The Good and Bad of Taurus Presidents

This week saw the birthday of a President most historians repeatedly rank on the bottom of the list of most effective leaders. James Buchanan (April 23, 1791), 15th President of the United States and the man who preceded Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War, was a rather doddering old man who might have been a serviceable leader in peaceful times when he could play entertainer in chief. He was incapable of holding a splitting country together and his relief was over the top when he was able to hand over the reins to Lincoln.
Buchanan was born under a Taurus Sun and his refusal to embrace change and try to fix what was a rapidly disintegrating country are some examples of shadow Taurus traits. Taurus, depicted by the Bull, is solid, sturdy, and unmovable. Buchanan wanted to enjoy the beauty of the White House and play the diplomat. He did not want to face the grim reality facing his country.
However, two other Taurus Presidents were steadfast warriors who, when committed to a goal, saw it through to the end despite the odds.  A hero of the soon to explode Civil War, Ulysses S Grant (April 27, 1822),  came to the White House thanks to his war exploits. He knew that he had to take the idea of “total war” to the enemy and executed his plans with ruthless but remarkable Taurus stubbornness. He kept one goal in mind – victory – and no one could dissuade him from it.
Another Taurus President who followed his Taurus instincts for stubbornly pursuing a goal and never looking back was Harry S Truman (May 8, 1884). (What is it with these Taurus’ and the use of S as a middle name?) He had some horrific decisions to make when from the moment he became President, made them, and never looked back. That is Taurus in action!

President of the Month – James Madison

Reticent, bookish, small, James Madison was born to wealth in the Virginia Tidewater region. Like man “great people,” he has a birth chart that is so easy to read. First, his South Node in Gemini in the 7th house shows that he came from lives where he was a master at gathering and disseminating information. That is what Gemini does – keep communication, information flowing. Being in the 7th house – the house of the other person- he was someone who could mediate, communicate, and keep the knowledge moving.

What I love so much about his chart is how he “got into” his North Node – Sagittarius in the first house. Those of us (I too am a Gemini South Node) who are going to Sagittarius have to make an effort to stop gathering and moving information but honing in on our truth, our beliefs. It isn’t about quantity of information but quality. It is about focusing on information.

James Madison, using the discipline of Saturn that sits on his North Node, spent an entire summer – studying the great ancient civilizations –the Romans, the Greeks, etc. and learning what worked and what didn’t work. How Sagittarius North Node is that? He used this information in service to the United States Constitution and is one of the reasons he we call him the father of that document.

The ruler of his South Node, Gemini, is in Aquarius in the third house (the house of Gemini and communication.) It is also conjuncting the ruler of Aquarius, Uranus. His mind was like an electric bolt – oh, how I wish I could see it in action!
On a more fun note, with his Moon buried in the 12th house in the reticent sign of Scorpio but his Venus in fiery Aries we can see how he was both socially shy but attracted to the vivacious Dolley Madison.
Madison used the deck dealt him magnificently. Not bad for a little creature who looked like a strong wind could knock him over. Of course, all of his power was in his head!

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President of the Month

Several clients have asked me to do more historical astrology, specifically presidential astrology so once a month I will feature a president born in that month. January gives quite a number from which to choose because Capricorn is a sign that lends itself to corporate and political leadership. Richard Nixon, Woodrow Wilson, Andrew Johnson and yes, even Millard P Fillmore were all Capricorn presidents. We know much about the first two and really, do we want to know anything about Fillmore? Andrew Johnson, however, is a more interesting of the relatively unknown Presidents. However, I would argue that Taurus was a bigger influence in his life than his Capricorn sun.

Johnson had a Taurus Moon, and more importantly a Taurus South Node. Karmically he was coming from a Taurus incarnation. Taurus is one of the most stubborn of signs. No one, not even the sturdy Capricorn Goat is as stubborn as Taurus the Bull. Johnson held fast to his beliefs even when it caused him great political disfavor and even when it brought him to being the first impeached President and just one vote away from conviction and expulsion from office. 
Of course, that Taurean energy was also a help to him. One of the reasons, if not the only reason he was picked at Lincoln’s Vice President was that he was a Southerner who refused to join the Confederacy. (It was not because he was cared about slaves but because he hated the rich Southern landowners who were in favor of war and slavery. It was for him, like for the rest of the country, a matter of economics.) 
We also see his ability to persevere in the anchors of his chart. Chart anchors are the signs on the cusps of the 1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th houses and Johnson’s were all in cardinal signs, Libra, Capricorn, Aries, and Cancer. Cardinal signs are doers – movers – leaders. He needed this ability – having been born in abject poverty. In fact, there is a good deal of evidence that he was illiterate until he met and married his wife who was also his teacher. He literally came from nowhere and overcame immense obstacles to do so.

