First the Solar Eclipse…

Later we will have a lunar one but let’s focus on the Solar Eclipse – happening March 7/8 (depending on your time zone.) We in North America won’t be able to see it. You have to be in Australia to get the best view. However, the energy will be available for all.


An eclipse is a great time for profound change. Solar eclipses help us make profound changes to our persona and this one is, as they say, a dilly. The Sun and Moon will eclipse at 19 -20 degrees Pisces in direct opposition to retrograded Jupiter at 18 degrees Virgo. Jupiter is our key to spiritual and philosophical growth. On a basic level, using this time to examine how we can grow is wise.

However, what is the essence of the Virgo/Pisces axis? It is symbolic of the traditional victim-martyr duality. Do you give too much? Do you take too much? Do you use the demands of others to keep yourself from growing?
This axis gives us the balance between Earth (Virgo) and spirit (Pisces).

If you work to the detriment of all other aspects of life then you are tipping the scales too much into the Virgo pond. If you refuse to face reality, live in fantasy and believe it is better to escape than revel in life then you are leaning excessively far over the Pisces fence.

During this time of growth, try to seek balance in these areas and you will experience the best this eclipse has to offer.

The Astrology of Political Action

Asked recently if there is a way to find someone’s propensity for political action in a chart, I had to admit I didn’t really know the answer. Being a Scorpio Sun, a loving the hunt, I started to research the topic and find some interesting information.



While the basics of someone being a leader appears in the number of Cardinal, leadership signs, and placements to the 10th house of career or sixth house of work. With politics, there is more nuance, however. A recent study of more than 400 charts had some interesting results. People with the asteroid Pallas Athena in a positive aspect to the personal planets, (Sun, Moon, Mercury, and Venus) indicated a leaning towards more peaceful political inclinations and liberalism.  Pallas shows how we take up the cause for others – where we battle for the underdog. However, if Pallas was in disharmony to benefic Jupiter and in more harmony with more authoritarian Saturn, the person was more inclined to harder right, strict conservative movements.

Venus, because of her association with money, indicates how wealth influences our vote. A Venus well aspected to our rising sign or second house (the house of resources) shows someone more inclined toward free market candidates. However, with Venus closer to Neptune (a planet big on compassion) the person is more likely to vote left on economic issues.

A stronger Saturn (the stern time keeper and task master) makes a person more right in their beliefs while a stronger Uranus (the free thinker) makes one inclined to more left wing ideas.

No matter your proclivities, the important thing to do today and every Election Day is — yes! VOTE!

We normally get 37 percent of the voting population out on non-presidential years and that is a horrible number.

The Mother of Mother’s Day

The woman responsible for making Mother’s Day and institution never had her own children but started the day as a memorial to her own mother.  Anna Jarvis was not only a crusader to recognize the day she later became angry that it became too commercialized. She was reportedly upset with people who gave mom a printed card and candy that they would then share. She thought the gift should be something written from the heart just for your mom. (Boy would she be freaked out now!)

We don’t have Anna’s birth time but know that she was born May 1, 1864 in Webster, West Virginia. Even without the time we know a few things. One her south node, where she was coming from karmicaly was in Taurus so she had the karmic identity of being someone who wanted to around beautiful things and had a creative sense. (No wonder she wanted everyone to write a personal note to mom.)  She also had Sun in Taurus.

With her Moon in Pisces, she was compassionate, emotional and carried a bit of a martyr complex. Now I might get in trouble here but with her Chiron, the deep wound, next to her Moon I think she was overcompensating for  her own feelings of not being a “perfect daughter.” I could never live up to you mom – never do enough for you mom so I will make my life’s work to show everyone that I really, really did love you.

She also had Mars and Pallas Athena in Pisces – these are the warrior god and goddess – so her cause – her battle is going to be to make everyone back to Mom (whether they want to or not.)  She just had a ton of Pisces – that need to sacrifice and wear the emotionalism on her sleeve.

So as you shop for mom, make those florists and restaurants rich, all this Pisces/Taurus wanted was for you write her a note!

The Value of Past-Life Perspective:

 A chart reading is a very personal thing but one of my clients spoke of the impacts of a chart reading on her blog. Her comments and insights were wonderful because this is why I love doing this work!

