The Battle of Pluto and Uranus

Recently, I have written a lot about the Grand Cross, and the Pluto- Uranus square and the implications they are having on American society. Pluto, the symbol of slow change, is in the staid and authoritarian sign of Capricorn. This placement demands change to what we called in the 60’s “The Establishment.”  Remember wherever Pluto ventures she brings change – she absolutely insists upon it. Now she is bringing her change to authority structures.
Uranus, the rebel, the element of electrically charged quick change, has recently journeyed into the cardinal sign of the warrior, Aries. Where Pluto takes her time and grinds out her demands of change. Uranus is like hello I am here and this is what is going to change right now. Therefore, you can see how these two in disharmony can make us humans a little batty!
With these two squared or in disharmony to one another for a very long time (2007 -2020), we have seen unrest, uprisings, and some major hits to once formidable institutions. The banking system collapse, the abuse scandals in the Catholic Church, the election of an African American president and the subsequent rise of the Tea Party are just some examples of this.
This movement into Aries is most interesting to me right now. Uranus in Aries is like a teenager in a sports car. At any moment, they can put their foot down and take off at 150 miles an hour refusing to see any danger. Remember the song, that anthem of the 60’s, “The Dawning of the Age of Aquarius”? Well, Aquarius is ruled by Uranus.
Uranus is saying, hey Pluto I do not like how slowly you are changing. I am not thrilled with the “one percent” getting richer; I am not thrilled that the middle class is stagnating.  You toppled the banking system but no one went to jail. Now let’s move along…faster!

The beginning of the populism movement that is making Senator Elizabeth Warren (D.-MA) a very appealing Presidential candidate in 2016 is just starting to take hold in America. I expect that to grow. The energy is there – how we use it is another story of course! Remember, the Tea Party and the whacks running around with the guns are a part of this Uranus energy – they do not like any authority. They want to bring “change” that will bring us back a few centuries. It is up to those of who want to precipitate positive change that includes women’s rights and gun safety to name a few, to harness Uranus to forge a future of truly positive change.

Remember Pluto is Still in Capricorn

I was having breakfast with friends a few months ago when I said, “I don’t think the 2014 senatorial elections will be as dreadful to the Democrats as they are all predicting.” The collective response was one of “your lips to God’s ears.”  I do not pretend to be a psychic nor do I believe it is going to be a necessarily pretty election cycle for liberals. However, with Pluto in Capricorn – you just never know and I believe 2014 will bring changes no one expected.

Pluto is the (dwarf) planet of change and transformation. Pluto makes us the “offer we can’t refuse.” She says, “Change or I will bring change about for you.” That little icy comet/planet packs the proverbial astrological punch.
Capricorn is the sign of government, authority figures – those structures that keep the glue of society together. When you put the two together, we get big time changes in that arena.

Of course, when the planet hit Capricorn in 2008, it did what we expected – it caused big change in the structure of society like the banking system, which almost came apart. In addition, secrets of the rich and powerful were uncovered (i.e. Penn State, Catholic Church, and WikiLeaks.) It also caused some other troubling changes such as the corporate personhood.  

Pluto Capricorn also introduced his to the first African American President of the United States.  In fact, on election night 2008 also saw Saturn standing directly opposite Uranus. Uranus is new change, Saturn is tradition all the way… we had the battle of the older white male and younger black male and, thankfully, Uranus won. Unfortunately, this ushered in the wave of the 2010 election: the revenge of the old white voter.

Planets sort of kick up their heels and make an impact three times during their transits, first, when they enter a sign, the second time half way through the sign and then just as they are leaving. Pluto entered in 2008 and will leave in 2023 so we are entering the midway point of this transition through Capricorn. So when Eric Cantor was defeated in a primary I said there we go – Pluto is acting up. Therefore, while I won’t pretend to know what will happen exactly, I know the 2014 – 2016 election cycle will not be what the “talking heads” foresee.
P.S. Oh and did I say Elizabeth Warren was born with Pluto in the 10th house, the house that vibrates to the energy of Capricorn?

