Pluto Retrograde – Take Time to Think About Change

A couple of people have told me that they feel “low energy” or a bit confused of late. One person said to me that she just can’t “get her gears in the right speed.” OK you can blame it on Pluto. Pluto, the planet of transformative inner power is in retrograde and will be until September 2013. In fact, it will finally move out of retrograde on Sept. 20th – very close to the autumnal equinox.

Instead of bemoaning the low energy of a Pluto retrograde use it. Pluto is the planet of death, transformation, money, sex and power – all of those light-hearted, fun topics! Where Pluto is in your chart is where these issues are churning right now.  If you don’t know where Pluto is – ask me – I will do a chart. And then think about those issues – what do you want to change, how can you change? Go deep inside and ask the tough questions – that is what a retrograde demands.

When Pluto goes direct and that power of the equinox kicks in you will be ready to make those necessary changes!


I have been having so much fun with my book, “Signs of the Tines: The Ultimate Astrological Cookbook”, that I have been doing a lot of food related, fun chart castings. Yesterday brought the fun to a halt and brought us back to reality.

If you remember a few weeks ago I made an entry called “Feeling Confused” where I spoke about the wild Stellium – the five planets all in Aries, the sign of raw, male energy. I called it one of the craziest charts ever -and spoke of angry Aries.

Well sadly the dreamy Pisces Stellium is now gone but we still have Mars and the Sun still in Mars’ natural ruler – Aries, the warrior in conjunction. This conjunction is opposing a retrograded Saturn in secretive Scorpio. Mars and Saturn are always a sign of potential violence when they are in disharmony – and Saturn is now retrograded – added fuel to the fire.

 Mars/Sun are in the 9th house – a fire house that is associated with foreign affairs. However, Saturn is close to home in the 3rd house. Because Mars/ Saturn are heading into the 8th house – the house of power and unstable Uranus and Mercury are in the 8th already – I am thinking this is a domestic terror perhaps helped by tactics learned from foreign terror groups – but someone who is feeling powerless and hidden from society.

The 3rd and 6th houses are cadent – or houses of things hidden.  We will find that this is someone that had gone under the radar of law enforcement – either a person or group that is hidden from us – or was.

Pluto retrograde in the fifth makes me think of a unhappy kid.

Predicting terror attacks is not “my thing” – I prefer food and past life analysis but there it is. We can only pray for the victims and yes, for the deluded perpetrator too.

Saturn Turned Inward

Saturn is making its slow, deep turn retrograde in Scorpio where it will remain until earlt July. 

This is a perfect time to explore your limitations and fears. Where Saturn is your in chart is where you feel restricted.  A retrograde is already an inward motion – we are to take the energies of that planet and explore and examine their meaning.  With a retrograde in Scorpio – the most intense and inward looking planet – we are getting a double influence of energy demanding that we do some deep exploration.
Where is Saturn in your natal chart? Where is it by progression? Examine those houses and see the issues that you haven’t addressed, where are you over-committed, where have you been unable to say “No, I need that time for me.”  Basically, where do we feel at loose ends in the areas controlled by these houses?

It is easy to blame problems on retrogrades but when we use the energy and the transformative power of a sign as powerful as Scorpio to find what structures you need to build to make your life run more efficiently.

Yes Mercury Is Going Retrograde Tomorrow!

and will stay that way until March 17 – so get ready for the communication problems, the cell phone issues.
Also, this is a time to beware of signing contracts. Be sure to leave extra time to get to work and just slow down. Retrogrades are times to go within and examine issues. Mercury issues are communication, learning and exchanging information. How do we do that? Can it be improved. Make the retrograde work for you!

What’s going on with Giza and the planets tomorrow?

Earthly Color - Arlene Weinstock
courtesy of

The past few years we have had some interesting planetary shifts – Neptune into Pisces, Pluto into Capricorn, etc. Tomorrow night is another unique planetary alignment – one that allegedly happens only once every 2700 years. On the evening of December 3  – tomorrow night – local time, over the pyramids of Giza, Venus, Saturn and Mars will align directly over each pyramid of Giza. 

Frankly, I have a hard time believing like some folks that the pyramids were built just for this once every two thousand year occurrence. I have no doubt these ancient structures like many in other parts of the world were built to track the planets but I don’t place any special emphasis on this. 
It is interesting however to know that this is happening. Closer to home, however, These three planets are all in Scorpio and on the East Coast are in the 5th and 6th houses – the houses of creativity and health. This would be a perfect time to use the expressiveness of Mercury, the artistic talent of Venus and the tenacity of Saturn to go inwards (a Scorpio thing) and find how you can work on these areas. I mean pyramids are cool but I like working on things I can relate to a bit more!

What’s WIth Everyone Eating Everyone?

That is the question I got last week from one of my more original thinking clients. She was reacting to the stories of certain people dining on the bodies – mostly the faces – of some of their fellow man. Now I am of the belief that the media tends to exaggerate the stories that all of suddent seem to crop up from out of no where. All of a sudden it is face eating here, face eating there! Anyway, it was an intriguing question. Saturn is in retrograde and Venus is in a very rare retrograde. Saturn is the ruler of all things that give form and keep things in line – the bones, infastructure, government, the banking system – and any authority figure. When in retrograde we tend to feel a bit iconoclastic, a bit like sticking our finger in the eye of society – doing things of which daddy would never approve! With Venus, the goddess of beauty and love – or all things graceful and lovely – also in a reverse position I guess some people just feel the need to correct what they feel is less than beautiful..even it if it’s someone’s face. I don’t know if this is the reason behind the new dining arrangements that are all the rage – but it makes as much sense as anyone else’s guess – and has the power of the stars behind it!