Thank you Barbara.

Do You Feel It? Axial Procession and Aquarius

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It is kind of a funny shift – suddenly right wing wedge issues – like gay marriage and immigration are not wedge issues any longer. In 2004, the GOP put gay marriage on ballots to help defeat John Kerry because they knew the outcry against it would be great. Now, the President can openly talk about it and receive popular support. Yes, it is almost a decade later but tolerance among the general population for marijuana legislation, gay marriage and better gun control is rapidly increasing.  Could it be we are actually, finally at the dawning of the Age of Aquarius?
We have heard a lot about the shift – the end of the times – the new way – the Mayan calendar but what really is going on?  Hang on this gets “mathy.”  Each of the twelve signs designated by the ancients to have the archetypal energy that emits from the Zodiac has an age associated with it. This corresponds with Astronomy’s axial precession. Due to gravity, there is a continuous change in the orientation of Earth‘s axis of rotation as it goes around the Sun on the ecliptic so that the equinox times vary slightly each year.  When I mean slightly I mean slightly – this change occurs at a rate of 50.27 seconds of arc a year. Basically the equinoxes shift in time and location on a westward movement until it all comes back to the original spot. It takes a mere 26,000 years for the equinoxes to go back to their original spot. When you divide the 12 Zodiac signs by 26,000 you get astrological ages that last about 2167 years.
Of course, like all linear time it is hard to pinpoint exactly when each one starts and stops. Some people say the Aquarian Age started in the 1800’s and some put it at 2160. I think it is a good bet that it is somewhere in between and we are feeling the effects now. Aquarius is all about acceptance, brotherhood, unity, equality. The shadow is detachment – I love all mankind but don’t ask me to get too touchy-feely with any one in particular. So it is easy to take up causes but I want to sit in front of my computer instead of talking to my family.
Aquarius is quirky, future-oriented, logical, technologically adept and intelligent.  However, ego and a penchant for dogmatism are in that mix as well.   Expect more acceptance of people and their foibles and a feeling of unity and brotherhood– sorry Tea Party – technology that makes us now look like we are  in the ancient Roman days but less one-on-one contact and more loneliness and loners.
It will be a mysterious new world that we are walking into but we should embrace the positive Aquarian energy and join together!

Pisces Rising, A Saga

So I am going along having a perfectly normal week – doing the charts – being the astrologer, when I enter a person’s birth data into my trusty computer and it comes up showing that they have PISCES RISING. Oh, this is never good. Who forces poor Pisces to be a rising sign in a person’s chart? It just seems so mean.

Pisces embodies the energy of what Jung called the collective unconscious. Pisces is the great spiritual ocean of energy from which all emerges. It is all about spirituality, brotherhood and union with the god source. To put it in charge of the ascendant, the rising sign which is a person’s projected persona – how they interact with the physical world — is just mean. Pisces doesn’t want to face the cruel realities of life on Earth any more than Dick Cheney wants to face cruel reality of what he did to this country for eight years. But I digress.

I can just see it now. Pisces gets the call that she once again is on the rotation to be a rising sign. “Oh no not again. I hate it there. Put me on the 12th house – come on, twelfth house, first house, they are right next to each other. I like the twelfth house. I am happy there… please. No? Dang. Now what do I do?”

Looking to her right, Pisces sees a warrior in a suit of armor cleaning his guns. “Psst Aries, hey Aries. Are you listening? Aries, switch with me. I have to be on this kid’s first house – that is your house. It is a natural for you. I will work my connections so you don’t have a lot of aspects getting in your way, you can get out there and make this kid a dynamo.”

“Yeah but what is in it for me?”

“The satisfaction of doing good and helping a neighbor. Aries pauses for a moment trying to absorb that concept, gives up and goes back to his guns.

“Pisces, stop wimping out. Do your duty. In the name of Mars, Man up.”

“But I am a feminine sign.”

“You never heard of Margaret Thatcher? Besides, I have better things to do. I am the first of the Cardinal and first of the fire signs. I am off to blaze a new trail. Go bother Taurus she never leaves the field but she might do you a favor she is a pretty good egg and far less selfish than I.”

“Hey Taurus. Oh you lovely bull sitting in your pretty pasture. Taurus, can you do me a favor? Taurus. Do you hear me? I am talking to you Taurus.”

