“Enemies” A History of the FBI” by Tim Weiner

I did not want to read this book.  What kind of summer reading is a 470 page history of the FBI? However, since it was a selection of my book club, one that we picked especially because it is so long making it a good August book. We don’t meet in August so it would give us the necessary time to plow through it. To my delight, the book is so well written that reading was a pleasure!


What really struck me most about the book was just how much work Pluto has to dig out the secrets and detritus of our history. Remember, Pluto’s work is to bring secrets to the forefront so that the “sins’ can be aired and remedied. Pluto is now in Capricorn, bringing up the “junk” of large authoritarian operations.


Spying on citizens whose only “crime” was supporting a Communist leaning group or being linked to the civil rights movement with Communists and subversives were just some of the “sins” of the early FBI under J Edgar Hoover. Thousands of lives were damaged by his need to root out homosexuals and other “deviants” from the government. The Rule of Law was just a suggestion.


Times are bad now, no doubt. We have rarely had a President so willing to subvert American ideals. However, he is there for a reason, he is  here for Pluto to allow us to remember who we should be – who we were which wasn’t always the “good guys” and what we should be striving for in the future.


This book reminds us that this time is not the only time when we lost our way and we should work to make our “sins” of the past unrepeatable. Or we are doomed to succumb to them.

More on Pluto – in Your Chart and as a Generational Planet

I was again honored to do a class for EA Zoom – on the effects of Pluto both in your chart and on entire generations –  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=URUOAieyWmM

Pluto is tough one – he demands change and doesn’t care how far you have to dig to get rid of unwanted habits. However, there is no greater growth agent in the Universe.

I hope you will tune in!


No better time to tackle your 2018 resolutions.

If you are one who makes New Year’s resolutions now is a time to kick them into high gear.

We have a stellium (a large number of planets all in one sign) in Capricorn, the task master. Saturn recently entered Capricorn (as I mentioned in a previous blog), Pluto has been there since 2008, the Sun is in Capricorn until January 21 and for a few days Mercury will be joining them there.

This is a good time to make a plan on how you want to face the rest of the year (the Sun.) Make a plan, catch up on some phone calls, letters, and emails – (Mercury.) This is just a good time to organize, plan, clean and prioritize.

Conversely, if you are someone who is too rigid this is a good time to loosen Saturn’s more odious elements from your life. Has Capricorn forbidden you from having any fun? Make a plan to escape those rings!
The Black Moon Lilith, that epitome of rebellious women, is also in Capricorn. This presents and interesting dichotomy. We have the classic pussy hat wearing woman, encased in the sign of the authoritarian male. She is not happy there and will not leave without kicking up some dust.  We saw that manifest in the Golden Globes last night with all of the women wearing black in solidarity and Oprah’s speech.)


What payment will Pluto Demand of the US

I have written extensively on the transit of Pluto through America’s second house – that of our values and fiscal priorities – and the coming Pluto return. Pluto will “return” to where it was when we were created in 1776.  In the process he brings up hidden secrets and the dirty little lies we tell our selves. As a point of illustration, I tell my clients that if someone has Pluto going through his sixth house, that of health, and has been sitting on the coach for years eating pork rinds and soda then he can expect that heart attack the doctor has threatened for years. If he has been taking care of himself then Pluto rewards him by having his good habits kicked into high gear.  In other words, if you haven’t been doing the work, Pluto will force you to face the consequences and exact some sort of payment.

What is the payment for America pushing our racism, financial inequities and class warfare under the covers for years? Some say it is Trump. He, however, is a tool of Pluto – to force those issues to the forefront. How will it all end? Some say that faced with Mueller’s facts, he will just resign. That does not jive with this Leo rising and Mars in the first house chart, however. Will it be war with North Korea, or in the Middle East or a Constitutional crisis that will shake us to our core? Whatever it is, Pluto will demand some sort of payment for our neglect. He just always does.


Somewhere Pluto is Smiling

I sent that text to some close friends last Wednesday, the day after the elections here in Virginia. Why is Pluto feeling so good? The answer is simple. We are finally doing what he wants.

I have written at length (https://joanporte.com/tag/pluto-in-capricorn/) about the effects of Pluto, the change planet in the constellation of Capricorn, which controls government and authority structures.  To make matters more interesting, America is coming into our Pluto return. Pluto is coming back or returning to where it was in 1776, at our birth. Pluto is in our second house of values. The question couldn’t be clearer – what do we want our values to be?

