The Mars/Venus Dance on the Solstice

This was written by my friend and mentor Adam Gainsburg of Soulsign Astrology ( It is such a beautiful description of the Mars/Venus dance this June solstice that I am copying in total.




Mars and Venus will be very close to an exact opposition on Summer/Winter Solstice in June (for northern and southern hemisphere people respectively) while also on the nodes of the Moon. They will also be close to their maximum brightness in our skies. Mars will rise while the Sun is setting and thus be MidnightStar, visible and brightest for the entire night. Venus will be at the end of her Remembering & Embodiment Phase, heading toward her Wholeness Phase — her brightest as an EveningStar. They’ll not be in the same part of our skies together, but for an hour or two, we will be blessed with bright, red Mars in the East rising, while bright, glowing Venus in the West will be slowly setting. This is a clear symbol of the Masculine and Feminine inside each of us at their most demonstrative – brightest and highest and longest in our skies – wanting what they each want. This can create quite a pull in opposite directions inside us. Generally, the one we are more comfortable with will win our attention to be acted upon. However, this is a fantastic opportunity to try on the ‘less familiar’ version of yourself, which may not be comfortable at first. Which do you default to when you don’t know how to proceed, your inner Masculine or Feminine?

A suggestion is to select the less familiar for you, while not excluding the other. See how you might make room for both in this new or different relationship to each other (by starting from the less familiar polarity). Is it meditating? running? are you alone or with another or lots of others? Remember, ‘making room for’ does not mean prescribing what will happen. It’s clearing out space to be spontaneous and freed up.

This summer’s alignments are invaluable opportunities to own, really own, as many of your facets, qualities and gifts as you’re safe to. You may just discover yourself as the Whole Living Sky itself that the planets are traversing through!!


Venus Opposes Saturn: Time to Play?

Venus is in Gemini right now and making an opposition to retrograded Saturn. All this happens when Mercury goes retrograde. Venus with Saturn often gets a bad reputation because of the restrictive aspects of Saturn. The standard interpretation is one of restriction in the areas of love, sex and money. However, it is better to look at this as a time of re-assessment. Venus is in the sign of Mercury and Mercury, like Saturn, is in retrograde. This is definitely a time to evaluate your communication skills and perhaps have the “difficult conversation” with loved ones about finances and romance. You can also go through financial contracts and discern which need renegotiation.

You can also look at the Saturn restrictiveness, see where you might be working too hard, and not allow time for the recreational aspects of Venus. Are you in an “all work no play” mode? Is there a flower that you have not stopped to smell in the past thousand months? Where do you need more Venus and less Saturn?


Retrogrades call us to go inside and see what isn’t working. Don’t miss this opportunity.

Jupiter Turns Direct On June 9 When the Moon is “Full” in Sagitarrius

For those of you who love retrogrades – and you know who you are – you have just a few more days of Jupiter in this position. Seriously, retrogrades are great times to work on the energy not only of the planet but of the constellation it is stutter-stepping in during the retrograde.



Jupiter turned retrograde back in February in Libra, ruled by Venus, the sign of relationships both romantic and financial. Of course, Jupiter is our largest planet and urges to explore the world, indeed, the universe.  The last thing Jupiter wants is restriction and confinement. This retrograde period is perfect to explore where you feel boxed in by relationships or, equally importantly, where you are boxing yourself in with negative thought. Jupiter is our jovial planet – so thoughts like, “No one will ever like me” or ” I can never get my money under control” do not sit well with her.

Get to the root cause of these blockages and other relationship concerns. Then be reading to burst forth with a new plan of action when Jupiter goes direct and the Moon is “full” in the constellation ruled by Jupiter, Sagittarius.

No more excuses – Jupiter was growth and Libra seeks balance. Use these last few days of retrograde to see how you can be ready for all of that positive energy and rebuild or rework your relationships.

Summer Party!


VenusWith a Venus, Mercury and Jupiter conjunction in the eleventh house, that of social and group activities, it is time to have a summer party! Venus can bring you love and adventure, Mercury the gift of gab and Jupiter – endless potential. Things won’t get too out of hand, however, because they are all in the rather sedate sign of Virgo.

