Rafeal Edward Cruz I Love You

I love Senator Ted Cruz of Texas. No, really I do! If you are someone who has been reading my blog you might be scratching your head at this point saying, “Has she gone mad?” Nope. Think about it. Ted Cruz is doing two things for which I have been begging the universe. He is ripping the Republican Party apart exposing the Tea Party for the loonies that they are and showing their total hypocrisy for embracing a man NOT born in America. Yes, apparently the same people who can castigate the President for being born in the far off country of Hawaii are embracing as their 2016 candidate a Canadian! I love it – he is made to order for any liberal or really any thinking person in America today! Thanks to him releases his birth certificate we have his date and place of birth (did I say it was CANADA?) but unfortunately not his birth time. Drat those evil foreigners. However, we can learn a lot about a person even without the time thanks to that wonderful device, the South Node.

Ted’s South Node is in Leo, telling us that his past lives featured him demanding center stage. Leo, ruled the Sun is the sign of the King, the ruler, who demands to be the center of his subject’s attention. Leo needs people to surround him and reflect off of him. He has to have others revolve around him. Well let’s see – can we say the Ted is still living in his South Node? We are supposed to be moving from the South to the North in our lives. Therefore, he should be embracing the ideals of Aquarius – the sign opposite of Leo. Aquarius is all about brotherhood, humanity – thinking things through. Now he might think he is doing that – however, we can see how much he loves to have those people cheering for him no matter the consequences. This puts me in a quandary. I love to see people embrace their North Nodes and work to help my clients reach that goal. However, the longer Ted plays the megalomaniac the better for America… what to do – what to do? Ah, now that I think about it – he wouldn’t listen to me anyway. After all I am one the evil, educated elites. So Ted – keep it up. The more you stay in Leo shadow the happier I will be!

Is There An Astrology To The Government Shutdown?

***Download my new podcast Astrological Cooking http://webtalkradio.net/internet-talk-radio/astrological-cook/******* Is There An Astrology To The Government Shutdown? Probably not -I guess the beginnings start with the Tea Party. How can we tell when that started? I don’t know, was it the the Civil War or when a black man became President? I would rather not think about them any more than forced to, frankly. If you want to destroy your government, you are an anarchist. If you want your fellow Americans to go broke you are not a patriot. Keep in mind that we have until December 13 before Uranus comes out of retrograde and November 13 before Neptune gets its act together so we have a few more weeks, months of the energy of those big guys messing around. I put the astrological blame on the square retrograded Uranus makes to Pluto. Retrograded Uranus is quick, rebellious energy turned inward – with no real direction. It is in the sign of Aries, the sign of male energy and drive. Aries of course wears the shadow of the baby of the zodiac; do it my way or we will pout. DO it my way or I will throw the biggest temper tantrum ever. It is safe to say that that the Tea Party faction, who fancy themselves rebels are now exhibiting the worst of the Aries shadow and the Uranus retrograde. I want it now and I want it now and… You get my picture. Uranus being retrograded exacerbates the fact that they talk only to themselves in their Fox-bubble. They actually think they are winning the public relations battle.

Pluto, which has just come out of retrograde is in Capricorn, the sign of government. I have spoken often of the 2008 – 2027 reign of a Capricornian Pluto and the change it brings upon government and authority structures. That energy of that Uranus retrograde (which over Washington is in the 6th house, the house of day to day work) is just irritating slower Pluto – in the 3rd – the house of ideas and communication. Those “rebel” Tea Partiers are just enjoying the heck out of irritating the big lumbering government – with their wacky ideas and don’t care whose paycheck they effect by closing down the daily functioning of the government. I am relying on that direct Neptunian energy after November 13 to force a collective sign of “ENOUGH” from the public. Neptune in Pisces is a time of peace, brotherhood, and coming together. Hopefully that energy will be enough to keep the Uranus gang in the corner. Let’s hope.

Ken Cuccinelli – Full of Surprises

We have a hum-dinger of an off year gubernatorial election in Virginia this year. Sadly, Virginia has a bad record in off year elections – mostly because those of us in North don’t like to vote in off year elections and the results are often disastrous. This year could have the same results this year if we don’t muster the votes in the North.

The Republican nominee is Ken Cuccinelli who is as right wing tea party as they come. You know the type, the government should be out of your life except if you are female then it should be in your life, your body and every decision you can even conceive of making. (And yes I used that word on purpose.)

I wondered what made this creature tick astrologically and frankly assumed that he had an Aries south node – you know I do – I am – you follow – and that is it and no more. Silly me – you know what they say about assuming? He is actually the opposite – A Libra South Node. Libra? The co-dependent, super-people person sign of Libra? Was my eyesight going?

Even though we don’t know the birth time, the S Node will remain the same throughout the day so it really doesn’t matter. Yes indeed, he is coming from a Libra existence. What also caught my eye is his current Mercury Mars in Cancer -the sign of the caring mother. This can only mean one thing to me  – as odd as it seems he really believes the nonsense he is slinging!

With his South Node conjunct the Moon and Pallas all in Libra he is emotionally invested in taking up the cause of meddling into everyone’s personal life (Libra.) With Libra’s ruler, Venus, in the sign of the kingly Leo – he is stubbornly attached to this past life persona. Add in all of that mother energy of Cancer – he really thinks he is helping people! Argh

It doesn’t help that Cancer and Libra are Cardinal signs – the sign of the doer – the achiever.

He has a predominance of Cardinal -and fixed signs  -stubborn leadership energy – this guy isn’t going away and heave help Virginia if he gets any more power.  There will be no limits to his Libra meddling.