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Are You Honestly Ready for the Sagittarius Full Moon?

I use the word honestly because it is near and dear to the heart of a Sagittarius. Never ask a Sag. if a dress makes you look fat because they will tell you, in spades and double-downed.  This full Moon is on the Sagittarius-Gemini or information axis. Gemini likes to gather data and disseminate it as quickly as possible. Sagittarius prefers to ruminate on each topic and get to know every single detail. What do you do when we have a Full Moon on this axis? Evaluate how we absorb information, of course! Here are some prompts to think about
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This is Not Watergate

History repeats itself but never in same way. While it is easy to draw similarities with our last Constitutional crises, Watergate, the Trump related problems are vastly different, politically and astrologically. Watergate was an abuse of power by a paranoid man and his henchmen. This is the possible collusion with a foreign power by a presidential candidate and then president and his men. Watergate happened during the last of a series of Pluto/Saturn/Jupiter squares that characterized the previous decade. While we have come off similar series of squares, the energy now is deeper and more karmic. I have stated in
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The Comey Firing

So was happening on Tuesday night when Trump fired FBI Director Comey?  Mercury, recently out of retrograded and in the fire sign of Mars, made an exact conjunction to Uranus, also in Mars, as it is trining Saturn in retrograde. Let’s break that down. Mercury, the communicator whose fleetness of foot allowed him to be the messenger from the gods, is ripe for some caustic words because of the infusion of the Mars energy. When he is cozying up to rebellious and fitful Uranus also infused with Mars aggression – it makes the time recipe for aggressive, erratic communications. The
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