Taurus slowly flips her tail at an annoying bee disturbing her sleep. “Is someone calling me? Oh isn’t the sky pretty today?”

“It is me, Pisces. You know who wants to put me on some kid’s first house again. I will just mess it up – making them all confused and overwhelmed with the complexities of life. You don’t seem to be doing anything, how about helping me out?”

“Not doing anything? I am enjoying the beauty that is all around my comfortable pasture. Oh it is time for another nap.”

“Taurus, Taur….argh” Pisces wanders away from the pasture and is immediately distracted by a whirlwind of activity. Being distracted is easy for Pisces and it takes a few minutes to figure out what is in front of her. “Oh it’s Gemini, my fellow sign of duality, Gemini. How about doing me a little tiny favor?

“What? No wait I am not talking to you.” Gemini grabs his blackberry and starts texting madly while switching to the phone on his other ear. “Yes, yes of course I am listening.” With his big toe Gemini taps out another message on his computer and with a free hand grabs for his I Pad. Pisces tries to get a word in but becomes momentarily mesmerized and then horrified by Gemini’s ability to carry on a third conversation now with the use of his Bluetooth and dashes away seeking comfort.

“Cancer, oh sorry I will use your more politically correct name, Moon Child. How good to see you and oh I smell banana bread and can I climb up on the big overstuffed chair? Yes, I would love a cup of chamomile tea, thank you. Your place is always so calming and boy do I need it. Oh, you already heard? Gemini told you what I needed? But how did he …..I know, I know, he grabs the thoughts right out of your head! Will you help me out?”

Moon Child spreads a comforter over Pisces tired shoulders. “Well now dear I would love to help you out but part of mothering and nurturing is forcing your children to face life’s responsibilities.”

“But that is just it. I don’t like life’s responsibilities. They make me so tired I just want to jump back into the ocean of unconsciousness where I can float along in peace and contemplate gods and goddesses and the universe and all of those big nebulous issues. I am a fish – life on Earth isn’t natural to me.”

“I am sorry dear but you will have to do this on your own. You will thank me some day. Have a nice healthy meal and a long rest before you continue. What is your favorite lullaby?”

The next morning Pisces sadly leaves Moon Child and swims off in the direction of Leo. “This will never work,” she muttered to herself. However, she is desperate and braces herself for the bright sunlight that always shines on Leo the Lion. “Ah, Leo, I mean your majesty, your royaltyness – your holiness. Um Leo, can you please, can I beg you to ….I need a favor of your royal selfness.”

“Is there someone there? Ah my good fish, can that you fetch that mirror in the corner?”

“Ah Ok but you have 12 surrounding you now.”

“Yes, what a paltry sum! No, not that one – the big one with the lights. It is so dark in here.”

Pisces drags over the 12 foot mirror as she tries to not be blinded by the lights shining on the Lion. “Your royalty I need a favor please, a small one indeed for such a wondrous being.”

“I think I am getting a wrinkle. No!”

“Um, hi I am over here. Remember me? Pisces. Can you please do one little….”

“That hair is 1000 of a centimeter out of place. I knew it!”

The light is giving Pisces a terrific headache and Leo is now rifling through his collection of hair brushes oblivious to any other living creature in the area, so Pisces moves on, her tail becoming lower in the process.

“STOP. Your fins are dirty.”

“Hi Virgo. No, I took a long bubble bath at Moon Child’s.”

“The moment that you step out of the tub your fins get dirty. Everything gets dirty. Everything is always out of place. Order. Why can’t people keep things in order? What do you want Pisces? I have to organize stacks of paper and make a plan for my spring planting.”

“Virgo, you are so perfect to be a rising sign. Someone with you there will be efficient and effective and do all of those things Earth people need to do. You make sure they eat right and take care of themselves.”

“Well, yes I guess I am. OK I think I have a small opening in my calendar for next November.”

“No, I am up really soon. Can’t you squeeze me in? You can handle one more little detail.”

“That will throw off everything. I will have redo my ten year calendar, and that will force me to finish my taxes at 11:59 PM on January 1 not 11:00 PM as is my norm. No, no that is too disorganized for me. And then my spring planting which must take place at noon on May 15 would be kicked to three or four – oh no oh no…..”

