Happy Full Aries Moon – And an Eclipse

Tonight at 7;38 PM Eastern – we will experience a lunar eclipse and a full Moon in Aries. This is a Hunter’s Moon, a signal to the ancients that is time to store food for the winter. It is also called a Blood Moon. How appropriate that this year it is in Aries. Aries is the sign of action, movement and initiation so this a wonderful time to commit to follow your goals. No excuses.

With the Sun in Libra, this is also a time to balance your needs (Aries) with others (Libra.)Compromise, balance and effort – geez I wish this Moon had come about two weeks ago over Washington! On second thought – we need more than a full Moon to fix that bunch.

Ayn Rand The Social Security Accepting Atheist AKA the Darling of the Far Right

Yes, you know I will get around to doing a chart on Paul Ryan; I just have to get over my shock and amusement that Romney would pick a choice for VP worse than John McCain’s. However, because we know that Ryan is just in love with the author (whom he calls philosopher) Ayn Rand, I thought I would take a moment to take a look at beloved Ayn’s chart. After all she must have some kind of power if she could make the lunatic fringe love her so even though her life defied what they claim to hold so dear.

 I have read “Atlas Shrugged” and “Fountainhead” and thought they were both pretty good novels. They are well written pieces of literature that kept my attention but I never thought to make them words to live by. I was even more shocked when people who somehow actually believe the Bible is a literal translation of the words of God would supersede that holy book with ones written by an avowed atheist.

That brings me to the first thing this chart tells me. That is, contrary to popular belief she really wasn’t an atheist. Her South Node is in Pisces in the 9th house. Pisces is the sign most connected to the “god source” and 9th house is the sign of spiritual searching. With the South Node conjuncting Juno, the goddess of loyalty, she spent many a life time dedicated to a spiritual pursuit.

I would argue that with her rising sign in Leo, the narcissist of the Zodiac, and her Sun in Aquarius the rebel in the 7th house – the house of intimate relationships, that SHE wanted a religion built up around herself. She was the god. It is just hysterical to me that these hyper-religious fanatics are trying to make this megalomaniac’s dream come true.

We can also see where her so called work ethic – that being I do it all for myself and screw you – comes into play. Look at her 6th house, the house of physicality and day to day work. First, it is opened by Capricorn, the archetypal paternal, authoritarian figure. She has five planets in this house, three of them in Capricorn. So her up from the boot-straps, do it yourself, buck up and too bad if you are sick, old are ill can be easily drawn from this placement.

Why then would she spend the last years of your life drawing on Social Security and Medicare? Didn’t I say she had Leo rising – the Narcissist, the ego-driven sign. She could write all she wanted about this we don’t need anyone clap-trap until Leo was faced with cancer, doctor’s bills and her own problems.

 I have long held that the lunatic fringe wants a permanent underclass of people who remain poor, undereducated and hyper religious and who will believe anything thrown at them from “on high.”  I doubt most of the Ryan devotees have ever read Rand or know anything about her life because that would require using the mind. What I do know is that somewhere Ayn Rand, is laughing herself silly over finally getting what her Leo always wanted – her own religion!

That Funny Lunar Eclipse

Remember when I said that the Lunar Eclipse would cut across linear time? Well it sure did. Saturday I was scheduled to represent First Book (a great charity that gets books into the hands of kids) at a gift giving fare at a local church. I had known for weeks that my shift was 10a- 12 noon. However, when I woke up Saturday morning I was convinced that I had the whole morning to play around because my shift didn’t start until noon! I was enjoying the morning, drinking up the eclipse when I suddenly heard my blackberry sound the 15 minute alarm.

I couldn’t help but laugh – the eclipse was having fun with me. By making me forget the correct time for my appointment, the universe allowed me to have some eclipse time. Had I remembered the 10:00 AM start I probably would have been spending eclipse time getting ready – and while I had to rush around the house like a chicken with its head cut off – I was able to spend time with the moon AND get to the event in time.

How did you feel the eclipse?

The Astrology of Lobsters

Today I am writing to you from the shore of the Kennebunk River which feeds into the Atlantic Ocean up here in Maine. Maine – where you can sleep on the second floor with your windows open in August…where you fall asleep to the distant mournful call of the ever alert fog horns and wake up to the clanking of the ship bells. Maine – where you can start growing claws from eating fresh lobster but get all your antioxidants from the blueberries which are everywhere. Ah…..

It is here on the banks of the river that you can also see astrology in action. Every morning and every evening the tides rush to an recede from the shores – every 12 hours and 24 minutes without fail. When the tide is out the river basin is so exposed that you can actually walk across the rocky floor. When the tide comes in the water is so high it rises the boats that had been asleep on the rocks and you are lucky to get an inch or two into the river bed without falling to your hips in water. Cold water I might add – the water never heats up here even in August. 

That my dear friends is astrology in action. It is taken for granted even in the least spiritual circles (although I can’t account for birthers or non-evolutionists because who knows what goes on in their heads) that the Moon controls the tides. Let me repeat that – the Moon controls the tides.

We also get the word lunatic from the Latin for Moon –Luna– because people act oddly during the full Moon.  When I worked as a lobbyist for an engineering association many  button down collar, conservative  engineer types admitted that many nuclear power plants put extra security on during the full Moon because of the increased threats.

OK so the Moon controls the tides and our emotions. Why then is it so odd to think that the Sun influences our inner life force and Mercury our thought patterns and Mars our masculine warrior energy? Is it OK for the Moon to do things because we can’t help but prove it’s power over our lives so we have to accept it?
So many people who accept the concept of full Moon madness scoff at astrology without realizing how incongruous their argument.

Think about it – I know I will but first it is time for another lobster roll.