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Venus Opposes Saturn: Time to Play?

Venus is in Gemini right now and making an opposition to retrograded Saturn. All this happens when Mercury goes retrograde. Venus with Saturn often gets a bad reputation because of the restrictive aspects of Saturn. The standard interpretation is one of restriction in the areas of love, sex and money. However, it is better to look at this as a time of re-assessment. Venus is in the sign of Mercury and Mercury, like Saturn, is in retrograde. This is definitely a time to evaluate your communication skills and perhaps have the “difficult conversation” with loved ones about finances and romance.
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Vesta Enters Virgo Today

Virgo is Vesta’s happy place. Most modern astrologers give rulership of Virgo to the asteroid Vesta. This transit is all about devotion to duty. Vesta’s domain was hearth and home, similar to the Greek Hestia. She kept the fires of the temple burning and was dutiful, almost narrow minded in her task.  ” Virgo and Vesta have general domain over the body – how we feed, care and work the body – our health and our work habits. Even if you do not have much Virgo influence in your chart, this would be a good time to run a “check-up”
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Can We Talk? Venus in Gemini

Venus moved into Gemini on July 4 and will remain there for the rest of the month. This is a great time for intellectual conversation and stimulation.  Gemini loves the exchange or flow of information and hates to be bogged down or bored. It is the sign that lives to find the “meeting of the mind” with others. During these warm summer months, he encourages us to linger by the picnic table enjoying the interchange with others – swapping and even debating ideas Venus, the goddess of love, when transiting Gemini brings out that desire to seek partners who share
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