When he was inaugurated as Lincoln’s Vice President, Johnson appeared to be intoxicated and made quite a spectacle of himself (where was CNN when you needed them?) The “spin” that was put out by the administration was that he was ill and had taken some medicine but rumors always persisted about his alcoholism. We will never know for sure, however, with his 6th house (health and healing) opened by Pisces which is known to have escapism and alcoholism as a shadow aspect and Pisces’ ruler Neptune being in a tight conjunction with Saturn – he was certainly predisposed to loneliness and the need to escape his problems in some fashion.

The Affordable Care Act

I have had several friends ask me about the horoscope of the Affordable Care Act. The past few months have been a little scary for those of us who believe that one should not go broke because of illness. There was the bad roll out and then the piling on of the radical Right and a clueless media that just loves a dramatic story even if the facts get in the way of their ratings.
I cast a chart for the time President Obama signed the bill into law because that is in essence its “birth.” 
There are many things about this chart I find interesting, even ironic but two of the big items that jump out at me are the 10thand 6th houses.
First, Pallas Athena, the warrior goddess who was also the patron of hospitals and healing (a woman for all occasions I say) is retrograded in the 6th house –the house of health. Note to President Obama, do NOT sign a health care law under this planetary alignment! A retrograde means the energies of that planet are going backwards. So it was almost as if all of Pallas’ good intentions would be thwarted… or at least harder to reach fruition.
In the 10th house, the house of government and the “social consciousness” we have quite a collection of planets.  I can’t take my eyes off the conjunction of Uranus and the Sun. Uranus is rebellious energy – quick starts and stops – just off the charts energy. On the other end of the 10th, we have a Chiron and Neptune conjunction. Neptune is all about lofty spiritual ideals that have a heck of a hard time dealing with the realities of day-to-day living. Chiron is a deep wound issue and in the 10th represents our fears about society accepting us. Both of these bodies are in Aquarius, ruled by that rebel Uranus. Nothing is easy about these placements.
What gives me hope of long-term success is Jupiter, in the sign of Pisces – of compassion and caring for all, shooting up like an arrow in the middle of these conjunctions. Jupiter is the planet of expansion, hope, and understanding – of finding our philosophical truth. America is the last “first-world” country to offer universal health care – the time for us expanding into the rest of civilized society is overdue and helped by Jupiter.
Jupiter will carry the day for the ACA in the long term but the value of this act remains hidden until long into the future.

P.S. If you are into irony take a look at retrograded Saturn (the symbol of the old way – the task master – the people who say you must do things like they always have been done) opposing the Sun/Uranus conjunction. To me it looks like the Right trying to lasso the rebellious, change energy of Sun/Uranus to prevent it from working into society. However, I guess that is what they have been trying to do for five years now!

What Would Lincoln Eat – Abe’s Foodie Chart

In anticipation of the publication of my cookbook, “Signs of the Tines: The Ultimate Astrological Cookbook,” I have asked the question that I am sure has been bugging Americans for a century or more. “What would Abe Lincoln eat?” Our 16th President was not known as a “foodie.” Although he did have a pretty decent appetite for country fare when a youth, as he grew older and a more preoccupied with life he often was seen munching mindlessly on an apple.

With his Capricorn Moon and Saturn on the cusp of his first house coupled with Pisces on the cusp of his 6th or health house, the President had almost a classic signature for a depressive personality. Saturn (which rules Capricorn) is something that always places restrictions, limits growth and can be a bit of a downer when near our personal planets and houses – like the first house and the Moon. Pisces is on the 6th should always send off alarm bells because it can bring the desire to escape due to a feeling overburdened and overwhelmed.

What would I recommend for Mr. Lincoln? My blueberry polenta – made with lots of creamy goodness to remind provide him with a comforting warm feeling and healthy berries and my salmon in parchment, he needed those Omega 3s for depression.

