Jupiter Turns Direct On June 9 When the Moon is “Full” in Sagitarrius

For those of you who love retrogrades – and you know who you are – you have just a few more days of Jupiter in this position. Seriously, retrogrades are great times to work on the energy not only of the planet but of the constellation it is stutter-stepping in during the retrograde.



Jupiter turned retrograde back in February in Libra, ruled by Venus, the sign of relationships both romantic and financial. Of course, Jupiter is our largest planet and urges to explore the world, indeed, the universe.  The last thing Jupiter wants is restriction and confinement. This retrograde period is perfect to explore where you feel boxed in by relationships or, equally importantly, where you are boxing yourself in with negative thought. Jupiter is our jovial planet – so thoughts like, “No one will ever like me” or ” I can never get my money under control” do not sit well with her.

Get to the root cause of these blockages and other relationship concerns. Then be reading to burst forth with a new plan of action when Jupiter goes direct and the Moon is “full” in the constellation ruled by Jupiter, Sagittarius.

No more excuses – Jupiter was growth and Libra seeks balance. Use these last few days of retrograde to see how you can be ready for all of that positive energy and rebuild or rework your relationships.

Libran Lessons of Balancing the Self During the April Full Moon

I had a very interesting dream the other night. It started with me entertaining three close friends for breakfast. Unfortunately, I hadn’t realized I had schedule+6d a meeting of a civic group one hour later and then my book club was coming just minutes later. As these three events converged I found myself sort of spinning around trying to please every group and failing miserably with each.  I woke up laughing at myself and thinking what a perfect dream for a Libra rising person at the height of the full Libran Moon!

The full Moon this month, a Moon in Libra, peaked on April 11. It occurred when Jupiter and the Moon were in conjunction and opposing both the Sun and Uranus. Jupiter makes everything more grandiose. Our largest planet hates boundaries. Libra, being an air sign also prefers total free range and is our most social of signs. Libra loves to get into the business of others and can go to the extreme of total co-dependence. These two coming together just want nothing more than for us to lose all sense of self and blend with and get the acceptance and approval of others.

Someone like myself with a Libra ascendant (having Libra on the cusp of the first, eastern most, house that of personality hence our rising sign) can relate to this never ending need to merge with others. It is so easy for someone with a strong Libran chart to lose themselves totally. For that reason I knew that my dream was a message from Libra to pull back, slow down, and come back to myself.

With the Sun opposing the Moon (which is why the Moon is full at this time because we can see it without the interference of the Sun) – we feel the disconnect between our inner selves – the Sun – and our emotions – the Moon. This is a perfect time to ask where you are either blocking or allowing your emotions to take over.

When you throw Uranus, the rebel, into the mix you get the desire to break free – to be follow your own drummer. It was the part of the dream asking me to find my own desires in this mix of doing for others. He was asking me to break from my self-imposed social demands and do what I needed and wanted to do for me again.

When I looked at that Libran Moon this week, I kept the dream in mind as I tried to remember to reign in the negative aspects of Libra – and maintain that Uranus spark of myself in my hectic socialized life.

Others with a strong Libra influence in their chart should take a moment to reflect on that balance we children of the scales must maintain.

The Moon Jupiter Dance At the Full Moon

The Moon is nearly full and will be so on March 23. Between now and then you can see the bright Moon making a very close conjunction to enormous Jupiter. The Moon is in airy Libra right now and the combination of her co-dependent tendencies and Jupiter’s size and this has the makings for a very emotional full Moon. Pull back and keep yourself in control during this transit or you may regret your actions.

This is the first full Moon of Spring and known as the ‘Worm Moon’ named for the worm trails that appear at this time of year when Nature begins to awaken. Robin and Crow Moons are other names. Think of this reawakening at this emotional time to learn how you would like to tame your responses when the worms of life get under your skin!

Thanksgiving Full Moon

moonWe will be able to go to “grannies house” for Thanksgiving this year by the light of the full Moon. While it will be at its peak on November 25, one day before Thanksgiving, she will still be bright on Thanksgiving.


