Quintessential Leo Chart

I have a theory that people achieve fame in their lives because they have very sharply defined charts. They do not have any wishy-washy planets or aspects. On July 29, 1929, Jacqueline Bouvier was born with one hum-dinger of a pronounced chart.
With her South Node or karmic identifier in Scorpio in the first house she lived many lives addicted to drama, and passion – she saw the barriers of life – emotionally and sexually and insisted that they were there for her to break. Scorpios love living on the edge – and coming into life with this Scorpio memory, she was not interested in settling into a “normal” life.
Scorpio also sat on her first house, the house of personality. (Those dark glasses blocking out the world are a dead giveaway for someone who is trying to keep the prying world out – a very Scorpio trick.) Her life of intensity, life and death drama – and passion started with that South Node and Scorpio first house. In the eighth house, the one ironically linked to Scorpio was her Venus, the planet of love and Pluto, the planet of death and transformation. That she had a karmic relationship with her husband’s and they both ended with dramatic, Scorpio deaths was indicative of this placement. As I said, there was nothing wishy-washy about this chart at all.
Her need for money and security comes from her retrograded Saturn in the second house, the house of money and stability. Anyone with a retrograded Saturn has “daddy issues” – and she adored her wayward, womanizing father and we can say – married him twice. She needed old men with money to fill that retrograde.

With her North Node in Taurus – her goal in this life was to find inner peace and stability that I would argue she did at the end of the life – of course, with the help of her second husband’s millions but she did get there.

Full Moon Time!

The full Moon this month will be on June 13 at will take place at 22 degrees Sagittarius.   I love Sagittarius full Moons perhaps because my North Node is in Sagittarius. However, it is more than that. It is June, everything is in bloom, and everything is growing and expanding. Isn’t that the essence of Sag: growth, breaking our borders, reaching beyond our roots?  I always think about Sagittarius as a shooting arrow into the world – just like the flower and vegetable seeds are sprouting outward and upward.
If you have Sagittarius prominently placed in your chart – either North Node, rising sign, sun sign, use this time to feel that energy. Where do you have to get out of your safe zone? Where do you need to grow? Where are you stagnating?
The positive aspects of Sagittarius are optimism, adventurousness, generosity, and intellectualism. Use them!
It’s June, it is a Sagittarius full Moon – go for it! Grow.

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Major Gemini-Sagitarrian Activitiy TODAY!

The question of today is where is Gemini at 27 degrees in your chart?  Let me explain.
Every year at this time, the Sun passes over the Galactic Center – the rotational point of Milky Way. The Center is at 27 degrees Sagittarius – so 27 degrees into the constellation of Sagittarius is the center of the Milky Way.  (The Sun is at 25 degrees Sagittarius now and will be fully at 27 degrees on Thursday.)

Today we are going to experience a full Moon – (when the Sun and Moon are opposing one another in the sky. The Moon is “full” because it is far away from the Sun and its natural light flows uninhibited.  That full Moon is in Gemini at 27 degrees. 

Gemini and Sagittarius share an astrological axis. Gemini is the ruler of our thoughts, the way we communicate. Sagittarius is where we go out into the world and explore to hone our truth and expand our knowledge. Both deal with expressing ourselves. 
This is a perfect Moon placement to expand our perceptions, explore our beliefs, and examine how our mental tapes are running. From now until the Solstice on Saturday, we should be tuning into those energies to help clear out our mental cobwebs, finding, and expressing our truth! 
To help this new mental energy flow even better we finally have Uranus (rebellious, new energy) out of retrograde. It is at station direct – meaning it is sort of appearing to stand still in the sky but it is not heading backwards. Use Uranus – set that goal to be honest with your thoughts and honest with others.

So back to my first question – where is Gemini at 27 degrees in your chart. That is the area where this activation vibrates most for you. For me it is in 9th house – the house of Sagittarius, which happens to be my North Node. Wow, I have no excuse not to pursue and live my truth now. I had better get to work!

Lunar Nodes: Guide to Your Past Life and Current Soul’s Desires with Astrologer Joan Porte

Lunar Nodes: Guide to Your Past Life and Current Soul’s Desires with Astrologer Joan Porte
This is a presentation on the karmic implications of the North and South Nodes of the Moon. the South Node is our karmic imprint – where we are coming from and where we have a past karmic identification or even addiction. the North Node is where we should be progressing toward in this lifetime. Joan will use charts of the famous and infamous to illustrate the lunar nodes.
Date:        Wednesday, January 9, 2013
Location: Cary Executive Center (aka Cary Building)
                8136 Old Keene Mill Rd
                Suite 209-A
                Springfield, VA 22152
Time:       Doors open at 6:30 pm for meet & greet
                Lecture starts at 7:15 pm to 9:00 pm
Fee:         $15.00 if you pre-register
                $20.00 at the door
Pre-registration is easy.
You can go to NOVA Astrology Group and register using PayPal. Or, you can send a check made out to NOVA Astrology Group to:
Misty Kuceris
PO Box 1532
Springfield, VA 22151-0532

Nodal Return

Burnt Draw Overlook
Courtesy of arlenew.com

I had a birthday last week that is going to start a series of Astrological events that can be someone trying albeit educational. At the ripe age of 56, we hit our nodal return, that is, the North and South Node are back where they were when you were born. This happens once every 18-19 years but the ones we “feel” are the ones that happen between 37/38 and 56/57 because we have had some life behind us.

