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A Marriage Made Where?

Written June 1982 Ok I know I am a novice at astrology but I do not understand why astrologers are gushing over the upcoming nuptials of Diana Spencer and Prince Charles. I see very famous astrologers writing that this is a marriage made in Heaven – the Prince and the commoner (although Diane’s family is far from common.) It is the fairy tale and I fear are caught up in the hoopla surrounding a royal wedding and shirking their duty as astrologers. Well some fairy tales have not so happy endings and I don’t see much that will lead these
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Bush/Gore and the Question of Karma.

So I am sitting up nights as the battle of the hanging chads take place in Florida and wonder who will be our next president? As I often do in times of consternation, I look to the stars. Specially, I am combining the charts of George W. Bush born July 6, 1946, 7:26 AM in New Haven, Ct. and Al Gore, born March 31, 1948 at 12:53 PM in Washington, DC and matching them against a chart for Election Day 2000 in a Synastry chart. *I see that it all comes down to a question of karma. This has not
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Al Gore Happy At Last in His North Node

Being a person rabid with anger every time the Bush regime destroys another civil liberty, “spreads Democracy ” at the point of gun and sits by as the Earth comes to a boil, it is hard to step into my role as astrologer and take a dispassionate view of the Universe’s bizarre sense of irony. If nothing else, this is certainly a test of the theory that all occurrences naturally have both a positive and shadow effects – that nothing on Earth is perfectly good or perfectly horrible. (For example, in the wake of a horrible disaster – man made
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