Venus Retrograde at the Eclipse

I got an anonymous comment regarding my post last week in which the person said I should have spoken more about Venus being in retrograde during the lunar eclipse. OK so here we go. A retrograde is when a planet appears to be going backwards in the sky. Astronomically, Venus is passing between the Sun and Moon. Venus is the epitome of feminine energy and deals with beauty, art, sex and, oh yes, money. The Moon is our emotional barometer and the Sun is our inner drive – our internal energy engine. Venus is in Gemini, the sign that controls contracts, communications and the flow of money – the system of money. So we have sex, money and emotions all in a backwards motion. Venus retrograde is a time where you might find some karmic romantic relationships popping up or find issues that you have buried coming home to roost. Don’t be surprised to have karmic issues surrounding money and love. When the eclipse happened all sorts of emotional baggage came up surrounding money and contracts because of the Gemini influence – hello Facebook IPO! Venus will stay in retrograde until June 5 so watch for this energy to persist until then. Watch your money, watch your love life and look out for karma until then!

Saturn still in retrograde

Saturn will remain in retrograde until June 25th. Saturn rules structure, form, authority figures, and the bones – everything that keeps things in their place. When it is in retrograde, it is a good time to analyze those areas of life where we have responsibilities, projects to finish, projects to start, commitments we have to keep. This is a perfect time to see if we have taken on too much or if we should let a project go. How are we using our time? Saturn is all about time. Go through your “to do” list and weed out what you really don’t have to do – and things you have been doing forever out of an old sense of “I have to do this.” This is not a good time to start new projects – it is better that you weed out the old and plan for the future – plan for a new start. Reorganize, rejuvenate and re-evaluate and be ready to start fresh with new plans and new projects when it goes straight again on June 25th!


A friend whined to me a few weeks ago, “When is Mercury going to get out of retrograde?” It was about to leave I assured her. (However, it will zip back in November 23 – December 13.) Retrogrades are a time for whining. Everything seems to go backwards, cars don’t start, computers go on the fritz, and things just don’t get done. However, instead of whining we should remember that retrogrades are a time for going within and working on the internal stuff before pushing forward.

Right now we have an inordinate amount of number going retrograde. No wonder people feel like they are under water and so dejected.

Pluto is still in retrograde – until Sept 16 – but we talked about Pluto recently in another blog entry.

Right now most of the “girls” – the big asteroid are in retrograde. Juno, Vesta and Ceres are all retrograded. Juno is where our loyalty lies – so there might be relationship issues coming up. Vesta, where we feel we must dedicate to something, when in retrograde will make us feel like I can’t get excited about anything. Ceres is our mothering, nurturing nature – need I say more?

An asteroid that vibrates to male energy, Chiron, our sacred wound issue – a pain so deep we don’t want to deal with it is also retrograded. We are feeling pain but can’t get to the source, can’t confront it.

Had enough? Too bad. Neptune, Uranus and Jupiter are also all retrograded! Really people – I wish the pundits who rap about how the American people are feeling can take a look at this! Neptune, our connection to the spiritual, Uranus, our energetic change energy and Jupiter our expansion and hope guide are all going in reverse. Makes you sleepy just reading it.

Never fear – these guys never stand still for long. Jupiter is being quite dramatic and going straight again on December 25, Uranus December 10, Chiron November 10, Neptune November 9 and Ceres December 6. Vesta will only be retrograded a few more days and Juno will follow Chiron.

So see – it won’t last. Remember that retrograde is a time to go within and learn why we are feeling the way we are. Whining never gets us anywhere!

Retrograded Pluto – A Good Time to Refresh

Courtesy of Arlene Weinstock

Pluto has been in retrograde for the past few months and will not go direct again until September 16. Pluto is the planet of change and transformation – and makes us want to eliminate and release the old, outworn, outdated and obsolete in our lives. When Pluto goes retrograde, it is the perfect time to go deep within yourself – do some deep deep soul searching and get rid of the attitudes and ideas that simply don’t work anymore. Think of it as a house cleaning of your inner workings

Ask yourself the questions – what do I really need in my life – what do I really want – what is working for me or what I am doing because I feel I should. THere is nothing worse than a bad case of the shoulds. It is a time to ask – who do I want to be when I grow up (no matter your age.)

Pluto which rules Scorpio, the detective of zodiac, wants us to investigate – go deep and investigate – those patterns that don’t work for us. This isn’t a time for lying to yourself or anyone else. It is a time for brutal honesty. This job, this relationship, this activity — does it really serve me or am I doing it because (insert reason here)?

This is a time for regeneration – for detoxing not only the body but the entire lifestyle you now have Get quiet, go deep and be honest. Get rid of what no longer works and make way for the new fruitful ways of life.

Look at your personal chart and see where Pluto is now transiting. (I can whip one up for you.) That is the area that Pluto is calling you to examine and change. Use the retrograde – heed the call of Pluto – if he isn’t heard he will cause a change – change or be changed. Isn’t it better to be in control of the change?