May Newsletter! Journaling, History and Mother’s Day


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If you are an admirer of Dolley Madison see why I call her a total Taurus.

Journaling Your Past Lives Awake

We made it through the Cardinal Grand Cross of April. I know it was a rough time for many – and while I never bought into the doom and gloom that some astrologers predicted for this time, we did see the most mysterious loss of an airplane. I also believe Russia or North Korea are simmering something they will reveal later. People who are negative energetic creatures react unfavorably to that kind of difficult cosmic energy and there was just enough to kick them into high gear.

On the positive side, many of my clients reported a feeling of being reborn. They used that vibrating energy to make massive changes in their lives and outlooks. I have the perfect way for you to continue your growth. As an evolutionary astrologer, I work as a cosmic GPS system reading where my clients’ souls are coming from karmically and what lessons are in store for them this time around. However, I recently learned how much more powerful this tool can be when coupled with journaling, especially when at the hands of the “master” Mari L. McCarthy.

Once you have digested the information from my evolutionary reading of your birth chart, take the opportunity to work with Mari, Examine the past life blockages that are still make your path rocky and learn how journaling can bring forth a better understanding of their roots and impact. Conversely, you will also be able to learn how to utilize the karmic benefits granted this time around.

It is May! The time of growth – take advantage of these journaling “seeds.”

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Order: “Signs of the Tines: The Ultimate Astrological Cookbook”

Just in time for Mother’s Day – my cookbook, “Signs of the Tines: The Ultimate Astrological Cookbook” is available for sale!

The 295-page book with more than 120 recipes is written to celebrate a unique pairing of food and astrology.

Discover why:
• Scorpios have a craving for pasta puttanesca
• Librans feel grounded when they dig into a chocolate mousse parfait
• Cancerians stand tall with their bowl of Brunswick stew
• Virgoans set aside their healthy-conscious habits when faced with chocolate raspberry ramekins
• Aquarians respond to the sustainable fish used in Pollock with berry prosecco sauce
• Pisceans beat a common ailment when feasting on quinoa with roasted root veggies.
“These recipes are taken from a number of sources; some are family gems, others I’ve concocted and tweaked over the years,” says author Joan Porte.
The home cook will discover how astrology as a source for new food ideas and new ways to entertain friends. And the astrology enthusiast will discover how cooking can be a new use for astrology as a way to add more meaning to the daily ritual of eating we perform to survive and thrive.

Do You Feel It? Axial Procession and Aquarius

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It is kind of a funny shift – suddenly right wing wedge issues – like gay marriage and immigration are not wedge issues any longer. In 2004, the GOP put gay marriage on ballots to help defeat John Kerry because they knew the outcry against it would be great. Now, the President can openly talk about it and receive popular support. Yes, it is almost a decade later but tolerance among the general population for marijuana legislation, gay marriage and better gun control is rapidly increasing.  Could it be we are actually, finally at the dawning of the Age of Aquarius?
We have heard a lot about the shift – the end of the times – the new way – the Mayan calendar but what really is going on?  Hang on this gets “mathy.”  Each of the twelve signs designated by the ancients to have the archetypal energy that emits from the Zodiac has an age associated with it. This corresponds with Astronomy’s axial precession. Due to gravity, there is a continuous change in the orientation of Earth‘s axis of rotation as it goes around the Sun on the ecliptic so that the equinox times vary slightly each year.  When I mean slightly I mean slightly – this change occurs at a rate of 50.27 seconds of arc a year. Basically the equinoxes shift in time and location on a westward movement until it all comes back to the original spot. It takes a mere 26,000 years for the equinoxes to go back to their original spot. When you divide the 12 Zodiac signs by 26,000 you get astrological ages that last about 2167 years.
Of course, like all linear time it is hard to pinpoint exactly when each one starts and stops. Some people say the Aquarian Age started in the 1800’s and some put it at 2160. I think it is a good bet that it is somewhere in between and we are feeling the effects now. Aquarius is all about acceptance, brotherhood, unity, equality. The shadow is detachment – I love all mankind but don’t ask me to get too touchy-feely with any one in particular. So it is easy to take up causes but I want to sit in front of my computer instead of talking to my family.
Aquarius is quirky, future-oriented, logical, technologically adept and intelligent.  However, ego and a penchant for dogmatism are in that mix as well.   Expect more acceptance of people and their foibles and a feeling of unity and brotherhood– sorry Tea Party – technology that makes us now look like we are  in the ancient Roman days but less one-on-one contact and more loneliness and loners.
It will be a mysterious new world that we are walking into but we should embrace the positive Aquarian energy and join together!

