Lunar Eclipse Coming – Rebels Unite :)

At 9;44 AM Eastern time on November 28th there will be a full lunar eclipse. The Moon will be in Gemini, the Sun, of course, moved into Sagittarius on Thanksgiving. That is a lot of mutable energy. Both Gemini and Sagittarius are mutable signs. Signs are either cardinal which is leadership energy, fixed which is stable and unmovable energy and mutable which is an adjustable -get along – kind of energy.

Sadly, lunar eclipses have traditionally been associated with “dark energy” – gee could it be because the Moon is a feminine energy? Solar eclipses are “male” – creating action and change. Today we look at lunar eclipses as a time for inner change – a time to go inside and explore instead of exerting outward energy.

Don’t expect big revelations with this eclipse because of the mutability, however, it s a perfect time to do some evaluating of issues on the Gemini-Sagittarius axis, such as how you use your words, how you educate yourself and more importantly how you find and speak your truth.

The Moon will be in conjunction to the asteroid Lilith, the black moon, which is the ultimate rebellious woman and Jupiter, the expansive, truth seeking planet. Although Jupiter is still in retrograde* use this time to find your inner rebel and ways to express her.

Remember the saying goes, well behaved women rarely make history —- or come into their own!

*Jupiter is the last of the big, slower, outer planets that will be shifting signs and will do so in 2013. Look forward to some interesting Jupiter energy which I will discussing in the future.

A Pisces Stellium – Let’s Take Advantage of it!

A Pisces Stellium is upon us – Did you feel like doing some more yoga this morning – maybe a bit more meditation? If you did then you have Pisces on one of your “personal planets” – Sun, Moon, Mars, Ascendant, Venus or Mercury.

Right now Chiron, Mars, Mercury, Sun, Uranus and Lilith are all in Pisces and for those of us in the D.C. are they are concentrated in the 11th house – the house of group social activities. Dare I be hopeful to think that Congress will use Pisces influence and its connection to the Cosmic Consciousness to work together and come up with legislation that will help all? Nah, more than likely Democrats will fall into the shadow of Pisces which is being a martyr and give in even more to the GOP…. oh well, I can hope.

This morning my Pisces Moon pulled me to actually do my morning yoga instead of thinking of about really seriously for a few minutes. I then lit a candle for my Pisces Mom who would have been 95 today and did some meditation.

Think of where Pisces is in your chart and reach for the high of Pisces – the brother/sister hood of Pisces – the unity with God side of Pisces. All of these planets are heading to Aries soon and all that unity will be replaced with unbridled ME energy.

Breathe now.

The Dark Moon May 10 – 13

The Dark Moon also called Lilith is astronomically the three days before the New Moon appears. The Moon, of course, cycles around us and appears with different “faces”, the full Moon, half Moon, quarter Moons. A new Moon is when it lies directly in the path between Earth and Sun, and appears to us to be in conjunction with the Sun. However, the three days before the Moon goes “new” every month it disappears totally from our view. To the ancients, it was a dark, mysterious time. Unfortunately, over the years as we moved from matriarchal religions to more male dominated religions, the dark and mysterious Moon has become demonized. It became the symbol of the “bad girl” and the baddest of them all is Lilith.

First mentioned in Sumerian mythology about 3000 years ago, Lilith was seen in Hebrew stories as the first wife of Adam. She was not too happy with the plan that she should submit to Adam and be that happy helper stuff that Eve fell for so she said “bye bye Adam” and went off to make her own way in the world. So forevermore, she was called the bad girl – the fallen woman – of the Hebrew Bible. Because the Moon has always been associated with the feminine the dark Moon, the time of mystery and secrecy eventually bore the name of Lilith.

Astrologically, the time of the dark Moon is the time when we should get in touch with the hidden side, with the side we hide from society because it is not acceptable. This is the time we need to assess why we keep the side hidden and why we dance to the rules of society.

Where Lilith is on your astrological chart indicates the area where we will often have a spiritual crises because we are hiding a part of our true self so as not to risk disapproval. Is it in Aries? Well, where is your fear of charting new courses? Gemini? Well, always seeking the unusual in travel is fun but are you running away from something? Scorpio Lilith brings passion and pushes us to be free of sexual inhibitions.

So use those dark days to see what you have kept hidden from yourself for fear of repercussions and assess if that is still working for you.