The recipes are – where else – in the book due out in May of 2013!

Hillary – Part 2

Several people commented to me about last week’s blog entry regarding Hillary Clinton and the 2016 Election. In it, I said that with a North Node in Taurus it might not be in her best interests to run because that is the Node which is searching for peace, stability and calm. Of course, you could argue that she is the type of person who can find those things in the White House. Again, I don’t like to pass judgement on this big soul issues. The question that was asked of me was basically, if she runs will she win.

We are hampered by not knowing the exact time of her birth. Some astrologers are using a time around 8 AM because there is some talk that her mother went to the hospital late at night and said Hillary was born around 8. That time gives her a Scorpio ascendant and a stellium (five or more planets) in Scorpio in the 12th and 1st houses. Hillary exhibits many Scorpio traits such as determination, secretiveness and strength.

So assuming that this is the correct time, how does election day 2016 look for her. In a word, not too bad although there seems to be some more spiritual benefits for her on that day. Saturn conjuncts her progressed Sun in Sagittarius and in the first house. That is a definite harbinger of spiritual awakening and awareness. Does that mean her presidency would take on a spiritual quest for her or that she will be sitting somewhere saying wow I am glad I didn’t run? 
She will have progressed Mars in the 10th – a very good sign for a leader and Jupiter and Neptune in the 11th – which is good for leading large groups of people. 
Who knows – she could find more benefit in forgoing the presidency and lead a different movement. One thing for sure, with all of that Scorpio, she loves all of this intrigue and secrecy!

Should Hillary Run?

Okay, I know the frenzy about who should be the new president two seconds after the current one is inaugurated is silly but it did get me thinking about Hillary Clinton’s chart. We don’t know what time she was born and for my purposes today that is not all that important. What is so interesting to me about her chart is her nodal axis. You know that as a karmic astrologer I am a freak about the north and south nodes. The north nodes is where we are going toward in this lifetime – and the south node is where we are coming from in the past.

Regardless of what time she as born, Hillary Clinton has a south node in Scorpio and a north in Taurus. Someone with this axis is coming from a past life that was full of drama and pathos. Scorpios just love to immerse themselves in the deep intrigues of life. Life and death battles are the juice they feed on. Of course, she has seen her share of drama in this life too.

However, with a north node in Taurus, she needs to move away from the drama and find stability and security in the world. Scorpio wants the fight while Taurus likes to be in the pasture, carefree and peaceful. The big lessons Taurus north node people is how to find personal safety. They need to leave the drama behind.

Can you leave drama behind as President of the United States? I doubt it. I am not one to judge whether a person gets into their north node or how they should do it. However, I do know that if she decides not to run she will be heading the call of the universe instead of the call of her supporters. Is that a better path? Only she knows for sure.

Is Barack the Reincarnation of Lincoln

I saw this picture on Facebook the other day and it really struck me and reminded me of my long held theory that President Obama is the reincarnation of President Lincoln.

I wrote this in 2008 – and then updated when we got Pres. Obama’s exact birth time. In honor of the re-election and that picture I am reprinting it.

What do you think?

Is Barack the Reincarnation of Lincoln

Unfinished Business

Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY) is in danger of facing her political Armageddon in Texas and Ohio on March 4. If Buckeye and Lone Star voters send her on a long journey back to New York empty handed instead of back to the White House, she can take heart that she did not lose to just a self-styled “skinny kid with a funny name.” If she loses, her defeat will come at the hands of the Great Emancipator, Abraham Lincoln. Well, sort of.

Soulsign Astrology* has at its core the knowledge that the soul is eternal and that we incarnate in this schoolhouse of Earth to learn lessons that, if conquered, will propel us on an upward karmic path toward, to use the Buddhist terminology, Enlightenment. We come back to fulfill the soul’s desire to grow and to increase experiences in the physical realm. Therefore, while the person dies, the body dies, the soul reincarnates into another human existence. Each individual life happens just once and each incarnation is different. Therefore, while it is not Abraham Lincoln running for President in 2008, Senator Barack Obama (D. IL) is very likely the reincarnation of our 16th President. A different man, a different life but the same soul. (Note: When I wrote this in Feb of 2008, he was Senator Obama; from now on I will refer to him with his current title, President Barack Obama.)