Pluto just doesn’t want change, he demands that we look deep inside of ourselves and ask, who we are and what we need to throw off so our better selves come through. If we fail to heed the demands of Pluto, he forces us to hold a mirror in front of our faces.  He makes us face our worse selves.

Donald Trump is Pluto asking us to look inside ourselves and ask what kind of country we want. He has made his goals very clear to us. Last week, voters in Virginia, New Jersey, New York, Maine and Washington State responded with what they want.  Virginia now has a transgender delegate along with two Latinas and one person of Vietnamese heritage. That is quite a change from the old white men they replaced! Hoboken, NJ elected a Sikh major and Maine voted to extend Medicare.

If we continue this “voter revolt,” stay engaged and remember who we are as decent people we will have answered Pluto’s call. Pluto isn’t an easy task master. There are detriments to his lessons but we can come out better people.  Will we stay the leaders of the free world? I am not sure. Will we have values for which we can be proud? I hope so.

America’s April Fools Chart

For some reason this year I have a strong desire to study the chart of the United States on April fool’s Day and believe I do not do it with any glee. I have written extensively about this countries Pluto return – which demands that we reevaluate the negative aspects of our relationships to money and values. Now Juno is joining the “party.”

Juno is the mythological royal consort whose domain was hearth, home and marriage. Known to the Greeks as Hera, she rules the area of one on one relationships, rituals, women’s rights and empowering the downtrodden.

She is now in a five degree conjunction with Pluto and when these two get together the energy is of deep personal and social transformation. This transformation takes place in partnership. Even if one person undergoes a change, it is change that another instigates.

April Fools US

This can be a time revealing dictatorial, power-hungry, or destructive forces. Combined with the coming retrograde of Saturn and Mercury we can be in for a year of startling even cataclysmic revelations. However, if Pluto is to do his work of ferreting out secrets and muck we need this type of catharsis.

That is no joke.

The “March” of Uranus and Jupiter

A few months ago I did an early 2017 outlook report for my clients and saw a good deal of unrest. I was hoping against hope that my instincts were wrong – that we would never elect a fool like Trump – and that Hillary would somehow prevail but that her election would spark great unrest on the right. I saw the signs but was too horrified to think of him winning.

Now that the nightmare has become reality, it is clear to see that one of the manifestations of troubling planetary placements is the Women’s March on Washington. Uranus, the revolutionary, remains in the masculine, aggressive fire sign of Mars while another titan, Jupiter, is in Venus-ruled, feminine Libra. Both are now facing off, opposed to each other in the sky. An opposition causes friction, a disturbance in the force field, if you will. This is an archetypical clash of male vs. female – Venus vs. Mars. Jupiter encourages growth, expansion and hates boundaries while Uranus just likes to cause disruption and fast change.

Jupiter is the Women’s March on Washington, the large and inclusive force of female energy – facing down the angry white man – the aggressive Mars energy. Oppositions are always difficult but like the process of making a pearl, nothing happens unless the sand irritates the oyster. Beauty can come of opposition if we face them head on.


March transits

What is in the middle of the duel? It is Pluto, the instigator of this world upheaval. If you have been following my blog you will see many installments discussing this planet that forces secrets to the surface now in the sign that rules authority. Pluto brings the gunk to the surface – and demands that we clear it lest it destroys us. Trump has brought our racism, homophobia and religious fundamentalism to the surface – and now we must respond or die.

Who will win this battle – Jupiter or Uranus? I don’t know – it all depends on the side we embrace. If you think January is disturbing, however, wait until February, as these placements only tightening and become further influenced by Mars.

Will Liberals Actually have to Thank Donald Trump?

Yes, we might! Donald Trump just might be our gift from Pluto.

Pluto is making a slow walk through the constellation of Capricorn (2008- 2023.)

Pluto insists that our dirty little secrets reveal themselves. That which hides has no defense against Pluto’s icy probe.  Pluto is all about revelation and then change.  Capricorn is the sign of structure and authority. When the two meet, exposure of corporate and government skeletons is a given.

First, we had the banking crises of 2008 when the nation learned of the tricks of the mortgage trade. Other scandals involving authority figures included the Penn State sex scandal and that of abuse in the Catholic Church.

Now we sit somewhat shell shocked as we watch Donald Trump proudly pontificate all of the Republican talking points they normally old whisper in code words to their base. Either he is trying to lose or he is arrogant enough to think that if he says this nonsense the other 70 percent of the country will fall into line.

As the Republican leaders cringe and dance, Trump speaks publicly all of the racist, misogynistic drivel they have been using to in secret. If he fails colossally in November, as is predicted, he might usher in the fall and rebirth of the Republican Party with more moderates in control. You can’t get more Plutonian than that!