Rafeal Edward Cruz I Love You

I love Senator Ted Cruz of Texas. No, really I do! If you are someone who has been reading my blog you might be scratching your head at this point saying, “Has she gone mad?” Nope. Think about it. Ted Cruz is doing two things for which I have been begging the universe. He is ripping the Republican Party apart exposing the Tea Party for the loonies that they are and showing their total hypocrisy for embracing a man NOT born in America. Yes, apparently the same people who can castigate the President for being born in the far off country of Hawaii are embracing as their 2016 candidate a Canadian! I love it – he is made to order for any liberal or really any thinking person in America today! Thanks to him releases his birth certificate we have his date and place of birth (did I say it was CANADA?) but unfortunately not his birth time. Drat those evil foreigners. However, we can learn a lot about a person even without the time thanks to that wonderful device, the South Node.

Ted’s South Node is in Leo, telling us that his past lives featured him demanding center stage. Leo, ruled the Sun is the sign of the King, the ruler, who demands to be the center of his subject’s attention. Leo needs people to surround him and reflect off of him. He has to have others revolve around him. Well let’s see – can we say the Ted is still living in his South Node? We are supposed to be moving from the South to the North in our lives. Therefore, he should be embracing the ideals of Aquarius – the sign opposite of Leo. Aquarius is all about brotherhood, humanity – thinking things through. Now he might think he is doing that – however, we can see how much he loves to have those people cheering for him no matter the consequences. This puts me in a quandary. I love to see people embrace their North Nodes and work to help my clients reach that goal. However, the longer Ted plays the megalomaniac the better for America… what to do – what to do? Ah, now that I think about it – he wouldn’t listen to me anyway. After all I am one the evil, educated elites. So Ted – keep it up. The more you stay in Leo shadow the happier I will be!

The Tale of Two Leo Presidents

Two recent Presidents were born under the Sun Sign of Leo. But just to show you how little the Sun Sign means to a full chart analysis let’s look at these two men, President Clinton and President Obama to see how that Leo energy manifests in their chart.

First, President Clinton whose birthday is later this week. His Leo Sun is in the eleventh house, the house of group and social interactions – well yes, he does excel at that, don’t you think? However, look at his first house, the house of personality. It is opened by Libra – the sign that demands interaction with other people  – it is a people sign and Libra rising people can even exhibit co-dependent traits. Libra loves human interaction! Mars right on the ascendant! Holy Cow – the god of war – the raw energy of Mars also in the sign of “other” – and one degree away from his rising sign.  I have to make myself heard and seen not only in a crowd but to everyone. Love me please, love me! (Chiron also in the first,  the wounded warrior shows how much he really needs to be love and accepted by others.)

Neptune sits on Mars – well you know Neptune – the obfuscater – that helps that President well shall we say distort his version of things from time to time! Adding Venus to the mix – the goddess of love and romance – oh let’s not rehash that. You get the picture.

All in all he has a stellium – more than 5 planets and asteroids in Libra in or bordering the first house. Even if his talent was in shoe sales and not politics he would be the town’s best known, most affable and most avuncular show salesman. He can’t help it. Is a a person who needs people.

President Obama, also a Leo Sun, has a vastly different first house. His rising sign is not people loving, people needing Libra, but aloof and cool Aquarius. Aquarius loves all Mankind but he isn’t too interested in getting down and dirty with people every day – he feels your pain but doesn’t want to learn too much about it. Where Libra is all about other – Aquarius is a very cerebral, very detached sign – they are smarter than the average bear – know what needs to be done and expect everyone to just do it without any fuss or muss. 
His Sun is in the 6th house the house of work and service. So he firmly believes if he keeps his head down and keeps working the noise will dissipate. Unfortunately, the noise of opposition  is too determined to just go away but since they are illogical to the Aquarius mind he just doesn’t imagine that he has to address them as serious. 
President Obama’s South Node is in the first house – and like Clinton, the Chiron, wound issue. (I wonder how many people who carry a deep wound in the first turn to politics for acceptance?) So he is carrying a lot of deep issues inside him that are just below the surface – which again translate to caution.
To Leo’s – two Presidents – vastly different men!

Ken Cuccinelli – Full of Surprises

We have a hum-dinger of an off year gubernatorial election in Virginia this year. Sadly, Virginia has a bad record in off year elections – mostly because those of us in North don’t like to vote in off year elections and the results are often disastrous. This year could have the same results this year if we don’t muster the votes in the North.