When President Obama launched his presidential bid on a freezing February morning at the Old State Capitol Springfield, Illinois where Lincoln delivered the famous “house divided against itself speech” was he just employing brilliant political stagecraft or was he subconsciously harking back to his own “mystic cords of memory?” It was a bit of both.

On the surface, it would make more sense for a man who reached the pinnacle of American politics to incarnate into a different set of circumstances. If the soul is to learn and progress it would seem that it would say, in essence, been there done that, now what is next? However, there are reasons why one could come back to the same country and in the same profession as before.

Some souls can get stuck. Human emotion, anger, revenge, karmic retaliation toward others weighs on them so that the soul does not move on. Free will once in the physical realm can keep a person on a gerbil wheel of repeating the same life scenarios with the same people. Human weakness often trumps the soul’s desire for growth.

Others have unfinished business on Earth due to circumstances beyond their control. For instance, if an assassin’s bullet destroys a man at the moment his beloved country is on the precipice of peace and unity after years of bloody darkness and his death kills the possibility of a peaceful Reconstruction and leads to a century of Jim Crowe, lynching’s and poll taxes. Instead of being stuck, this person might reincarnate again with the same oratorical passion and political brilliance, not to mention fierce ambition, he had when he was here before to finish the job. How better to be a vehicle for unity, then as a multiracial, multi-cultural man? What better time to come back to power then when the country is involved in another hateful war and is in desperate need of solidarity and hope after years at the hands of hate and fear mongers? What better karmic reward for the man who saved the Union then to come back to restore it to pass luster? What better karmic justice for the President credited for freeing American slaves, then to be the first African American President?

It is of interest that both Lincoln and Barack Obama came to national awareness from a political base in Illinois. (Although Obama achieved something Lincoln never could, that is, win a seat in the United States Senate. Lincoln tried for the Senate and was defeated twice. He came to the White House after serving just one term in the U.S. House of Representatives to a chorus of his opponents foretelling the dire consequences of having a novice at the helm at such a dangerous time.) The fact that one transformational speech propelled each to prominence, Obama at the 2004 Democratic Convention, Lincoln at the 1860 Young Men’s Republican Union at Cooper Union Hall is also informative. However, Soulsign Astrology relies on more than just “coincidences” between two figures. Without strong correlations between their charts, without a soul connection, we have nothing more than a list of interesting factoids. #. The proof must be in the stars and their birth charts.

Abraham Lincoln was born on a stormy Sunday morning, February 12, 1809 in Hodgenville, Kentucky. While some charts show a birth time at 7:00 AM, which would place his chart in somewhat of an alignment with Barrack’s, others record the birth at 2:00 AM, a much more direct alignment. We have to remember that recording the time of birth of the child of a poor farmer delivered in log cabin on a bed of cornhusks on the American frontier was not a high priority. Often late night-early morning births were recorded only when a midwife or preacher could arrive the next day. It is doubtful Lincoln knew the correct time of his birth. His beloved mother died when he was a boy and his relationship with his father so distant that he failed to attend the elder Lincoln’s funeral.

The 7:00 AM time comes from one source, a woman named Peggy Walters described as an old midwife, a distant aunt, a 20-year-old neighbor or the daughter of the actual midwife Mary Brooks Enlow. At some point in her life, presumably when Mr. Lincoln came to prominence, she said that he was born “sometime around sun-up.” It is a fair assumption that she probably was 20 years old when he was born, was asked the question some 51 years later when Lincoln became President and was relying on an old woman’s memory for the answer. Whether she was at the actual birth has never been proved and for all we know her mother, the real midwife, returned to her house hours after the child’s birth and that is what she remembered a half century later. This is hardly a reliable source.

The 2:00 AM birth time also makes for a chart that mirrors Lincoln’s personality. It places Neptune the ruler of Pisces in the 1st house, the rising house. The rising house, the ascendant, signifies our outward personality. The Sun sign, so important to armchair astrologers today, is an illustrator of a person’s life force, their internal energy. However, the ancient Sumerians, the inventors of Astrology, did not give it special emphasis. The Sun’s light actually interfered with their ability to see the other stars and planets and they really did not pay much attention to it. A person’s rising sign was of more interest. Pisces is the sign of the martyr, the greatest payer of karmic debt. Pisces also deals with dreams and the spiritual world, cosmic awareness – the etheric. Abraham Lincoln, the first martyred President, was famous for his prescient dreams, even the one that foretold his own death.

