Get Used to Hearing about Pluto and Uranus in 2014
And Keep a Positive Outlook!
The Astrological world is all-abuzz about the big goings on in the sky this year.  Uranus in the cardinal sign of Aries is squaring or in disharmony to Pluto in the cardinal sign of Capricorn. Think of them as two powerful wrestlers in a massive tug-of-war. One is demanding things done his way and quickly (Uranus) and the other saying no my slow way is better (Pluto). Neither will give in. Then a little quick instigator, Mars in another cardinal sign, Libra, zig zags across their path several times during this battle – throwing little jabs, igniting firecrackers just to make things lively. Mars will make this dance from late December to mid-May 2014, including a retrograded period from March – May.
The last time we had such a battle of the big planets was 1932- 1934 and we all know what lovely things occurred like the rise of Hitler. However, I am so not a fan of those who say oh that happened then so horrible things will happen now. Yes, mid-April is going to be a rough time – April (the time when the Sun is in Mars – the warrior) is always opportune for violence (Columbine, the start of the Civil War, the birth of Hitler, to name a few “fun” events.) However, I really do not think this is going to bring in the beginning of the end of the country and economic system. There are predications for nuclear war, another Fukishima, another tsunami – general whoa and horribleness.

Why can’t we use this dynamic energy to bring POSITIVE changes in our lives? Perhaps if we all think about the benefits this can bring to all of us we will negate the naysayers. I mean if we sit around and wait for something awful to happen – we often aren’t surprised!