“OK Ok, fine, don’t get yourself in a tizzy, really.”

Pisces is starting to swim in circles now. She does that when she gets overwhelmed. The only thing that pulls her out of her vortex is what looks like a shiny teeter tooter in the distance. “Bounce, bounce, up and down I bounce, bounce I love to bounce back and forth.”

“Libra, it has been so long, how are you?”

“Bounce…bounce….OH Pisces is that you? I am still swinging back and forth on my scales, weighing every issue seeing every side and always trying to bring those sides into harmony. It is a tough job but it is fun – especially for an Air sign – up and down bounce, bounce.”

“I need this favor….”

“Favor? Oh yes, I love to help people – do you need reconciliation with your spouse?”

“Not really.”

“Oh do you need me to work out a problem with your business partner?”


“Whatever it is I have to help. I love to help…bounce…..bounce. Helping people is my thing. Because if I help then people like me, and people have to like me. I love, love to be liked. Approval is my thing….bounce….bounce.”

“Good then can you take over as a rising sign. You will give that person Venus beauty and a love for all things pretty.”

“Yes but that will take me away from my ….bounce….bounce…..bounce – scales….and I can’t leave them – bounce….bounce…bounce. Oh dear now you are going to hate me…bounce… bounce……..please don’t hate me – I hate when people hate me. Let me fix….bounce…..bounce….bounce…something anything for you. Please……bounce…”

Pisces is getting desperate. She has just a few more signs to go but even she, the fish, is getting seasick here. It is this fear that gives her the courage to visit her fellow water sign, Scorpio, in her deep, exotic cave. Pisces likes being back in the water but can’t figure out how Scorpio can stand all of this darkness.

“Shut the door, you are letting the light in!” The voice is sultry and deep.

“I am? Ouch.”

“Be careful can’t you see my antique ottoman?”

“As a matter of fact…..”

“What can I do for you Pisces?”

“Well I need someone to take my place as a rising sign. You represent water better than anyone and you will give the kid intensity, inquisitiveness and a sexual passion that would serve them well.”

“Yes, that is a given of course but I am just about to solve a mystery that I have been working on for years and then I have to finish watching the Sherlock Holmes marathon on PBS while I ‘entertain’ some gentlemen callers.”

“But hey water sign – to water sign. I will discuss of mysteries of the universe with you for hours if you will just do me this favor.”

“My fixed mind is made up! NO. Besides you discuss mysteries while I solve them.”


“NO. Shut the door tightly on the way out. I see a crack of light.”

Pisces is at the edge of her rope. “I hate all of this conniving. I just want to go swim in the cosmic soup – I am part of the cosmic soup – I am the cosmic soup for goodness sakes. Why do I have to come down to Earth? I am so tired. I am so confused – I am so torn in so many directions.”


“Oh Lord Neptune what now?”

“It is I, Sagittarius out shooting my arrow at truth, justice and the universal way.”

“Okey dokey. Um hey Sag. How about running this up the shaft, can you take over as a rising sign for me? You will bring compassion and justice and honesty to the kid and I have to admit I do love your ability to root out BS at one hundred yards.”

“Yes I would and you know I never lie. I always speak the truth. I seek the truth and speak the truth. But I am far too busy to be tied down to a rising sign right now. I have to explore all the various cultures and religions and find my own set of beliefs.”

“Can you multitask it? Gemini is a pro at that.”

“Gemini, air sign – pfffh. I am Fire, I have a duty, and I must search and learn.”

“Hey, watch where you shoot that arrow! And you are a wishy mutable sign like me – you can change your mind. Come on.”

Sagittarius is already racing away. “Sorry. I have yet to see Eastern Bezerkistan. I have to see every corner of the Earth. Maybe when I get back. Look me up before I am off to Guam in the fall. Come splunking with me one day!”

Pisces sees a tall mountain in front of her. Mountains and fish don’t get along – (another thing she hates about Earth.) However, she realizes she has just two shots left to find a replacement so up she goes into the high abode of Capricorn the shore footed Goat. This really grinds Pisces because in reality Capricorn is a Sea Goat…so what the heck is she doing hiding out in the mountains playing the role society expects of her? Another reason Pisces hates being on Earth.

