What’s going on with Giza and the planets tomorrow?

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The past few years we have had some interesting planetary shifts – Neptune into Pisces, Pluto into Capricorn, etc. Tomorrow night is another unique planetary alignment – one that allegedly happens only once every 2700 years. On the evening of December 3  – tomorrow night – local time, over the pyramids of Giza, Venus, Saturn and Mars will align directly over each pyramid of Giza. 

Frankly, I have a hard time believing like some folks that the pyramids were built just for this once every two thousand year occurrence. I have no doubt these ancient structures like many in other parts of the world were built to track the planets but I don’t place any special emphasis on this. 
It is interesting however to know that this is happening. Closer to home, however, These three planets are all in Scorpio and on the East Coast are in the 5th and 6th houses – the houses of creativity and health. This would be a perfect time to use the expressiveness of Mercury, the artistic talent of Venus and the tenacity of Saturn to go inwards (a Scorpio thing) and find how you can work on these areas. I mean pyramids are cool but I like working on things I can relate to a bit more!

Thanksgiving Chart

So many people say Thanksgiving is their favorite holiday yet we squish it more and more between the two more commercial events – Halloween and Christmas. Make your Thanksgiving special by really enjoying it and not using it as a just a jumping off point for the fat man in the red suit.

This year the Sun will move into Sagittarius on Thanksgiving Day – so we will be moving from the inward energy of Scorpio to the expansive energy of Sagittarius – a good thing for a day of family and friend celebration.

Now here is the little secret that is so exciting. Neptune has just moved into the sign that it rules, Pisces. This is the start of a very spiritual time and the more attuned you are to the spirit side of life the more you will feel it. Pisces vibrates to the 12th house – the house that is literally our connection to the universe. This I think more than anything else caused the outpouring of people to the voting booths during this past election. It was a matter of we are tired of the remaining evangelical shadow from when Pluto was in Sagittarius – we are now more open to the idea of we are all the children of God.

Of course there is a shadow to everything and Pisces in Neptune can lead to more escapism  – more of the birth of “other realities. However, think of the beautiful part of Pisces and Neptune and be grateful on Thanksgiving for any connection you may have to the universe.

OH and Mercury will be in retrograde so be prepared to stuff a roll in the mouth of that annoying relative who won’t shut up — and keep thinking of Neptune!

Happy Thanksgiving all!

A Final Word on Retrograded Mercury on Election Day

OK yes, Mercury is going to go retrograde (it will appear to go backwards in the sky) around 6 P Eastern on election night. AND the last time Mercury went retrograde – in fact the only time it went retrograde on a US election day was in 2000. (The one other time it was already in retrograde was in 1960.)

We all have nightmares of a repeat of 2000 but really circumstances don’t repeat exactly.In addition, this year  Mercury will be in “mutual reception” with Jupiter. That means that Jupiter is in Mercury’s ruler Gemini and Mercury is Sagittarius, Jupiter’s ruler.

What all this means to me is that we are going to have to watch things very carefully when the votes are being counted. Mercury retrograde is very good a screwing up computers and telephones and all things that carry information electronically. With the Jupiter influence things will be in inflated and bigger.

Jupiter is also the sign of religious zealotry so I would watch for the hard religious right to be up to some tricks

Note to all Democratic poll workers – if something looks odd trust your gut and investigate!

I personally feel the only way Romney can “win” is to steal this but hey, it isn’t like it hasn’t happened before. He has a lot of zealots on his side.

The good news is that his Mercury is more debilitated than the President’s. Also, I am counting on Pluto which is in Capricorn and has been doing it’s work shaking up authority figures who are hiding secrets (Jerry Sandusky, Lance Armstrong etc.) I am counting on Pluto to bring any organized vote stealing to public view.

Mercury Retrograde on Election Day – I think I’ve Got It!

A few weeks ago I mentioned that Mercury will go retrograde on election day and the only other time it had done that was in the year 2000. Well, we all remembered what happened then! A lot of astrologers are saying we will have another close election with “hanging chads”. Sorry folks that is too easy. I know history repeats itself but it doesn’t duplicate itself for goodness sake.

I think the communication problems that always come about with a retrograde Mercury will surround itself around current Republican voter suppression tactics in swing States. Currently, the GOP leadership in Ohio, Florida, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania are doing their best to keep Hispanics, African Americans and the elderly off of the voting polls.

Even in current lawsuits are successful in stopping this outrage, there are going to be many people confused about what they need to bring and this is going to cause a ton of provisional ballots being cast. Provisional ballots are paper – they are sometimes hard to fill out. Also, how much you want to bet there won’t be enough to go around.

This is where Mercury will take its toll. Hopefully not enough to let these despicable tactics make a difference in the outcome but this is going to be the “paper chase of 2012.”

Mercury Goes Retrograde on Election Day – Remember 2000?


I am starting to look at the 2012 election – turns out Mercury goes retrograde on election day. Now we have had elections during a Mercury retrograde but the only other time that Mercury turned retro right on election day was in 2000! You remember 2000 don’t you??

Personally, I don’t see history repeating itself exactly but I would keep a very close eye on election machines and missing ballots and all sorts of things that can go bump in the Universe.

I am still comparing the candidates. Both have strengths and weaknesses that day. Romney has a few more weaknesses but one really good placement that has me a bit hinky. I need to look more closely but I just have to share the “good news.”

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Blame it on Mercury

Cell phones on the fritz, Blackberry not working right? Yes, I have heard the news reports too – which made me run to my trusty astrology software to confirm what I assumed….. Mercury is back in retrograde position.. When a planet retrogrades, whatever area it influences goes a little haywire…Mercury controls communications – and thoughts and education (good luck to anyone taking a final exam this week.) Hang on — it will be straightened out on Jan 4, 2010. Happy New Year ALL!