This chart also places his Saturn in the 12th house (the house of karma and the cosmic consciousness, ruled by Pisces) on the cusp of his rising house, a common location for someone prone to depression or “melancholia” as it was termed at the time. A Saturn 12th house person would also carry a “mystical presence” about him and seemingly be able to tap into cosmic realms unavailable to mere mortals.

In addition, the 2: 00 AM birth time activates his third house, the house of thought and communication by placing his Sun and Mercury there, two markers of someone with the gift of speech. How else could a man educated in a one-room frontier, “blab school” write words that bring goose pimples to the soul as does the “Gettysburg Address” or his second Inaugural address to name just a few?

The 7:00 AM birth time leaves his third house empty – a very unlikely scenario of a man who built and saved his political career on his oratorical abilities and whose speeches will ring through history as long as there is an America. It also places his Saturn in the 9th house, which would have him more drawn to the position of Secretary of State or foreign ambassador than a man who never traveled beyond the confines of North America.

Sadly, the 2;00 AM chart places Lincoln’s Mars (warrior energy) in the 8th house – the house of death and rebirth – in a conjunction with Uranus, a strong designator for a fast, unexpected and violent death. His Mars in Libra – the sign most associated with other people, foretells a violent death at the hands of another.

Today, April 27, 2011, thanks to the lunatic birthers we now know the President’s birth time! See, I knew they had to have SOME value somehow! President Obama was born in Honolulu on August 4, 1961 at 7:24 PM. And yes Hawaii was and is a STATE.

When I found out his correct time – not the time many astrologers had presumed, I wondered if my theory still held. Is Barack Obama the reincarnation of Abraham Lincoln? And the answer – yup, I am still pretty darned sure he is.

The fastest way to examine a past life is to look at the Nodes. A Node is where a planetary body intersects with the ecliptic, the plane in space formed by the orbits around the Sun. In Soulsign, we reference the Nodes of the Moon as it travels on the ecliptic around Earth. The South Node shows us what type of life from which a person comes. Pluto reveals the soul’s desired incarnation, the South Node tells us how and if the person manifested the desire when in the physical form. The North Node indicates where a person should be going in order to fulfill the current soul’s desire.

President Obama’s South Node would need to correlate to Lincoln’s life force with either his Sun or rising sign energy. It does not disappoint. His South Node is in Aquarius in the first house. Abraham Lincoln born on Feb 12 had his Sun in Aquarius. Therefore, his South Node – Barack’s immediate past life force was in Aquarius – correlating exactly to Lincoln’s Sun energy. He was in his immediate past life a person who was born under the Sun sign of Aquarius. That is two direct connections to Abraham Lincoln. Adding an extra connection is it’s placement in the first house. The first house is what has the most influence on our personality- it shows how we project in the world. Someone with a strong first house is someone with a very unique personality. Well he has been dead for over 150 years and everyone still knows who Lincoln was. I would say that is pretty unique!

Can we reverse the process and look at Lincoln’s North Node to find another correlation with President Obama? We can and it too works. Lincoln’s North Node is in Scorpio, and on President Obama’s chart Scorpio “opens” the 10th house – the house of government and authority figures. Lincoln’s soul was progressing toward a Scorpio experience. Lincoln’s North Node was in the 11th house – the house dealing with cultivating unique and revolutionary group activities in the social and political arenas. It is safe to say that his soul using the Obama existence is getting to know what is like to move people in a revolutionary group force to change government. He held the Union together now he wants to continue by bringing much needed change to the way it operates. (When I wrote this in 2008 we still had more hope. Now in 2011, we realize the lunatic fringe just won’t go away and the battle will be hard, hard fought.)

Just as President Lincoln had a very strong 3rd house – the house of mental ability and communication, President Obama has a powerful conjunction of Vesta, Ceres and the Moon there. This is a placement that signifies the ability to dedicate the self to nurturing people through his ability to emotionally express himself.

