Will Liberals Actually have to Thank Donald Trump?

Yes, we might! Donald Trump just might be our gift from Pluto.

Pluto is making a slow walk through the constellation of Capricorn (2008- 2023.)

Pluto insists that our dirty little secrets reveal themselves. That which hides has no defense against Pluto’s icy probe.  Pluto is all about revelation and then change.  Capricorn is the sign of structure and authority. When the two meet, exposure of corporate and government skeletons is a given.

First, we had the banking crises of 2008 when the nation learned of the tricks of the mortgage trade. Other scandals involving authority figures included the Penn State sex scandal and that of abuse in the Catholic Church.

Now we sit somewhat shell shocked as we watch Donald Trump proudly pontificate all of the Republican talking points they normally old whisper in code words to their base. Either he is trying to lose or he is arrogant enough to think that if he says this nonsense the other 70 percent of the country will fall into line.

As the Republican leaders cringe and dance, Trump speaks publicly all of the racist, misogynistic drivel they have been using to in secret. If he fails colossally in November, as is predicted, he might usher in the fall and rebirth of the Republican Party with more moderates in control. You can’t get more Plutonian than that!