Don’t Discount the Moon

Most astrologers don’t pay enough time exploring the Moon. It moves so fast that it often gets lost in the shuffle of the dynamos like Jupiter and Pluto. However, this little speed demon does influence our moods. Today and tomorrow the Moon will be finishing a trip through Scorpio. Having a Scorpio Sun, I can feel the “spookiness” of Scorpio – I feel a bit paranoid – looking for a shoe some shoe that must be dropping someplace. The same can be said for someone with a Scorpio Moon or Scorpio rising – the extra dose of Scorpio on our emotions brings out the negative aspects of our sign.

As she leaves Scorpio for Sagittarius the Moon will set their nerves on jitter for a bit. People with a strong Sagittarian influence might feel ex-opinionated at this time, or start being a little looser with the money.

If you are feeling out of sorts, check the position of the Moon. She has more to do with it than you think!

Dream Away This Weekend

Prepare to dream! This Saturday and Sunday, February 1 and 2, will be a good time for pleasant or productive daydreaming. The Moon will be wandering through Pisces and making positive aspects to Pisces’ ruler, the planet Neptune. Pisces is very good at sparking our imagination and making us think about “what if.” 
Pisces is also excellent at escapism. Taken to an extreme this feature of Pisces can be dangerous and can manifest in alcoholism, gambling, and even suicide. However, there is nothing wrong with spending a cold weekend afternoon with a trashy novel – or a hopefully great Super Bowl. 
If you are more spiritually inclined, this would be a good weekend to meditate and get your spiritual dreams in order – it is Candlemas, after all.

Whatever you do- take a minute to appreciate the energy of a Pisces Moon and work on making your dreams come true. 

Scorpio Eclipse November 3 –See it or FEEL it?

OK ready or not here comes the eclipse! What does this mean astrologically? All eclipses give as a great possibility to initiate change in our lives. Solar eclipses are a new beginning – because we are seeing the coming together of the opposite forces – the yin and yang – Sun –fire and Moon – emotion. It is a great time to make plans, commitments, and decisions and say I am going to do this. It is like one big New Year’s resolution but with cosmic energy instead of ten martini’s to back it up. What I find funny is so many people want to “see” the eclipse (NOTE: watch your eyes – there are correct ways of doing that) but how many people want to feel it – to live it – to embody the energy of it? This eclipse is in Scorpio – a very transformative energy. Scorpio demands that we dig deep within ourselves, overcome our secrets, fears, and taboos, and find a new sense of power. The questions that we should be asking are where does this eclipse interact with my chart – where should I be feeling the energy of change?

It’s only a Super Moon……

but it isn’t floating in a cardboard sky…. For those of us on the East Coast the Super Moon will be at its height at 6:32 AM on June 23 (of course to see it check it out on the night of the 22nd when it is dark.)
The Moon will be in Capricorn in the 6th house conjunct Pluto. This is an odd placement frankly. Pluto conjunct the Moon is a time for emotional changes – but the Moon is going to be in very unemotional Capricorn in a house that vibrates to Virgo – another tamped down Earth sign (at least for East Coast folks). I can see folks having this internal emotional explosions! Or, hopefully, people quietly working on their emotional issues.

The best advice I would give is to see how your emotions might be affecting your health (6th house) and how you can get them more in control.

In any case – enjoy the view – and let’s hope it doesn’t rain – or do anything else…you know how the Moon loves to mess with the tides and the weather….

Hanukkah Chart

Hanukkah always falls on the same date in the Jewish calendar. It is when we mesh that calendar with the Western calendar that the days move around. This year it begins tonight….by the way, next year it starts on November 27!

The Jewish calendar is lunar so let’s take a look at the Moon tonight. The chart above is calculated for sundown, which is 4:28 PM EST today, December 8. Fittingly, the Moon is in Libra, in the 5th house. Since this is a holiday of gifts, fun and celebration, Libra – the sign of friendship and sharing with the other person is a good sign for the Moon to be in. The 5th house is the house where we express our creativity – where we have fun and are kids so be a kid tonight on Hanukkah!

Just beware of gossipy family members! The ascendant is in Gemini – the sign of communications – and it’s ruler, Mercury is in Scorpio – the sign that loves to ferret out secrets. Because Mercury is in the 6th house – the house of work and health – be careful not to tell that snoopy old aunt you hate your job or your feet hurt if you don’t want it spread around the family like wild fire. Jupiter and Vesta in retrograde on the ascendant will make people want to share a bit too much.

With Juno, the asteroid of loyalty in the 7th house, the house of intimate relationships – be sure to have lots of people who REALLY mean something to you over this year. Show and tell them how much you really love them.

And Happy Holidays all!!!

That Funny Lunar Eclipse

Remember when I said that the Lunar Eclipse would cut across linear time? Well it sure did. Saturday I was scheduled to represent First Book (a great charity that gets books into the hands of kids) at a gift giving fare at a local church. I had known for weeks that my shift was 10a- 12 noon. However, when I woke up Saturday morning I was convinced that I had the whole morning to play around because my shift didn’t start until noon! I was enjoying the morning, drinking up the eclipse when I suddenly heard my blackberry sound the 15 minute alarm.

I couldn’t help but laugh – the eclipse was having fun with me. By making me forget the correct time for my appointment, the universe allowed me to have some eclipse time. Had I remembered the 10:00 AM start I probably would have been spending eclipse time getting ready – and while I had to rush around the house like a chicken with its head cut off – I was able to spend time with the moon AND get to the event in time.

How did you feel the eclipse?

Why Am I In Such An Awful Mood?

I need a little peace!

 I consider myself a pretty even-keeled person. I credit this to four cardinal signs on my “anchor houses” (1,4,7,10.) (Ah ha, me thinks me sees another blog entry about those houses on the horizon.)

Anyway, for the past week I have been grumpy and irritable and just plain not happy. This is not a state I would recommend to others or particularly enjoy myself.  There had to be a reason for my general grumpiness so I went to my charts. What? You are surprised?

Low and behold there it was. The transiting Moon in Aries was exactly opposite my natal Mars. Think of it Aries, god of war, rules Mars – it is opposing my emotional barometer, the Moon. Hello. Fortunately, that Moon is a quick little sucker and that has gone away. However, when I checked my chart it was the three day high of my grump ride so I could see the Moon-Mars opposition doing it’s thing.

More importantly, and much more longer lasting. Saturn is now transiting my 12th house where my natal Mars lives. When Saturn conjuncts anything it always puts a blanket on it. Saturn holds things together – gives form and structure So big cold Saturn is pressing on my Mars warrior energy -churning. Because they are in the 12th house – the house of connection to the universe but also to things hidden, things not of the world, it shows my irritability when “the world” interrupts my solitude. I want to sit and read and let the cares of the world go by.

Saturn is poky so this will last well into winter.  When the Moon comes around again I am sure to feel really crabby but at least I know why!

This is why it is good to get your yearly charts read to see what is coming on the horizon.

Happy Thanksgiving all! Could be worse – I could be a turkey. Oh, and the full Moon is Monday November 22. I will be on train to Vermont with two of my sisters.  What a time to be crabby!!