A nodal return brings up unfinished karma. Remember your South Node is where we are coming from in our previous lives – so if there are situations or people that we haven’t quite resolved they are going to come up and smack us in the face. That could be perceived as “bad” but it is really a great thing to be aware of what is happening. If you know that things are happening because of unresolved karma then instead of moaning and complaining you can make an effort to clear the annoyances.

When people are unaware of what is going on they are confused, angry and missing wonderful opportunities to move on and grow.

So check the calendar – is the nodal return happening? If so, take advantage of it. Let me take a look at your chart and see what issues might be on the horizon!

Nodes on the Loose

 I had lunch with a friend today who has been feeling a little out of sorts. You know the feeling;  pulled one way and then another –  wanting to do something as opposed to having to do something – knowing you should be working on your business when you want to be hibernating. So being the dutiful astrologer I checked her chart before I met up with her. Sure enough her nodes were transiting one another, sort of.

Follow me here – right now the North Node is at 23 degrees Sagittarius and the South Node is 23 degrees Gemini. My friend was born with just the opposite – S Node Sag and North in Gemini – and they happen to be passing each other now. So transiting South Node is sitting on her natal North and vice versa. (Sit with it – trust me it works.)  If the South Node is our karmic identity – what we are programmed from the past – and the North is where we are going to – or should be going to, we can see the root cause of her agitation.

As the opposite Node activates her natal nodes she feels the urge to try new things (North Node) but she is hanging onto the things from the past and the fear of what would happen or could happen if she lets go of her old identity (South Node.) She feels like a push-me-pull-you llama in some ways.
It is a clash of stepping out of the old and into the new fearlessly. No small fete.
So if there are feelings of being stuck and confused it doesn’t have to be but it could be a nodal transition happening.

And I promise – next week will be easier…

Happy Birthday Michelle!!

I can’t let this auspicious occasion pass without a few words. It is Michelle Bachmann’s birthday! What do you get the queen of the Tea Party? First thing I can think of is a good American History book since she seems to screw that up repeatedly. In lieu of that how about a chart? I am sure she would LOVE nothing more than an astrological chart. 

Alas and alack we don’t know the time of her birth but we can cast a chart for April 6, 1956 in Waterloo, Iowa.  (Is she really younger than me? Really?)  The Moon was in Aquarius. Let’s see what comes to mind when I think Moon in Aquarius? How about erratic, disruptive, fickle, stubborn and a little peculiar? Yup, that fits.

However, it is her North Node in Sagittarius in the 5th that is more interesting to me.
A North Node in Sagittarius in the house of creativity certainly gives her the drama gene. This is someone seeking the creative arena to speak her truth and with a North Node in Sagittarius it is very easy to assume even demand that your truth be the truth for all.

Sitting right next to her North Node is Saturn, the epitome of authority. Someone born with Saturn conjunct the North Node is seeking to join with traditional authority groups. She is seeking paternal, authoritarian approval. Of  course, with Saturn retrograde it is hard for her to do this to her satisfaction so she has to out tradition the traditionalists. “See, I can be like you. I can be the most traditional, flag waver on the block.”

Conversely, Venus, the feminine symbol of love and creativity, is conjuct her South Node in Gemini- where she is coming from karmicly. She has used her femininity to get her voice heard before.  So this lifetime she is using her “good girl” feminine energy to get the approval of very traditional masculine authority groups.

Fueled by the eccentricity of Aquarius it isn’t hard to see how she can take on this persona of Mom, Apple Pie and oh yeah everyone who isn’t exactly what the traditional, white, straight, paternal power structure decrees valuable should be marginalized.

So I guess I shouldn’t mock dear Michelle, she is in a way a victim of her Nodes.  And anyone who believes that should check my chart.

The North Node on the Galactic Center!

The Galactic Center is the center of the Milky Way where scientists believe there is the enormous black hole called a super massive black hole. Black holes are so dense that nothing – not even light can escape At the center of the super massive black holes exists gravitational singularity, a place where the space-time curvature becomes infinite. In essence singularity equals infinity. If you can get into the black hole at the Galactic Center, you would find a place where time and space do not exist – you would find infinity.

In the amazing string of events that is going on in the Universe these days, Neptune moving into Pisces, Uranus into Aries, the coolest to me anyway is the fact that the North Node is now sitting on the Galactic Center.

The Galactic Center of the Milky Way – our universe is 28 degrees into the constellation Sagittarius. Actually it is so big that it transverses 26 -28 degrees Sagittarius. Right now the North Node – that symbol of soul progression is at 27 degrees Sagittarius. So the marker of soul progression is sitting right next to the source of the Big Bang – the source of infinity. Do you think this is a good time to think about how you are living up to your soul desires in this lifetime?

I find it amazing that the Galactic Center would be in Sagittarius – the seeker of universal truth. Think about it – the source of all is in the sign of truth. We all need to be finding our personal truth in life the sign of truth is holding the source of all knowledge. Gives you chills, doesn’t it?

For someone like me, born with her North Node in Sagittarius, this is a very special time to realign with current life’s goals and to see if I am following Sagittarius’ demand to find and speak the truth.

Take a minute to explore these wonderful photos of the Galactic Center and think about what it would be like to transcend this center of all universal truth. You don’t need a spaceship just the expansive power of your mind!