“Ouch” – walking on these rocky roads is not on Pisces list of fun things to do.

“I am late.”

“Excuse me, Capricorn?”

“I am always late. We are always late. Nothing and no one is ever on time.”

“Time is a ridiculous construct. Where I live there is no time.”

“No time! What holds you together? What gives your existence form and structure?”

“Nothing. It is the great cosmic ocean of awareness.”

“Sounds dreadful. What can I do you Pisces? I have a stack of papers to grade and a thousand time sheets to correct.”

“Yes, I know Capricorn you have a lot of work to do keeping societies structures in place but I need a favor. You are so good at keeping people’s nose to the grindstone; at making them do what they need to succeed in life…you should be like the universal rising sign for everyone.”

“Yes, it would be a much more structured world and I would excel at it. After all I do excel in excelling but I have no time. I am late.”

“Time is useless.”


“Try it without time for once.”

“Be gone with you heretic!” With that the goat stomps her hoof and the fish is tossed off the mountain onto a passing cloud.

“This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius…Age of….” The music is deafening and as her head clears she sees a tall bearded man, with long flowing hair and a longer robe dancing around a large jug of water.

“Aquarius, how are you?”

“Pisces Que Pasa?”

“Oh it is a long story. Hey Aquarius, answer me something, how can you be the water bearer and an air sign at the same time? “

“Don’t get hung up with definitions. I am what I am – I am new I am different. I am the rebel – the revolutionary who turns your world upside down in a minute. There is nothing normal about me.”

“You know it really isn’t the Age of Aquarius.”

“Yeah but the royalties got me this great cloud where I can play with my cool electronic games, and contemplate all the ways I can influence the future.

“Place looks small.”

“Who needs riches dudette? I took most of the money and set up a universal homeless shelter. It is all about compassion for the downtrodden.” So how it is hanging, fishie? You look a little beat up yourself.”

“Not well, I need someone to be a rising sign and with your compassion and quick mind you will make a contribution to a person.’

“Oh sorry no can do Mi Amiga. I am working with that Apple fellow to come up a computer the size of a pea that will have every app. any human could need. The hard part is making him promise to give all the proceeds to orphanages. How about a cocktail – organic of course?”

As much as Pisces loves alcohol (and I do mean loves) she has had it. Pisces is resigned – a normal state for her– and trudges off to be the rising sign. “OK but I am going to screw it up. This kid is going to be confused and distracted, overwhelmed and just wondering what the heck she is doing here on Earth for most of her life. And I will have to fight not to make her susceptible to drugs, alcohol and gambling. But hey I tried, I never succeed but I try.” With that Pisces sat down dejected and sad, dreaming of the day she can once again return to her cosmic ocean of peace.

Michelle Obama – A Very Piscean First Lady

OK purists don’t pounce. Yes, Michelle Obama, born January 17, 1964, has her Sun was Capricorn. I know, I know. (Rats, it is terrible when the first lady is THAT much younger than you. That is a first for me! But I digress.) However, she has a lot of Pisces in her “personal signs” namely the Moon and Venus. Sadly, the time of her birth is not published and astrologers will need to hound her to get it I am sure. Regardless of the exact time, we know that the Moon and Venus were both in Pisces that day and it a very tight conjunction, only about one degree away from one another. Obviously, this will be a very strong influence on her chart.

With Pisces comes compassion and the ability to reach out and solve other people’s problems. Pisces remember is what connects us to the cosmic awareness – it is that great cosmic soup from which all spirituality emerges. It brings a deep desire to connect and meld itself with the universe. When she “defies protocol” to reach out to the Queen of England or hugs children of the Haitian hurricane she is honoring this Piscean desire to bring together – to touch a feel the universe around her. Pisces is a deep water sign and water does all it can to penetrate and encompass its surroundings.

With Venus and the Moon connected in Pisces, her emotions, her compassion and her love are all driven by this desire to unite – to help – to encompass.

Carried to the extreme Pisces can martyr itself – give itself totally for another person or another cause. Any Pisces Moon person has to watch not to allow others to pull on their emotional strings to the point that they become emotionally abused by them. Believe me I know – Pisces Moon here has been a real pain in my chart. However, I am a double water person – Scorpio Sun, Pisces Moon. Michelle has the steely determination of her Capricorn Sun — a Cardinal, Earth Sign. Cardinal signs are the rulers – the ones that initiate action. So that will give her the ability to set personal limits.