Rethinking Jupiter

When I first learned Astrology I was told Jupiter was the best thing under the Sun, pun intended. Oh, where you see Jupiter you see nothing but happy happy joy joy, was the general consensus. Then I started to  look at some charts. I have a friend with Jupiter in her sixth house – the house of health. If that theory held she should be a picture of robust health. In reality she is the person who gets the one disease in a million or the one complication that no one ever gets. Then I noticed that when Jupiter was transiting my sixth house I got cold after cold and my one sinus infection per year turned into three that year. What is it with you Jupiter?

As usual the easy explanation is rarely right. Yes, Jupiter is usually a harbinger of good things. However, as with all things Jupiter has a shadow and that is that it makes everything bigger. Someone with too much Jupiter in their chart can be a gambler or terrible risk taker with money because they think they will always be lucky even when the odds are against them. So Jupiter run amuck is not always a wonderful thing.

I have also learned to look for Jupiter as a harbinger of death. Saturn in the 8th – Pluto there as well usually portend death but so can Jupiter – as the spring board of something bigger – a life beyond.

As are all things, planets are not black or white, they are nuanced – even big, robust, loopy Jupiter.

Happy Equinox – beginning of Cardinal time.

The Autumnal Equinox will soon be upon us – September 23, 9:04 AM is when fall arrives in the Washington, D.C. area. Yippee… I love fall and winter – sorry for those who are cold-boned but I can’t wait for fireplaces, sweaters and stews.

This is a time when the Sun reaches a “balance” and the day and night will be equally long. It is also the time when the Sun will be at zero degrees Libra, moving into the Constellation of Libra. All of the equinoxes and solstices happen when the Sun is moving into a Cardinal astrological sign.

Cardinal signs are the movers, the shakers the doers. If you are born with a well aspected cardinal sign on your ascendant you are apt to be someone who takes lead, takes charge of things. The Cardinal Signs are Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.

When people take on spring cleaning in March (Aries) and fall cleaning in September (Libra) they are doing Cardinal activities. Cancer time is summer the time for planting and Capricorn happens around the winter Solstice activities when the houses are full of people and activity.

Fixed signs are those that exhibit stubborn resolve to forge ahead no matter what. Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius are all fixed. Taurus follows Aries so you need to cultivate and watch your garden to make sure it grows. Leo is in rule in summer when, for me anyway, you have to get the resolve to face another hot day. Scorpio is the time of Halloween and moves us into the other fixed tradition of Thanksgiving when much attention must be paid to working hard on the harvest and Aquarius is in the dead of winter when it takes a lot to get through the cold.

When the Sun goes into mutable signs, Gemini, Virgo Sagittarius, Pisces we are less concerned with tromping ahead and slugging it out. Gemini is late spring, early summer when we can relax and exchange in mental exchange of ideas, Virgo early harvest when we can see what foods we need to gather to care for our bodies. After Scorpios hard work, Sagittarius can lay back and shoot his arrows into the sky looking for the truth and then Pisces, ah other-worldly Pisces – March brings buds of spring and the time to think of rebirth and new worlds.

So enjoy this Cardinal time. Celebrate the Equinox and get to harvesting your thoughts for the winter to come!

Astrological Gift Baskets Are Here!

Photo by Eric G Brown

I am happy to tell you that I have teamed up with CandC Gift Baskets, to produce Astrological Gifts
Each basket is unique and will contain a frame- able astrological chart as well as a full 60 – 90 minute interpretation by yours truly on a thumb drive.

This is a wonderful wedding, birth, birthday or holiday gift and you won’t find a more personal gift!

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Pickett FenceYou can now order the most personalized gift under the Sun – an Astrological Gift Basket! I have teamed up with C and C Gift Baskets, a fantastic gift company to bring you gift baskets that will be designed toward a specific chart. I will interpret the birth chart of the recipient and then C and C will design a gift basket based on my analysis.

This is the perfect gift not only for birthdays but for weddings, anniversaries and babies!

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