Moon Saturn April 16

By now you know to look for the lunar eclipse on the night of April 14 – into the 15th, however, the “Moon Show” continues for the rest of the week.  On the night of April 16, the waning gibbous moon will be in conjunction with Saturn. Astrologically all I can say is Oye – hang onto your emotions. Saturn has a depressing effect on us and, of course, the Moon is the controller of the emotions. 

Toward the end of the week, Jupiter and Mars will be making a square  – yes, start signing that ’60’s song they aren’t aligned but we need a sign a bit during this!  Oh but I failed to mention that Mars will be in retrograde until  May 20. So we have inverted aggression aligning with the planet of expansion a week before the Grand Cross comes to full power. In my case, someone who inflicted past hurts on me in the pass reared their ugly head and brought it all up again. Anger, aggression turned inward – and expanding forward. As I said Oye.

The chart below shows how that Grand Cross – Pluto, Jupiter Mars and Uranus are almost at a complete square to one another. 

Just being aware of these sky movements and looking at how these planets are instigating your chart will help get through the next few weeks. 

The Moons of February – Get Ready for Pisces Energy

YES! There was a full Moon on Valentine’s Day and it was in Leo. I didn’t post that information and heard from a few people about that. Sorry! So for your planning  – there will be a new Moon on February 28th and it will be in Pisces. For those who do new Moon manifestations – this is a very spiritual Moon.  Not only will the Moon be in Pisces, but it will be conjunct with Neptune, the planet the rules Pisces. There is no better time to let the imagination and your spiritual awareness soar.

Jupiter, which in the days before Neptune made its appearance to us, was given ruler ship of Pisces, will be making a harmonious aspect to both bodies. Jupiter’s energy is one of expansion and reaching beyond our borders. Moon dreams, Neptune spirituality and Jupiter growth — it all sounds like a wonderful combination!

Yes, Jupiter will still be in retrograde for another month. So you will have to do a little more work to tap into that energy. Half the fun is in getting there isn’t it?

Jupiter Moves into Cancer For a Thirteen Month Run

on June 26. What does it mean for the largest planet to be in the most motherly and nurturing sign of Cancer?
At its best this transit will help with intuition, imagination, and our sense of compassion. It is a great time to find where you need to work on your compassion – you know normally the person you want to smash over the head – take a breath and think about how you can find something good about them!
This is also a great time to save your money – in other words – nurture your assets. Check your home as well – what improvements do you need to make?
If you know where your natal Jupiter is in your chart you will see when this transit will really resonate with you. For example, mine is in the 11th house in Leo. When the Jupiter in Cancer activates that I should be making time to find out how my friends do or do not nurture me – and how I care for them. (The 11th house is the house of social contacts.) It will also be a good time to do some heavy networking.

Jupiter will move into Cancer while in the 9th house. So start making your plans for that international trip you have always thought about. Too expensive? OK then go to all of the foreign restaurants and movies you always promised yourself. Remember, Cancer is nurturing and Jupiter is expansion!

Lunar Eclipse Coming – Rebels Unite :)

At 9;44 AM Eastern time on November 28th there will be a full lunar eclipse. The Moon will be in Gemini, the Sun, of course, moved into Sagittarius on Thanksgiving. That is a lot of mutable energy. Both Gemini and Sagittarius are mutable signs. Signs are either cardinal which is leadership energy, fixed which is stable and unmovable energy and mutable which is an adjustable -get along – kind of energy.

Sadly, lunar eclipses have traditionally been associated with “dark energy” – gee could it be because the Moon is a feminine energy? Solar eclipses are “male” – creating action and change. Today we look at lunar eclipses as a time for inner change – a time to go inside and explore instead of exerting outward energy.

Don’t expect big revelations with this eclipse because of the mutability, however, it s a perfect time to do some evaluating of issues on the Gemini-Sagittarius axis, such as how you use your words, how you educate yourself and more importantly how you find and speak your truth.

The Moon will be in conjunction to the asteroid Lilith, the black moon, which is the ultimate rebellious woman and Jupiter, the expansive, truth seeking planet. Although Jupiter is still in retrograde* use this time to find your inner rebel and ways to express her.

Remember the saying goes, well behaved women rarely make history —- or come into their own!

*Jupiter is the last of the big, slower, outer planets that will be shifting signs and will do so in 2013. Look forward to some interesting Jupiter energy which I will discussing in the future.

Moon and Jupiter – Appearing Together Now!

There are many spots on planet Earth, including the East Coast, where you can get a good shot of a Moon/Jupiter conjunction. For the next few nights look to the right of the silvery Moon and you will see a bright dot – that is Jupiter. The Moon is now 7 degrees Taurus, and retrograded Juptier is 3 degrees Taurus. Now we know that the Moon and Jupiter are NOT right next to one another in the sky; four degrees of Taurus is a long stretch of  property. However, it gives you a good idea of what we mean by a conjunction.

You can see this conjunction on the chart above. Look on the right side in the seventh house. You see a quarter Moon and then slightly downward is the big 4 – that is the symbol of Jupiter.  Charts are snapshots of the sky at a moment in time!