The Republican nominee is Ken Cuccinelli who is as right wing tea party as they come. You know the type, the government should be out of your life except if you are female then it should be in your life, your body and every decision you can even conceive of making. (And yes I used that word on purpose.)

I wondered what made this creature tick astrologically and frankly assumed that he had an Aries south node – you know I do – I am – you follow – and that is it and no more. Silly me – you know what they say about assuming? He is actually the opposite – A Libra South Node. Libra? The co-dependent, super-people person sign of Libra? Was my eyesight going?

Even though we don’t know the birth time, the S Node will remain the same throughout the day so it really doesn’t matter. Yes indeed, he is coming from a Libra existence. What also caught my eye is his current Mercury Mars in Cancer -the sign of the caring mother. This can only mean one thing to me  – as odd as it seems he really believes the nonsense he is slinging!

With his South Node conjunct the Moon and Pallas all in Libra he is emotionally invested in taking up the cause of meddling into everyone’s personal life (Libra.) With Libra’s ruler, Venus, in the sign of the kingly Leo – he is stubbornly attached to this past life persona. Add in all of that mother energy of Cancer – he really thinks he is helping people! Argh

It doesn’t help that Cancer and Libra are Cardinal signs – the sign of the doer – the achiever.

He has a predominance of Cardinal -and fixed signs  -stubborn leadership energy – this guy isn’t going away and heave help Virginia if he gets any more power.  There will be no limits to his Libra meddling.

Hillary – Part 2

Several people commented to me about last week’s blog entry regarding Hillary Clinton and the 2016 Election. In it, I said that with a North Node in Taurus it might not be in her best interests to run because that is the Node which is searching for peace, stability and calm. Of course, you could argue that she is the type of person who can find those things in the White House. Again, I don’t like to pass judgement on this big soul issues. The question that was asked of me was basically, if she runs will she win.

We are hampered by not knowing the exact time of her birth. Some astrologers are using a time around 8 AM because there is some talk that her mother went to the hospital late at night and said Hillary was born around 8. That time gives her a Scorpio ascendant and a stellium (five or more planets) in Scorpio in the 12th and 1st houses. Hillary exhibits many Scorpio traits such as determination, secretiveness and strength.

So assuming that this is the correct time, how does election day 2016 look for her. In a word, not too bad although there seems to be some more spiritual benefits for her on that day. Saturn conjuncts her progressed Sun in Sagittarius and in the first house. That is a definite harbinger of spiritual awakening and awareness. Does that mean her presidency would take on a spiritual quest for her or that she will be sitting somewhere saying wow I am glad I didn’t run? 
She will have progressed Mars in the 10th – a very good sign for a leader and Jupiter and Neptune in the 11th – which is good for leading large groups of people. 
Who knows – she could find more benefit in forgoing the presidency and lead a different movement. One thing for sure, with all of that Scorpio, she loves all of this intrigue and secrecy!

Should Hillary Run?

Okay, I know the frenzy about who should be the new president two seconds after the current one is inaugurated is silly but it did get me thinking about Hillary Clinton’s chart. We don’t know what time she was born and for my purposes today that is not all that important. What is so interesting to me about her chart is her nodal axis. You know that as a karmic astrologer I am a freak about the north and south nodes. The north nodes is where we are going toward in this lifetime – and the south node is where we are coming from in the past.

Regardless of what time she as born, Hillary Clinton has a south node in Scorpio and a north in Taurus. Someone with this axis is coming from a past life that was full of drama and pathos. Scorpios just love to immerse themselves in the deep intrigues of life. Life and death battles are the juice they feed on. Of course, she has seen her share of drama in this life too.

However, with a north node in Taurus, she needs to move away from the drama and find stability and security in the world. Scorpio wants the fight while Taurus likes to be in the pasture, carefree and peaceful. The big lessons Taurus north node people is how to find personal safety. They need to leave the drama behind.

Can you leave drama behind as President of the United States? I doubt it. I am not one to judge whether a person gets into their north node or how they should do it. However, I do know that if she decides not to run she will be heading the call of the universe instead of the call of her supporters. Is that a better path? Only she knows for sure.