Akin and Armstron- More Victims of Pluto in Capricorn?

I have written before about Pluto and how it causes change and transforming by bringing out what is hidden into the light. As Pluto grinds slowly through the Zodiac moving from sign to sign it effects change on society in the areas dominated by that sign.  In 2008, when Pluto moved into Capricorn, the sign associated with authoritarian structures of society, we saw the positive and shadow effects of this change. The banking system collapsed but we also elected our first African American president.  Recently we have seen the secrets of the Penn State sports authorities whose horrible secrets finally came to light. The Wikileaks scandal is another example of Pluto and Capricorn in action.

This week when his ludicrous statements about rape went viral, I thought again about Pluto. Congressman Todd Atkins’ comments were not accidental slips of the tongue; he was honestly voicing the beliefs held by the far right which now has the GOP in a death grip.  These concepts of “legitimate” or “forcible” rape have been kicking around the GOP for years. Indeed, the current GOP Vice Presidential nominee cosponsored a piece of legislation using the words “forcible rape.” Their secret anti-woman agenda was now out in the open and ripe for public scrutiny.

A few days later we learned that once beloved Lance Armstrong finally gave up his anti-doping crusade and was stripped of his titles. Another icon falls due to secrets now exposed.

Pluto is going to hang around in Capricorn until 2023 so there will be a lot more icons and pillars of society that will see their secrets come out. How far this will go is anyone’s guess. The last time Pluto hit this sign we saw the French and American revolutions. The uprisings in the Middle East are current signs of this societal angst against oppressive regimes.

Revolution will not ferment throughout every society but these secrets will keep coming out and toppling the once venerated who are rotting from within.