If you are one who takes a walk after the big meal, look in the sky and she might be visible still even during the day.  In fact, being active might be the right prescription for this day both spiritually and physically.


This is a Gemini Moon because the opposing Sun is in  Sagittarius, this is the Astrological axis of information. Both Gemini and Sagittarius love to exchange knowledge. Gemini is proud of his ability to know a little about a lot and Sagittarius just loves knowing – and telling you what they know! This can make for some interesting Thanksgiving discussions, to say the least.


This Moon will occur a direct Saturn square Neptune (see my post two weeks ago for more information on this.) This is a clash of the authority and known social attitudes (Saturn) and dreamy, spiritual wandering (Neptune.) This is what we used to call a perfect clash of the generation gap; the established versus the young dreamer. As I said, this could be an interesting Thanksgiving around the dinner table!

A Pisces Virgo FULL MOON this week – Where is your Victim-Martyr Axis?

moon_full_moon_clouds_veilOn Thursday, the universe will grant us a full Moon. For the Moon to be “full,” it must be as far away as it can away from the Sun, 180 degrees. Now that the Sun is in Pisces, the Moon has to be in the opposite sign, which is Virgo. Yes, it is the dreaded Pisces-Virgo axis! I am being a little snarky here but this the traditional “Victim-Martyr” axis in Astrology.

Virgo is the victim to the service to perfection. Virgo must serve either a person or a cause and whatever they do it must live up to their sometimes-grandiose ideas of perfection. Of course, the trick is that nothing is ever perfect enough for Virgo so they can get on a downward spiral of self-criticism as they never measure up to what they high standards. The martyr aspect of this duo is Pisces, a sign that really does not like being here on Earth.

Pisces, the old soul of the zodiac, and on some level knows all there is to know about universal mystery. They have a cosmic memory of life in spirit and frankly, they prefer that existence to this one. In order to get back to spirit, Pisces will pile on the karma to get off the wheel a bit faster. You will find many people with Pisces Sun, Moon, and Ascendant allowing a person, addiction or situation to victimize them. Remember, we are talking shadow here. Not all Virgo’s are crazed perfectionists and not all Pisces are slaves but both of these signs have the propensity to exhibit some of these aspects of their signs.

A full Moon is the time for renewal and rebirth. Look at your chart and find where your personal Virgo-Pisces axis exists in your chart. For instance, if you have Virgo on the first house cusp, as your ascendant, are you still to self-critical, do you keep hiding yourself because you will never live up to your own image of perfection?

me and Full Moon

In my chart, I have the full Moon occurring between my 5th and 11th house. Where I need to review my victim-martyr response is in the arena of showing off my creative self (5th house) and my friends (11th) house. Some questions I can ask myself are, do I allow them to overshadow me, am I allowing them to think for me and am I asserting myself in a group enough. Knowing where these cosmic events are occurring in your chart assist in making the changes we need to grow. Remember, your chart is your cosmic GPS, don’t go through life with it turned off.


A Full Moon Rising – Tomorrow!

A full Moon brings what has been in the dark – your subconscious – into the light. With the Sun now in Cancer, the opposite sign, the sign of the opposing Moon is Capricorn. (For the Moon to be “full,” it must be as far away as it can be from the Sun.) Cancer and Capricorn are the “mommy” and “daddy” signs. Cancer is the epitome of traditional motherly, nurturing energy and Capricorn is more the authoritarian father energy.
This full Moon is a good time to balance that yin and yang energies – the male and female polarity that exists in everyone. This might be a good time to analyze where you are giving up to much of your power and energy taking care of others as opposed to nurturing yourself (having authority over yourself.)
Masculine and feminine is not really about sex – it is about balancing those two halves that need to be healthy in all of us. Are we compassionate and nurturing enough without harming ourselves? Are we self-assertive enough, can we express our anger properly? These are all questions we need to ask during this wonderful full Moon.

The Moon will be “full” at 7:24 AM EDT so you have the whole day on Saturday to balance that Moon energy! Enjoy

Full Moon Time!