Still, how much of herself has she given up for love? I am in no way painting her as a victim. However, she did give up her career as a lawyer, which kept the Obama’s afloat during his community activist days, for his political career. That would not have been a decision made with such apparent grace had she been given an Aries or Leo Moon/Venus conjunction. Those fire signs would find the prospect of losing their position of prominence in the partnership a most distasteful proposition.

Also, regardless of her birth time, her North Node (where her soul is evolving toward) is in Cancer, another Water Sign. Cancer (or Moon Child) rules the Moon and is the sign epitomized as the care-giver, the mother. Moon Children want to mother (and can sometimes smother) people in their care – making sure they get all the essentials of life like a mother does for a child. In less than a year into her husband’s administration our Pisces Moon/Venus First Lady has quietly swum her way into the forefront of the childhood obesity debate. She is clearly evolving on a soul level in the direction intended in this lifetime which accounts for the ease in which she has slipped into this role. (When you are following your Node, the universe smiles on you!)

This also leads me to play with her chart a bit. What if she was born around 2:45 PM? What would her chart look like then? Well, first it would put her North Node in Cancer in her first house and would make her ascendant – her rising sign – her life force – also in Cancer. A water rising sign just intensifies her compassion but it also makes her rising sign Cardinal – like her Sun sign. So that compassion and concern is given a double dose of leadership ability. This is a perfect placement of someone destined to be the caring, compassionate but no nonsense mother figure for an entire nation.

This time also places Ceres, the Roman symbol of Mother Earth in the 6th house – the house of health and healing and places Pallas Athena, the warrior healer on the cusp of the 6th house.

I have no idea if this is the time she was born – so the chart below is NOT official in anyway. It is just what I see makes the most sense.

The important thing to remember is that we know she has the compassion of two of the water signs, with the strength of Capricorn abundant in her chart and right now she is using them for the benefit of all of us. No wonder she has said she has the fun job and seems to be thoroughly enjoying her tenure in the White House.

Al Gore Happy At Last in His North Node

Being a person rabid with anger every time the Bush regime destroys another civil liberty, “spreads Democracy ” at the point of gun and sits by as the Earth comes to a boil, it is hard to step into my role as astrologer and take a dispassionate view of the Universe’s bizarre sense of irony. If nothing else, this is certainly a test of the theory that all occurrences naturally have both a positive and shadow effects – that nothing on Earth is perfectly good or perfectly horrible. (For example, in the wake of a horrible disaster – man made or natural – people will find sparks of generosity and compassion they never knew or had forgotten they had.) Ok we know the shadow or negative effects of the Bush Presidency. (Oh, boy do we!) However, where are the benefits? Well some positive karma has come to the man on the end of the Bush/Gore 2000 election debacle. After going through the black hole of disappointment and despair at having the election ripped from him by the Supreme Court, Al Gore, “the loser” is now fulfilling his soul’s desire in a way it is doubtful he could have accomplished had he became President.

Gore, born, March 31, 1948 in Washington, D.C at 12:53 PM has his North Node in Taurus in the 10th house. The North Node (that horseshoe shaped creature on the astrological chart) tells us the soul’s purpose in our current incarnation. It answers the question, why did the soul wish to come back for this particular lifetime. Nodes, by the way, are not planetary bodies; rather, they are mathematical points. The North and South nodes so instrumental to karmic astrology are the points where the Moon’s orbit intersects the plane of the ecliptic, the path it takes around Earth.

The areas Taurus controls are our basic possessions and how we relate to them. Symbolized by the Bull, Taurus is a very tactile sign grounded by the Earth. Ruled by Venus, it has a creative and artistic flair. The tenth house is the career house – the house of social status and how we interact on a professional level. A person whose North Node is placed in Taurus in the 10th house – was put here to pursue a profession active in areas that utilize earth based materials in a creative fashion. By staring in a movie and writing a book teaching the world of the impending environmental crises, he is fulfilling his North Node directive.