Use the Earthly energy of Virgo to host a garden or harvest party? Print out a few pictures of Virgo holding her sheaves of wheat to get people into the mood.

Just be sure this doesn’t become an all-work party. You know how Virgo loves to be fulfilling some duty! Let Jupiter allow you kick back and have some real fun.

This Weekend Venus Enters Aries

We have been hearing so much about “cardinal” signs in April I thought I would just pass along another cardinal happening. Cardinal signs are the signs of action and they initiate activity. On May 2, Venus, the planet that best exudes the energy of the feminine dharma moves into the mother (or father) of all cardinal signs, Aries.
Aries, of course, is primal male energy and ruled by Mars, so when we have Venus meeting Mars – look out! From May 2- May 28 Venus will be in Aries so if you need to put that spark back into your romance there is no better time.
Don’t neglect the creative energy of Venus or the moneymaking aspects of Venus – remember women rule the purse! If you have stagnant creative juices this is the time to restart them. It is spring – it is May, what does that old song say, “The lusty month of May.” Be lusty, be creative, be invigorating, – be cardinal!!

“The Heart of Mars” With Adam Gainsburg –

What is your masculine dharma? This has nothing to do with sex or your sexuality. All of us have a feminine and masculine dharma to explore and live. Listen to my interview with Adam Gainsburg founder of Soulsign Astrology as he discusses the “Heart of Mars.”

“Light of Venus” – Interview with Adam Gainsburg

Speaking of Venus – Please during this time of Venus moving inward – check out of interview with Adam Gainsburg as he speaks about his revolutionary way of view this planet – not by sign and house but phase from the Sun. You will think of Astrology in a completely new way!

It could be a Griswald Christmas

I will keep this brief because no one has excess minutes this time of year  – which is so odd because this is the time of year when we should be nesting and go within. When it is darker and colder we are programmed to be inward and more reflective. Oh well, another way we are out of sync with nature!

Venus went into retrograde on the Solstice – bringing her creative and loving energies inward. At the same time, Mars moved into the cardinal (action) sign of Libra. With Venus being less than forceful and Mars in full tilt – let’s just say keep crabby Uncle Sam away from the rest of the family. There is too much energy out there that is unbridled and angry.

I hope the world keeps a lid on the anger through the new year.

Happy Holidays all!

NO – Mercury Is Not in Retrograde But……………..

it might feel like it. I have gotten several calls from people complaining about blown circuits and miscommunications and computers getting Biblical on them. The repeated refrain is, “Is Mercury in retrograde again?” Nope. Actually the answer is just the reverse, we have too much Gemini energy roaming around and it is overloading the circuits.

Right now we have Mercury in it’s natural ruler of Gemini as well as Lilith, Jupiter, Venus and, of course, the Sun. That is a lot of quick, verbal energy flying through the air in very close in, personal planets. If ever the adage, “Think before you speak” is beneficial it is now. Slow down, calm down and remember Mercury is fast and will be moving out of most of these signs by the end of June.

What’s going on with Giza and the planets tomorrow?

Earthly Color - Arlene Weinstock
courtesy of

The past few years we have had some interesting planetary shifts – Neptune into Pisces, Pluto into Capricorn, etc. Tomorrow night is another unique planetary alignment – one that allegedly happens only once every 2700 years. On the evening of December 3  – tomorrow night – local time, over the pyramids of Giza, Venus, Saturn and Mars will align directly over each pyramid of Giza. 

Frankly, I have a hard time believing like some folks that the pyramids were built just for this once every two thousand year occurrence. I have no doubt these ancient structures like many in other parts of the world were built to track the planets but I don’t place any special emphasis on this. 
It is interesting however to know that this is happening. Closer to home, however, These three planets are all in Scorpio and on the East Coast are in the 5th and 6th houses – the houses of creativity and health. This would be a perfect time to use the expressiveness of Mercury, the artistic talent of Venus and the tenacity of Saturn to go inwards (a Scorpio thing) and find how you can work on these areas. I mean pyramids are cool but I like working on things I can relate to a bit more!