The full Moon this month will be on June 13 at will take place at 22 degrees Sagittarius.   I love Sagittarius full Moons perhaps because my North Node is in Sagittarius. However, it is more than that. It is June, everything is in bloom, and everything is growing and expanding. Isn’t that the essence of Sag: growth, breaking our borders, reaching beyond our roots?  I always think about Sagittarius as a shooting arrow into the world – just like the flower and vegetable seeds are sprouting outward and upward.
If you have Sagittarius prominently placed in your chart – either North Node, rising sign, sun sign, use this time to feel that energy. Where do you have to get out of your safe zone? Where do you need to grow? Where are you stagnating?
The positive aspects of Sagittarius are optimism, adventurousness, generosity, and intellectualism. Use them!
It’s June, it is a Sagittarius full Moon – go for it! Grow.

Contact me for a review if you want to explore the Sagittarius aspects of your chart.

Corn Planting Moon in Scorpio – May 14

Happy Corn Planting Moon (or Flower Moon.) I love these Moon names because they remind us of the days when we were really connected with nature and the energy of the Universe.

This Moon will be in the sign of Scorpio – the Sun, of course, is in the opposite sign of Taurus. A Moon is “full” when it is furthest from the Sun. If you have been following along with me in the past month when I spoke about the change that the “grand cross” brought to us, hopefully for the better, then view this Full Moon as the final brushstroke of that change.

Scorpio, ruled by Pluto, is the sign of change of transformation. Use this full Moon for a time to take the changes that you worked on during the “grand cross” for a test drive. What is working? What do you need to “tweak” and where are you falling back on your old ways?

The Moon will be at its fullest at 3;16 PM so while you won’t be able to see it then you can still tune into the energy.

Happy Full Moon and get the rows of new habits planted just as you would your corn!

The Blood Moon – April 15!!

The pink or “blood” full Moon* will take place during the lunar eclipse (you have to have a full moon to have an eclipse) on April 15. There is no doubt this is a very active astrological time (see my blog entry on the Grand Cross.) If you are one inclined to be spooked, the fact that this full Moon will occur when it is entering the constellation of Scorpio, coupled with the Grand Cross can make you a wee bit nervous.  A blood Moon in Scorpio during the Grand Cross – lions and tigers and bears…
Fear not my stargazers. Think of the energy of an eclipse – bringing new energy. Combine that with the energy of Scorpio – the sign of personal change and transformation and you have all of that cardinal energy of the Grand Cross. Don’t bury your head in the sand in fear – use this time to make huge changes in your life. Come on!
In addition, if you are one who can contact the “other side” with some ease you will find that talent enhanced at this time.  Scorpio is all about contact with those who have gone on before us. Even if you do not think you have this talent – sit quietly and concentrate on those who are no longer here. You might be seeing signs or hearing their voices.

*A blood Moon often happens during a lunar eclipse because the eclipse action scatters a lot of colors but not the red.  That is a really shorthanded explanation but you get my drift. 

Worm Moon and Updates on the Grand Cross.

On March 7, I wrote about the grand cross that will peak on April 20 -21:
Of course, there are elements who are prone to anger and attack. I personally think that these retrogrades will cause someone or some faction we are not expecting, to cause the biggest problem. Saturn and Mars retrograde are anger and aggression turned inward.
The next day the sad and still unfinished saga of Malaysia flight 370 began. The grand cross makes the buried anger out in sad ways. Now we watch the Ukraine but with this we must always expect the totally unexpected.

On a more uplifting topic, enjoy the Worm Moon today. No really, that is one of the names of this phase – the Worm Moon. It is a time in spring when the robins are to start pulling worms from the thawing ground. Of course, we are expecting six inches of snow in Washington, DC tonight. Hey – the unexpected!
This Moon is “full” when it is the furthest it can be from the Sun – and this one happens when the Sun is in Pisces and the Moon in Virgo. Pisces/Virgo is the victim – martyr axis. These signs are classic at being self-defeatist and self-deprecating to a fault. So take this time to find out where you are playing the “don’t worry about me” grandma in your life and find a little balance.