On a more personal basis, Taurus controls our bodies – our physicality. Remembering the 2000 race when Gore changed personas, sweaters and image consultants every few months it is safe to say that this was a man not in control of his physicality. The man who was three different people at each of the three debates – has finally found comfort in his own skin.
His North Node is in a close conjunction with the asteroid Ceres. (A conjunction is a placement of planetary bodies in close proximity – normally one to 8 degrees from each other.) Ceres was the Ceres is the Roman name of Demeter, the Greek goddess of agriculture. She looked after the fields and crops. Ceres is part of an ancient myth that helps explain the cycles of seasonal change. Pluto — or Hades — the god of the underworld, kidnapped Ceres’ daughter, Proserpina (Roman counterpart to Persephone), and took her to live with him. Ceres went into the underworld to rescue her daughter and was able to make a deal with Pluto to return every year at the same time. When Ceres goes into the underworld, the crops stop growing and winter comes. In the summer, when she returns, spring arrives and it is time for planning. She was the epitome of motherly love and female fecundity – the ancient symbol of what we call Mother Nature.
People with Ceres in Taurus receive and receive nurturance through the physical substances and they feel their reward by learning how to provide physically for their family and community. Ceres is Earth Mother – Taurus the astrological sign that rules how we care for our Earthly and Earth-given possessions; what a fantastic combination crating a person who is passionate about protecting the planet. When he wrote “Earth In Balance”, in 1993, Al Gore was stirring to his soul’s desire but politics and the fear of the backlash from the radical right who see ecological preservation and environmental protection as issues to mock instead of duties Man must perform for the right to live on Earth, stymied the impact of the book. The press mocked him as a tree-hugger and not a serious politician.
Of course, one could argue that he could have done the same and more as President of the United States – leading the world in the fight of global warming but it would not have been his sole area of concern. Presidents must carry large agendas. Also, with all of the baggage and infighting that goes with politics, his message would have been diluted and attacked by Republicans who would have controlled Congress at least for his first term. Would he have made such an impact on the world community and become known as the brilliant “Goreacle” if still a politician? Doubtful. Yes, the Presidency has power – but it also demands caution. President Gore never would have been able to speak the “Inconvenient Truth” about global warming. Aides and lobbyist would have parsed and watered down his words. He might have gotten some small piece of legislation through – signed some international agreements but would never had the spoken the total truth he knew in his heart to be true. How many times did he talk about the environment in his 2000 run? Precious few. The environment does not “sell” politically.

With noting more to lose, Gore threw off his fake political cautious persona and suddenly he made the world aware that we are committing suicide.

Why, was his route so painful? Ah, that is where karma comes to play! This is not the first time negative karma has reared its ugly head in Gore’s life. (See “Bush/Gore And The Question of Karma).” His 10th house is “intercepted” – that means that there are two astrological signs on the cusp of one house. (The cusp is the entryway to each astrological house.) When that happens, it always indicates a pause of karma. In this case, Gore has Taurus intercepting his 10th house. Aries is on the cusp of the 10th house – but Taurus comes and cuts it right in the middle. This is a sign of someone who could have taken control in the past but did not. He had a chance in a past life to take rule but he walked away from power and responsibility and left his people in a state of upheaval. He could have influenced people for the better but took an easier more selfish route. This time around, his path to leadership in the area he excels in (Earth matters) would be convoluted and painful. He had to repay that debt

Gore’s South Node – where he is coming from – his past life indictor is in Scorpio in the 4th house. Scorpio is all about power. Because the 10th house is intercepted, the house on the opposite of the circle, the 4th house is intercepted as well. The karmic imbalance he had by shirking his career goals in the past – created an imbalance of power at home. It is humorous that he titled his first book “Earth in Balance” – I am sure he did not consciously know it when he or his publishers picked the title but he was already on his path to restoring his karmic balance with that book.

It is a testament to Gore that he came out of the abyss, balanced the karma and still fulfilled his North Node calling. In the face of such wrenching disappointment, he could have become bitter, vengeful and gone down into a hole of more negativity and karmic debt. He could have sowed the seeds for countless lifetimes of bitter lose, more anger – more negativity. Instead, he chose to shake off the dust and pain, follow his heart (actually his North Node) and become the world expert on climate change. He lost the rulership role he craved (or thought he did) and became an even bigger leader.