Solstice Time

I love winter Solstice  – it is a time of rebirth in the midst of stillness and “death” and is the ultimate of optimistic universal events. This year the Solstice will actually take place around 12:30 AM on the 22nd of December. That is when the Sun moves into 0 degrees Capricorn.  Looking at the Solstice chart I am seeing alot of unsettled energy around Uranus and Pluto (which will be hugging the Sun for at least the first week into the Solstice.)

Now I tend to be a wee more pessimistic than some – that is the Scorpio Sun in me. I had a discussion with another astrologer today who sees this chart as some kind of awakening where people come together and put aside some differences in a Christmas week sing around the Christmas tree like a bunch of Whos.  He actually said politicians may come together and do something good for America! Silly boy.

I see it is something “big” happening between the 26th and 29th – some group or person pushing the limits so much that more than just the “Occupiers” will want to do something. I see the Uranus square Sun/Pluto as a real explosive energy and the Neptune, Vesta, Chiron conjunction in Aquarius being the “birth” of a new cooperative energy but from the ground up not the top down.

So sit tight and see who eats crow just before the new year.

Happy Holidays ALL!!

Uranus has moved into Aries.

We have recently seen yet another slower, outer planet shift into another sign. I have already talked about Neptune moving into Pisces and Pluto heading into Capricorn, now we have Uranus moving in Aries. Uranus takes about seven years to move through one sign. Contrast that to Mercury which makes it through all twelve in eighty-eight days!

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Uranus is the sign of quick change – it is the rebel. I liken Uranus to the teenager of the Zodiac because it hates status quo and likes to shake things up as it explores new opportunities. Like a teenager who can turn a house on end in a minute by tossing clothes about as soon as they enter the door, leaving the refrigerator door opened and blaring loud music, Uranus brings upheaval whether you are ready or not.

Like youth, Uranus also has a humanitarian side. It isn’t jaded yet like Saturn and Pluto and sees the beauty in every person. Uranus really cares about humanity and wants to help all humans.

So now we have the teenager meeting the baby – Uranus meeting the infant of the zodiac – the raw aggressive energy of Aries. If there was ever a time to change – to finish a project or start one or to analyze a relationship. Be spontaneous- take a trip on the spur of the moment, learn Russian.

Like all teenagers, Uranus is a techno-geek – so expect another explosion of gadgets and widgets in the next seven years.

However, remember that teens are prone to explosions and irrational anger. So watch for impulsive, erratic energy.

It is important to look at your chart and see what Uranus/Aquarius Aries/Mars activate – control the energy and you will make great headway in these areas.  (Countries can also have these planets in strategic areas of their charts so watch for eruptions around the world.)

Everyone please breathe!

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My friend Arlene – whose paintings and photos you see here has a tag line on all her emails which reads, “Take care and breathe.”  I tease her about going Los Angeles on us but I think we should all listen to her right now.

First, we have the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, Mars, Lilith and Uranus all in Aries right now, the sign of unbridled male energy. It is a great time to start new projects and chart new courses. However, it is a also a time where we can make impulsive and wrong headed decisions on the spur of the moment. Think of it as all of these planets experiencing road rage. So if these planets are falling in your 7th house you might suddenly decide to make changes to your business or marriage relationships. They might sound good at the moment but after thinking about it for a day or two you realize those changes are disastrous. 

Also on April 5 and 6 the Moon will be void of course. When a body moves from one sign to another  – when it is 27 degrees in one sign to 3 degrees in the next – it is considered void of course – a little off kilter. Because the Moon moves so quickly it is void of course a few days every month. This is a time when our emotions may be a little hinky.

If you couple void of course Moon with all of this male Aries energy flying around it could lead to some serious mistakes. So please everyone for the next week or so – breathe first act second!

Uranus is now in Aries – Will Progressives Hear It?

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Ok kids all excuses are now mute – Uranus is in Aries and will live there for the next seven years. Think of that balance of energy – Uranus the rebel, the harbinger of the unexpected mixing with Aries the epitome of raw, warrior energy! Wow. It is a cliché but I have to say it, “Expect the unexpected.” Remember that Uranus is the only planet that orbits the Sun on its side not up and down. Is that goofy or what? Notice I didn’t say it would bring “good” or “bad” things – just new and different. Whatever happens it is best to accept it and grow.

The most exciting part about this for me is that I think people will become more energized to work for the betterment of humanity. I truly believe that the days of a few trying to funnel the money of the middle class to the rich, the days of the left being cowed to stay silent while the radical right destroys our economy and works hard to bring us back to the dark ages socially may finally run their course. Uranus has a heart – it is the humanitarian of planets and the sign it rules, Aquarius, supports group activities on behalf of social betterment.

With Neptune soon moving into Pisces and bringing that sense of the “little guy” standing up against all odds and this crusading energy of Aries fueling Uranus we should see a rejuvenation of the progressive sensibility. If the left doesn’t mobilize now they never will because they also have Pluto still in Capricorn – demanding change in authority structures and bringing secrets to light.

The stars are aligned kids; you have to do the rest!