These factors when added to the similarities and coincidences joining each man’s life, including the early loss of a Mother and distance from a father, spell out a soul connection. President Obama has Saturn in the 12th house as did Lincoln but its more serious aspects are mitigated by being in conjunction with expansive optimistic Jupiter. He also shares Mars in the 8th with Lincoln, which doesn’t make me happy. However, it is in a less volatile sign of Virgo and there is no negative interception with Uranus.

It is amusing to see that this time around Obama got a Harvard education. It was one of Abraham Lincoln’s great shames that he had a backwoods education so much, so that he forced his eldest son Robert, to go to Harvard and Harvard Law School, although he did not finish the latter. One of the many battles Robert had with his parents was over there constant pressure to get the education not available to them. Barack made it to Harvard Law School and became the first African American President of the “Harvard Law Review.”

Their North and South nodes correlate perfectly. Barack Obama has the karmic benefit of the education Lincoln craved and an even stronger communication house in an incarnation at the time of mass and instant media. He also thankfully has Venus, the archetype of the ancient goddess of love and beauty in the5th house in Moon Child a much less ominous placement than Lincoln’s warrior god of Mars. It is no wonder Barack Obama dreamed of being President when he was in kindergarten. He was cannot wait to get back to work.

#Yes, yes I know John Kennedy is supposed to be the reincarnation of Lincoln according to pop astrology and people who like making lists of “coincidences” between the two. Sadly for those enamored with this theory there is just no real karmic astrological links in the charts of the two men. Also, for all of those people circulating the lists of coincidences on the internet please note that Lincoln never had a secretary named Kennedy and was not shot in a theater named Kennedy. Lincoln served one complete term and part of his second, Kennedy never made it through his first term. Southerners did not shoot both men, although Booth was a Southern sympathizer, he was born in Maryland – a Northern state. In addition, the assassins were not born exactly 100 years apart – that is another continually perpetrated myth in these threads.  

For Mitt – It is Those Dang Retrogrades

Poor Mitt – he can’t seem to keep his foot from staying permanently adhered to his tongue and lips. Blame it on Saturn. Well, actually it is Saturn in the 3rd House retrograde to be exact. A retrograde in your natal chart is a pause for karma. Someone born with a Saturn retrograde has had authority issues in the past. With Saturn in the 3rd we have a pretty good idea that his speech patterns were gloomy, negative and harsh and he was tough on friends and siblings. 
He is coming from a Sagittarius South Node which carries the karmic imprint of “I know” – I know all there is to know about most things – I just know. Combine that with Saturn being bossy and negative – you can see there was a bit of unpleasantness about his mannerisms. Let’s just say some karmic lessons take longer to learn and Mitt is a bit behind the learning curve on this one. He knows what he knows and he says it consequences be damned. 
Conjuncting his retro. Saturn is his retrograde Pluto. Pluto is all about power. With retro. Pluto in the 4th house – Mitt was all about exerting his power in the house and his neighborhood. Can you see the picture emerging? I know what is right for all of you in my sphere – I know how you should live and I am going to make sure you know in spades. In this life he somehow convinced his sickly wife to go through another Presidential campaign. I know what is right for us!
The problem isn’t the campaign it is Mitt sure as ever that he knows how to run his little family of campaigners! Until November 11, Neptune, the planet of illusion and delusion, is retrograded. For Mitt this retrograde is in his 10th house – the house of government. No one is going to be able tell him he is screwing up…..
And thank goodness for it!

Presidential Election – President Obama – part 2

Last week I spoke about the “girls” Venus and Lilith  in the President’s 7th house and the strong influence women will play in this election.

Today we will look at the one of the boys – the strongest boy really Mars and his placement in the President’s tenth house conjunct Juno. Mars, the epitome of male unbridled energy, in the 10th house – the house of career and politics, is not a bad placement for election day. Coupled with Juno, the goddess of loyalty it makes my liberal little heart happy.

What makes me a bit nervous is that this Mars Juno conjuction is running in opposition to the Venus Lilith. Oppositions are difficult energies but they are not “bad” in themselves because we can over come these obstacles and reach great heights.  To me this is a classic male/female battle with men going one way and women the other.

However, if the two stop fighting against one another they can deliver a great victory for the President. I think at the last minute the men will get on board and do just that.

I do believe the President will win and win a bit bigger than predicted. There is one more thing to look in the next blog entry and that is the interception of the 2 and 8th houses – money and power.