Venus on the first – Clinton and Limbaugh

After my little walk through Rush Limbaugh’s chart last week (don’t worry, I washed afterwards), I got thinking of another person with Venus in the first house – the house of personality – yes, it is Bill Clinton. OK Venus on the first house normally indicates someone who has a certain amount of appeal. Now my progressive friends stop making retching sounds, like him or not Rushie Boy wouldn’t have gotten this far if he didn’t appeal to a number of people! As for Clinton, well we all know how his appeal works.

 As I said last week, Rush’s Venus is in the quirky and rebellious Aquarius and carries some pretty heavy karma with it. Basically his mouth is compensating for a whole host of inadequacies.

President Clinton’s Venus is in its ruling sign – Libra – which increases his sexual appeal. He doesn’t haven’t to rely on rebellion he can rely on the sexual energy of Libra – and –oh boy is this a hoot —his Venus is conjunct both Neptune and Venus! So he has a double dose of Venus energy – Venus is the sign of the woman – and of sexuality and of physical appeal. Add Neptune to the mix – with its air of unreality and well you can see the issues he had.

Two Venus placements in the first bring both of their people to some prominence but they don’t yield the same results – it is all about the aspects they make with other planets.

You Knew It Was Coming — The Rush-ster

OK my progressive friends hold onto your hats. But this chart makes me sad. If I didn’t know this belonged to Rush Limbaugh, I would actually have some sympathy for the person who had to carry this chart around for a lifetime.

With his retrograded Mercury (in the 11th house – the house of group contacts) squaring a retrograded Saturn that is in the 8th house, the house of personal power,it is clear that all of his bluster and bravado is covering up some deep seeded power and education issues. Mercury retrogrades often produce people with learning disabilities, problems expressing their true thoughts and in general being heard and understood. His Mercury is also next to the sign of the sacred wound, Chiron. We know Rush wasn’t a stellar student.

I can see a little Rush, overweight, not very smart, not popular – not being in his power and having big problems with authority figures (all that retrograded Saturn.). Brings a tear to your eye doesn’t it?

The fact that he was able to parlay his Venus on the ascendant ( a sign of creativity and appeal) into quite a career is actually a testament to the old boy. Even if he does spread lies and hatred – hey we can’t be perfect. That Venus is in Aquarius the sign of the rebel and his rising sign is Aquarius so there is a big call to be different and shocking.

Venus in Aquarius also indicates the ability to have an unusual romantic life. I will say no more!