana republic we appear if we allow a handful of ideologues to NOT face their past accurately and live in Neptunian illusion.

Pluto demands change – if you don’t head Pluto’s call you are headed to a big downfall.

More later……

Happy Birthday Michelle!!

I can’t let this auspicious occasion pass without a few words. It is Michelle Bachmann’s birthday! What do you get the queen of the Tea Party? First thing I can think of is a good American History book since she seems to screw that up repeatedly. In lieu of that how about a chart? I am sure she would LOVE nothing more than an astrological chart. 

Alas and alack we don’t know the time of her birth but we can cast a chart for April 6, 1956 in Waterloo, Iowa.  (Is she really younger than me? Really?)  The Moon was in Aquarius. Let’s see what comes to mind when I think Moon in Aquarius? How about erratic, disruptive, fickle, stubborn and a little peculiar? Yup, that fits.

However, it is her North Node in Sagittarius in the 5th that is more interesting to me.
A North Node in Sagittarius in the house of creativity certainly gives her the drama gene. This is someone seeking the creative arena to speak her truth and with a North Node in Sagittarius it is very easy to assume even demand that your truth be the truth for all.

Sitting right next to her North Node is Saturn, the epitome of authority. Someone born with Saturn conjunct the North Node is seeking to join with traditional authority groups. She is seeking paternal, authoritarian approval. Of  course, with Saturn retrograde it is hard for her to do this to her satisfaction so she has to out tradition the traditionalists. “See, I can be like you. I can be the most traditional, flag waver on the block.”

Conversely, Venus, the feminine symbol of love and creativity, is conjuct her South Node in Gemini- where she is coming from karmicly. She has used her femininity to get her voice heard before.  So this lifetime she is using her “good girl” feminine energy to get the approval of very traditional masculine authority groups.

Fueled by the eccentricity of Aquarius it isn’t hard to see how she can take on this persona of Mom, Apple Pie and oh yeah everyone who isn’t exactly what the traditional, white, straight, paternal power structure decrees valuable should be marginalized.

So I guess I shouldn’t mock dear Michelle, she is in a way a victim of her Nodes.  And anyone who believes that should check my chart.

Jupiter and Uranus conjunct in Pisces? How cool is that?

Yes kids, Jupiter and Uranus are now spinning around the universe in 29 and 28 degrees of Pisces respectively – hugging quite close to one another. What does it mean to have the broad, expansive seeker of truth (Jupiter) conjunct with Uranus, the quick change artist, in that nebulous sign of Pisces? Keep in mind – and this is something people often forget — you will only feel the effects of transits if they trigger something in your birth chart. For instance, if you were born with Mars in Pisces, when it comes around to Pisces again you are going to feel it. Someone born with Mars in Aries isn’t going to feel a Mars in Pisces transit. Uranus and Jupiter don’t come back around to the signs in which we were born in our lifetimes (unless we live well into our 90s) so you will feel the impact of these two if they are in aspect to your Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury or Venus (the personal planets.)

For the most part, two outer planets making a strong conjunction throw more of an influence over society as a whole than to individuals.

Ok that over with; let’s see what is cooking with Jupiter and Uranus. Jupiter in Pisces is a time when mystical tendencies and religious fervor are at a peak. Uranus in Pisces heightens intuition and heightens spiritual awareness. Hmmm….none of that going on in the world right now!

Ok you want another twist? Of course you do. Both planets are in retrograde right now. That means they look as though they are going in reverse in the sky. Astrologically it indicates a time when those energies of that planet have to find a new way of expressing themselves. It is as though the normal channel is clogged and the energy has to make a new pathway.

I can’t help but feel that the current Tea Party craziness and Fox media stars attempting to portray themselves as preachers bringing religion to American government are all a part of this sideways Jupiter/Uranus energy. Yeah I know I thought the religious right was gone for good too.

Threats of Koran burning, lies about “Ground Zero Mosques” – these are all expressions of this heightened energy too

Jupiter and Uranus will stay in this conjunction until late April 2011 so hang on kids. Let’s just hope cooler heads can keep them hosed down before they do any real damage

The Day After the Primaries

I love watching election results. One reason is that I am a political junkie but the other is because I love watching the main stream media try to spin a disaster to the Democrats even when they have won their 7th straight special House election since President Obama was inaugurated. The story is not that the GOP is fractured in half, it is that unpopular Arlen Specter loses and that is somehow Obama’s fault! No wonder fewer and fewer people are watching television news!

However, with all the hot air that the so called pundits produce they continue to miss the point that I have been driving home for over a year now. Pluto is in Capricorn! Say it over and over. Capricorn rules government and societal structures. Pluto is the harbinger of change. Put them together and we have structures of government undergoing great change. Well, what are American political parties if not cornerstones of American politics? The Tea Party on the right and left wing blogs who are changing the face of politics and undermining the parties are the illustrations of this happening.

So the so called smart people babble on while ignoring the cosmic reasons for this change. How amusing.

What is it with April?

The “shot heard around the world” which started the Revolutionary War was fired on April 19, 1775. The shots at Fort Sumter which started the Civil War were fired on April 12, 1861. Does April 19 ring another bell to you? Well, that was the day of the final attack at the Branch Davidian Ranch in Waco in 1993 and it was also the day of the Columbine High School massacre in 1999. The Falkland’s War started in April. Abraham Lincoln was shot in April. Heck, Adolph Hitler was born – and died – in April. For a month of new life and new beginnings it can be a bit on the violent side. Why? Blame in on Mars, the ancient god of war.

Mars is the ruler of Aries, the constellation in which the Sun enters at the Vernal Equinox, March 20th. So April is the time when the Mars archetype of male, aggressive warrior energy is at its peak. This year, I am particularly concerned with the march on the D.C. area by the radical right wing. These people are announcing that they are coming with their “guns loaded but they won’t shoot first.” Gee thanks. With the increase of right wing violence and the threat of more, what we do not need is a gun march anywhere!

Here is a biwheel – the chart of the United States combined with the transiting planets over Washington, DC on April 19 – at high noon. I figured that would be a good time. At the time of the its’ birth, America’s Mars was in Gemini in the 7th house – no wonder we can’t help getting involved in other people’s business – 7th house is the house of partnerships. At the time of the March – the Moon will be opposite Pluto – a time when hidden emotions will come to the surface. These two planets are making a square to the US’s Neptune – so reality won’t be the order of the day. Neptune is all about illusion and confusion.

So this will be a highly charged – electric day but what about Mars? Mars will be in Leo in the 8th house – the Sign of Fire and “me first” in the house of power. More importantly, this year Mars is moving VERY SLOWLY – and is in retrograde. (A planet is retrograde when it appears to be going backwards in the sky.) A retrograde slow Mars in Leo – a fire sign…..Can you see the scenario? Rising emotions, illusion, confusion -and Mars surrounding by fiery power . It could get tense.

Fortunately, there is little to intersect with the major planets in the chart of the U.S. so it doesn’t appear to be destined to be a memorable date in history – any more than it already is.

Just everyone please remember, we don’t need any fuel added to any fires in April – Mars is taking care of that himself quite well.

More to come on the outlook for the rest of the year for the US and President Obama,