Uranus Square Pluto Until 2015 – How Can We Forget?

A client recently sent me an email in which she bemoaned the rise of ISIS and the general nonsense in the world. She reminded me of a blog entry I made in April during the dreaded “grand cross” when I said we don’t know what evil is being brewed up now that will come to light in the near future. She asked me could this be ISIS. Yes, of course, it could. However, I don’t want to lose sight of the bigger issue here and that is the blasted Uranus-Pluto square that has been going on since 2012 and will continue until well into 2015.

Uranus is quick electric change – the desire to leap ahead and progress at all costs and Pluto is slow, grinding meticulous change. To say it another way it is radical vs. conservative, slow against fast. No matter how you put it there are two forces that don’t agree clashing up against one another. The last Uranus Pluto Square was in 1933 – 1934. Does anyone remember someone named Hitler – who rose from the German ashes of WW I and promised fast change and a new way? Yeah, it isn’t a pretty time. 

With Pluto now in Capricorn, the sign of government and authority, we are seeing the clashes. The clashes are in the middle East,  in the Ukraine and yes, in Missouri, where people are tired of the old way, tired of feeling marginalized and may jump at any chance to follow any movement, any person who promises a new way – now.

I refuse to predict the gloom and doom repeat of 1933. I hate astrologers who say everything must happen the same way again and again. That is absurd. We are seeing positive government changes here with the rise of the acceptance of LGBT marriages and hopefully the empowering via the voting booth of minorities and women to finally put an end to “fuddy-duddy” politicians. Perhaps out of the anger over more shootings of African American men we can see more people expressing their anger at the voting booth!
The US is in it’s Pluto return – meaning Pluto is back where it was in 1776 when we broke away from England. That is something that always brings great change – we are transforming as a nation – and no matter what people want – we will never go back. By 2040 we will not be a white majority nation no matter what the Tea Party wants. This is adding to the tinderbox. 

The Middle East, the Ukraine? We are talking about centuries of tribal warfare. Will Iraq fall apart? Will ISIS take more control of areas? Will Afghanistan come under the rule of Taliban 2? Well those of us who predicted disastrous outcomes to our intervention in the Iraq kind of always knew falling apart would be a distinct possibility.

The key to remember is to keep your head together during this time and keep YOUR eye on the positive change you want to be and see. The more of us who are aware and remain centered the better we all have to get through this for the most part with positive, albeit painful, change at the end of the square.

Remember Pluto is Still in Capricorn

I was having breakfast with friends a few months ago when I said, “I don’t think the 2014 senatorial elections will be as dreadful to the Democrats as they are all predicting.” The collective response was one of “your lips to God’s ears.”  I do not pretend to be a psychic nor do I believe it is going to be a necessarily pretty election cycle for liberals. However, with Pluto in Capricorn – you just never know and I believe 2014 will bring changes no one expected.

Pluto is the (dwarf) planet of change and transformation. Pluto makes us the “offer we can’t refuse.” She says, “Change or I will bring change about for you.” That little icy comet/planet packs the proverbial astrological punch.
Capricorn is the sign of government, authority figures – those structures that keep the glue of society together. When you put the two together, we get big time changes in that arena.

Of course, when the planet hit Capricorn in 2008, it did what we expected – it caused big change in the structure of society like the banking system, which almost came apart. In addition, secrets of the rich and powerful were uncovered (i.e. Penn State, Catholic Church, and WikiLeaks.) It also caused some other troubling changes such as the corporate personhood.  

Pluto Capricorn also introduced his to the first African American President of the United States.  In fact, on election night 2008 also saw Saturn standing directly opposite Uranus. Uranus is new change, Saturn is tradition all the way… we had the battle of the older white male and younger black male and, thankfully, Uranus won. Unfortunately, this ushered in the wave of the 2010 election: the revenge of the old white voter.

Planets sort of kick up their heels and make an impact three times during their transits, first, when they enter a sign, the second time half way through the sign and then just as they are leaving. Pluto entered in 2008 and will leave in 2023 so we are entering the midway point of this transition through Capricorn. So when Eric Cantor was defeated in a primary I said there we go – Pluto is acting up. Therefore, while I won’t pretend to know what will happen exactly, I know the 2014 – 2016 election cycle will not be what the “talking heads” foresee.
P.S. Oh and did I say Elizabeth Warren was born with Pluto in the 10th house, the house that vibrates to the energy of Capricorn?